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Thursday, July 1, 2021

The correct method and procedure of exercise

The correct method and procedure of exercise

There are many types of exercise. So you have to keep an eye on what kind of exercise is beneficial. You need to make sure that all types of exercise are suitable for you. Because in some cases exercise can be harmful. Exercising indiscriminately and voluntarily does not benefit the body, but harms it.

We are now health-conscious. We are aware. That's why we want to exercise regularly, even if we have time. Morning is the best time to exercise. Of course, you can exercise at other times as well. However, other times are not as favorable as in the morning. One thing to keep in mind while exercising is to wear comfortable clothes and do it in a comfortable place. It is best to exercise in the open or fresh air.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

How to increase immunity?

 How to increase immunity?

Corona ruined a lot of things. How many lives were lost from this world disease, how many families? Some suffered physical pain and some mental stress. However, because of Corona, the human community was able to realize something.

For example, the physical distance must be maintained to avoid any infectious disease. Pay attention to physical hygiene. Eat nutritious and balanced food. And, the body's ability to fight disease should be increased.

Monday, April 12, 2021

First aid: How to care for burn patients?

First aid: How to care for burn patients?

Inflammation is more common in women and children. In any type of burn, the first thing to do is to soak the rice in cold water or a cloth soaked in cold water for 15 minutes.

After cooling, the burn should be treated according to how much it is. Burn wounds should be kept as clean as possible. Wounds should be protected from dirt, dust mites, and other insects. Animal skin, coffee, herbs, soil, or dung should not be placed on the burnt wound. A person with burns should eat enough food (protein) to develop the body. In this case, the mouth does not have to be closed. There are usually three types of polai.

1 general polai

This type of burn does not cause blisters on the skin. But it can make the skin darker or redder. Once cooled, it does not need further treatment. Aprin or paracetamol can be used to reduce pain. In this process, you should wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning the burn to prevent infection.

2 Blisters on the skin

Burns on the skin should not be ruptured. Needles or syringes should not be used to remove the fluid inside the blister or to prevent the infection. In case of blister rupture, the dead skin should be removed using anti-infection scissors.

Wounds should be cleaned with mild soap on a cleansed gauze, cotton, or infection-free cloth. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used for cleaning. If the cloth sticks while trying to remove it from the wound, it should be soaked in boiled and cooled water. The cloth should be removed with a light cloth.

Infections increase the pain of the wound, make it more swollen, and make the skin around the wound red and hard. In this case, antibiotics like penicillin or ampicillin should be given 4 times a day for 7 days. But if the infection does not go away after 5 days, erythromycin should be given at the rate of 4 times a day for 7 to 10 days.

3. Deep burn

This type of burn can destroy the skin and even burn the flesh. This type of burn is always serious in nature. The burn victim should be taken immediately for treatment. When taken elsewhere for treatment, the wound should be disinfected and covered with a damp cloth or handkerchief. The water used to soak the cloth should be boiled and cooled. The patient should be given plenty of fluids.

If there is no possibility of drug treatment, care and treatment should be given like second-degree burns. The wound should be covered with a cleansed gauze, cotton, or linen to protect it from dirt, flies, and other insects. Such clothes should be changed 4 times a day or twice a day if the wound is dry.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

General rules to protect the kidneys

General rules to protect the kidneys

The function of the kidneys is to purify the blood in the body. When kidney function is impaired, the body becomes toxic. One load after another is added. Eventually, the whole body becomes weak and sick.

The treatment of kidney disease is cumbersome. Not only cumbersome but also expensive. Not only expensive but in some cases even impossible.

Doctors say that our bad habits cause kidney disease. Our diet is the cause of kidney disease. Some people have congenital kidney disease, while others have kidney disease due to external causes.

It is better to have kidney health than to seek treatment for kidney disease. For this, we need to change our habits.

Reduce salt intake

Salt is high in sodium. Excessive sodium intake can cause high blood pressure in the body. While many kidney problems are caused by high blood pressure, high blood pressure also causes kidney problems.

Not only that, but the consumption of too much salt also increases the chances of kidney stones. And, if you have kidney stones, if not treated in time, it can damage the kidneys.

Adequate water intake

Adequate water intake is essential to keep the kidneys healthy. Drinking three to four liters of water a day helps the kidneys excrete toxins from the body. But it is important to pay attention to the fact that even more than the required amount can affect the kidneys.

