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That's why the World Cup in Qatar cannot be watched from Nepal. | Click here to watch the first match of the World Cup, which is starting in Qatar, for free

That's why the World Cup in Qatar cannot be watched from Nepal.

There is a possibility that Nepali viewers will not be able to watch the live broadcast of the FIFA World Cup, which is about to start in Qatar. With the single bench of the Supreme Court judge Prakashman Singh Raut giving an interim order to keep the World Cup broadcasting as it is, the possibility that Nepalese viewers will not be able to watch it has increased.

It is said that the court has called for a discussion on 30th October to discuss whether to continue the interim order or not. Media Hub said that this order, which came at a time when the final preparations were being made for the World Cup broadcast, had to stop the preparations.

Som Dhital, Executive Director of Media Hub, said that even though there was a case in the court claiming that they could not charge extra fees from the audience, the reality is not like that.

Hub had prepared to show the World Cup through a new channel in which every viewer had to pay 500 rupees in the 'Pay Per View' model. This time, Media Hub has taken the exclusive broadcasting rights so that no foreign channel can broadcast the World Cup in any medium within Nepal.

Football World Cup starts in Qatar, this is the only way to watch it from Nepal?

 After winning the right to host the World Cup in 2010, Qatar has finally passed 12 years of controversy and is hosting the World Cup 2022 from today.

The World Cup, which is going to be organized for the first time by a Muslim nation in the Middle West, was always in the midst of controversy due to many controversies before the event. However, FIFA President Gianni Infantina sent a letter to the 32 countries participating in the World Cup to focus on football rather than other disputes.

The World Cup will officially begin with the match between Qatar and Ecuador at the Al Bayat Stadium. The game will start at 9:45 PM according to Nepali time.

In Group A, Qatar will compete with Ecuador, Netherlands and Senegal. Qatar, the winner of Asia Cup 2019, is aiming to pass the group stage in the first World Cup participation.

Only once in the history of the World Cup has the host failed to pass the group stage. In 2010, the trip to South Africa was limited to the group stage. Since the temperature in Qatar reaches above 50 degrees Celsius in June-July, it is going to be held in November-December for the first time.

Only on Friday, Qatar banned the sale and consumption of alcohol in the stadium during the World Cup. France is aiming to win the World Cup title in the 29-day competition. The Mahakumbh of World Football will be operated for 29 days.

There will be four matches each day in the group stage. The match of the knockout stage will start the day after the end of the group stage. Due to injuries, Ballon d'Or winner French striker Karim Benzema, midfielder Paul Pogba, Germany's Timo Werner, England's Rhys James, Senegal's Sadio Mane, Portugal's Diego Jota, Argentina's Giovanni Lo Celso will miss the Qatar World Cup. Manchester City's Erling Haaland and Liverpool's Mohammal Salah won't be seen in the World Cup this time. Norway and Egypt could not book tickets for the World Cup.

How to see from Nepal?

To watch the entire World Cup football matches, one has to pay a fee of 565 rupees to be a subscriber of Himalaya Premium Channel, but to watch the opening, semi-final and final matches of the World Cup football, one does not have to pay the fee.

Through Himalaya TV HD, one can watch the opening, semi-final and final matches of the World Cup for free without paying any fee. World Cup football cannot be watched on mobile. This time, the media hub has made arrangements to watch World Cup football only on television.

Himalaya Premium TV is available on Via TV, Net TV, Clear TV, Dishhome, SIMTV, Dishhome IP TV, Sky, DoinTV, UniTV, BroadTV, Max NetTV, NTTV, Mero TV, Skycom etc. By purchasing the World Cup package, you can watch all the matches of the World Cup.

It is said that one can become a customer of Himalaya Premium by paying the fee online from Eseva, Kalti, Phone Pay wallet, while it is said that one can become a customer of Himalaya Premium by paying through the local dealer of the cable broadcaster.

Click here to watch the first match of the World Cup, which is starting in Qatar, for free

 The 22nd edition of FIFA World Cup, the most prestigious sports competition in the world, is starting today. For the first time in the Middle East and Arab countries, and because it is going to be winter, this World Cup is considered something special. The test of hard work done by Qatar since 12 years ago for the one month competition has started.

Since being entrusted with organizing the tournament, Qatar has built new cities, airports, metro lines, new buildings, parks, seven stadiums and other infrastructure. For that, Qatar has invested 2 trillion 20 billion dollars, which is the most expensive in the history of the World Cup.

Football greats like Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo are currently in Qatar. The main city of the country is decorated like a bride. Fan zones have been created for spectators who do not have tickets to watch the World Cup at various locations. All preparations have been made for the opening ceremony to be held at 60,000-seat Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor at 5 pm.

The ceremony will be inaugurated by Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. BTS Jungkook and Qatari singer Fahd Al Qubaisi will perform in the 30-minute program. Led by world-class talent to connect Qatari tradition with world culture, the program will be dedicated to 32 competing teams, previous organizers and program volunteers.

Meanwhile, FIFA, which runs the World Cup football, has sold separate 'rights' for television, radio, mobile and internet for each country this time. Only for this sale of rights, FIFA has collected an amount equal to three billion dollars (three trillion 90 billion rupees) from 223 countries (territories) around the world.

This decision of FIFA has made it impossible to watch this World Cup without paying money. Qatari channel Al Qas TV has announced that it will broadcast the opening ceremony of the World Cup and the match between Qatar and Ecuador. Al Qas has said that it will broadcast the first match of the World Cup on its free channels.

Earlier, Bein Media Group announced that 22 matches of the World Cup will be broadcast in the Middle East and North Africa region on its free-to-air Bein Sports channel. You have to buy the World Cup package of the channel to watch the rest of the matches.

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