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Do you eat chow-chow? Take care, let's all see this good advice given by the doctor | These are: Let's know the pros and cons of eating Parsi Munta...

Do you eat chow-chow? Take care, let's all see this good advice given by the doctor

The practice of giving junk food to most of the children by their parents has flourished recently. If the children cry or do not listen to what they say, the practice of giving food to their children is now a problem from villages to cities.

Do you know the parents who trick their children by giving them noodles, biscuits, chocolates? How unhealthy and inedible the given foods are. Lately, packaged foods are being eaten and served excessively. Despite knowing that packaged food is not healthy, many people play with their own and their children's health. Aruna Upreti says.

Dr. According to Upreti, even in the cake cut on birthday, if the amount of sugar is high, it is bad from the health point of view. Sugar is a great enemy for human health. Sugar has caused great health problems. Sugar can cause long-term problems like diabetes. Packaged food not only stops the mental, physical and emotional development of the child but also causes various diseases.

Eating junk food is not considered good for health, not only for children. Packaged food like noodles, biscuits, chocolates, cold drinks available in the market have a negative effect on the human body.

Dr. According to Upreti, flour in noodles is harmful to human health. Which slowly weakens the body. Similarly, the oil and spices in the noodles are also harmful. It has an irregular thickness, which makes the bones weak and prone to breaking even if you fight lightly.

Junk food especially spoils the brain, heart, kidneys and other parts of the body slowly deteriorates and causes diseases of the heart and kidneys.

Starry or fried foods like meat or other foods cooked in more oil such as celery roti are also not healthy because it is poisonous to cook once in oil. Repeated use of oil causes cancer.

Recently, the problem of constipation and piles has been seen in children. The reason is junk food. When going to school, the same packet food is used for lunch and the same food at home causes problems such as stomach ache, weakening of hands and feet.

The habit of eating and feeding junk food, leaving out fibrous vegetables, pulses and pulses, which are cheap, easy and healthy to grow at home, leads to unhealthy lifestyles and diseases. - This content is written by Bindu Sharma in Deshsanchar.

These are: Let's know the pros and cons of eating Parsi Munta...

Green vegetables are considered very beneficial for human health. Doctors say that eating more green vegetables will make your eyes sharper. Among the green vegetables, Parsley has more special properties. Which is very beneficial for human health.

Also, eating parsley is very beneficial for our health. However, we can avoid various diseases by eating Parsi leaves or Munta. Not everyone knows about the benefits of eating Parsley leaf greens or Parsley stalks.

Parsley greens are full of various nutrients. Parsley is a good source of vitamins E, C, A, B-6, potassium, folic acid, calcium, copper, protein, magnesium, iron, fiber, and minerals like phosphorus. All these minerals and nutrients are needed in the body to keep human health healthy.

According to a study by the USDA National Nutrient, Parsley leaves have so many properties that help prevent dangerous diseases. Doctors say that if you eat Persian greens in your regular meals, you can become safe from dangerous diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and cancer.

Benefits of eating Parsi Munta

The anti-oxidants found in Parsley leaves help in keeping the aging skin looking young. People suffer from high cholesterol. However, to get relief from cholesterol problems, parsley greens are considered very good. The fiber found in Parsley leaves helps in keeping your heart healthy as well as controlling cholesterol.

In the same way, eating the greens of farsi munta makes the eyes sharper. Parsley leaves are rich in vitamin A. Which is considered good for our eyes. It also increases reproductive capacity. Parsi munta green helps in the process of damaged testicles and sperm formation. With the help of which fertility increases.

Similarly, the beauty of the skin is also considered special. Parsley leaves are rich in Vitamin C. Which is beneficial for your skin. Vitamin C helps in revitalizing the dead skin tissue and keeps the skin healthy.

It also helps in controlling diabetes. Parsi has hypoglycemic properties which help in reducing glucose levels.

Not only that, the extract of Farsi also has the property of curing the dangerous disease cancer. Doctors say that the fiber found in parsley leaves helps in preventing cancer cells. It keeps the digestive system healthy, a healthy fifth system also means getting rid of most diseases.

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