To control the disease

In the case of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart-related problems, the disease should be controlled by taking medicine immediately in consultation with the doctor. Because many of these types of diseases affect the kidneys first, it is important to control various diseases in the body to keep the kidneys healthy.

Do not stop urinating

The best way to keep your kidneys healthy is to stop urinating or to urinate from time to time. Prolonged retention of urine can harm the kidneys. Also, having less urine, less than two liters of urine can also harm the kidneys, so it is important to keep the kidneys healthy and to see if there is any problem in the kidneys.

Balanced diet

Lately, people have been suffering from kidney-related problems at an early age due to poor diet, excessive consumption of junk food, and dehydration. Therefore, it is important to consume nutritious food including vitamins, minerals, and proteins to keep the kidneys healthy.

Eating a nutritious and balanced diet provides proper nutrition to the kidneys and increases its efficiency. While unhealthy, inedible and chemically mixed foods available in the market harm the kidneys and reduce its efficiency.

Consumption of liquids

Adequate water intake is just as important as fluid intake to keep the kidneys healthy. In particular, fruit juices, lentils, and other beverages provide the body with adequate amounts of fluids.

These fluids contain all the essential nutrients that the body needs. Consumption of soft drinks, tea, and coffee available in the market can adversely affect the kidneys. Therefore, it is important to always be careful not to consume such liquids.


Not only kidney patients but also common people should always take the medicine only after consulting a doctor before taking it. Just like in any pain, you should not take happy medicine. It can damage the kidneys badly.

Smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol can also affect the kidneys. Smoking and alcohol poison the body. Due to which the kidneys lose their ability to work.


Research has shown that even obese people have a higher risk of developing kidney disease. This risk is twice as high in obese people as in normal people. Therefore, it is important to avoid obesity to avoid kidney-related diseases.

Regular health check-ups

The best way to prevent kidney damage is to have regular health checkups. Regular tests of urine, blood, and kidneys can prevent kidney-related diseases. Also, if someone in the family has diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, and cancer, regular health check-ups after the age of 30 can prevent kidney-related diseases and even serious diseases through early screening.

Natural remedies for colds

Natural remedies for colds

Now people get scared of the flu. They begin to doubt themselves, "Isn't Corona somewhere?"

The initial or common symptom of the corona is the common cold. While now the cold weather has started. Even in the cold, most people suffer from the common cold. In most cases, the flu is not considered as complicated. After a while, it heals on its own. If you are suffering from a cold, you should drink plenty of hot water, liquids and rest. After this, there is no need for medical treatment.

However, the elderly, the sick, and children are also at risk of being harassed a little more. They are at risk for pneumonia due to the cold. Therefore, it is important to take some precautions as winter begins.

With the onset of the common cold, many have a tendency to seek medication. However, home remedies are sufficient for the common cold. Similarly, it is best to take hot water steam when you have a cold. It opens the closed nose and also benefits the lungs. Steaming hot water from time to time can get rid of the problem of the cold quickly.

At the same time, some of these medicines can be used, which are easily available in your home. For example, basil water. Some basil leaves should be boiled in water and consumed. It also happens when chewing basil leaves. Basil is also suitable for other problems. In winter, colds are often accompanied by fever, pneumonia, bronchitis, sore throats, and lung problems. In this case, the consumption of basil is useful.

The use of basil does not make the chest feel cold. Even if it is cold, it produces phlegm. It also reduces chest pain. Basil has an amazing ability to have a healthy effect on the membranes of the respiratory system.

You should drink a mixture of ginger, chili, and basil tea, it has many health benefits. Basil leaves are needed to make tea. It should be dried and powdered. It requires well-ground pepper. The dry ginger powder should be mixed. Now boil this mixture in hot water. After boiling well, cover with a lid for about five minutes. One hundred grams of sugar should be added to it. It cures colds, headaches, nasal congestion, nausea, and obstruction of the airways.

Similarly honey and hot water. Hot water mixed with honey gives a lot of relief in colds. Similarly turmeric and milk. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of hot milk and drink it.

Even if ginger juice is mixed with honey, the cough goes away. If you have a cold, boil ginger in milk or tea before going to bed at night. Tampa's health improves quickly. Boil cardamom in tea and drink it to cure a cold.