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How much meat is better to eat on Dashain or any other time? This is what the experts say | Do you eat potatoes? Let's know these are the advantages and disadvantages of eating potatoes: see

How much meat is better to eat on Dashain or any other time? This is what the experts say

Dasain has arrived in Nepalese homes. On the first day of Dasain, Dasain started after doing housework. Most meat dishes are cooked during Dasain. This is why the consumption of meat is excessive during Dasain. It is estimated that almost 10 times more meat is consumed during this time than normal time. It is customary to eat the meat brought especially on the day of Phulpati by wearing it on Dasain Bhari. However, meat consumed in this way is not beneficial for health.

On the day of Phulpati, cooked meat is stocked by roasting it and keeping it in the refrigerator, but the meat stored in this way proves to be unhealthy from the point of view of health. Nutritionist Aruna Upreti says that even though meat-based dishes contain a lot of proteins necessary for the body, eating too much meat is harmful for the body. A person should consume up to 100 grams of meat per day. More than that is considered unhealthy. "The only thing to do at a festival is to sit together and eat food. If eaten cooked, the balance in the food is not maintained,' Upreti says, 'If eaten in combination, meat can be beneficial, if eaten indiscriminately, it is harmful.' There is also a risk of infection of diseases such as seasonal flu during Badadasain. Children and the elderly should take more health precautions. Meat itself has a lot of fat and a lot of oil is used in cooking, so eating meat will affect your health.

It is even more harmful if alcohol is consumed during Dasain along with meat. Moreover, when meat is cooked by burning it in fire, when it is cooked by grilling, this kind of food helps to produce elements in the body that cause diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Also, it can seriously affect the digestive system.

How to recognize healthy meat? - When purchasing animals for meat, choose healthy animals. - Do not buy a lot of meat at once, buy as needed. - Keep fresh meat in the fridge for 48 hours only. - Keep covered when keeping meat in the fridge. - Cut the meat into pieces and keep it in the refrigerator at a temperature of minus 18 to 30 degrees Celsius. - The amount of acidity in meat should not be less than 5.7 pH and not more than 6.3 pH. - Cook the meat at a temperature of 72 degrees Celsius as much as possible.

Do you eat potatoes? Let's know these are the advantages and disadvantages of eating potatoes: see

Potato King of Vegetables Potato is a favorite dish of everyone. It goes well with all dishes. That's why people like potatoes. Potatoes are found in all parts of the world. Potatoes are popular because they can be stored for a long time. Potatoes are cooked in the kitchens of everyone from the rich to the poor. Many health benefits can be obtained from the consumption of potatoes.

Consuming potatoes improves digestion, improves heart health, lowers cholesterol levels, controls blood sugar levels and helps prevent cancer. Apart from this, potatoes reduce blood pressure, eliminate insomnia, strengthen the immune system and reduce visible signs of aging, maintain fluid balance, protect the skin and help in eye care.

Potatoes contain all the important nutrients. Know other benefits of eating potatoes:

1. Beneficial for the brain

The proper functioning of the brain mostly depends on glucose level, vitamin 'B', oxygen supply, fatty acids like omega 3, some hormones and amino acids. All these elements are found in potato, so it is no different than potato is very beneficial for the brain. Potato prevents brain fatigue and keeps you alert all the time.

2. Protects from cancer

Potatoes contain folate. Folate plays an important role in the synthesis and maintenance of DNA. It prevents many types of cancer cells from causing mutations in DNA. Along with fruits and vegetables, potatoes are also a high fiber source that reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. Vitamin C and carsentin antioxidants found in potatoes protect our body from the destructive effects of cancer.

3. Heart health

Fiber, potassium, vitamin 'C' and vitamin B6 in potatoes help reduce cholesterol levels. The significant amount of fiber in potatoes helps to reduce the total amount of cholesterol in the blood, which reduces the risk of heart disease.

4. blood pressure

A low sodium diet is essential for controlling blood pressure, but a high potassium diet is equally important. Potassium increases the width of blood vessels. Potatoes contain calcium and magnesium. It naturally helps in controlling blood pressure.

Disadvantages of eating potatoes

Since potatoes have a high glycemic index, carbohydrates are quickly converted into sugar in the body and blood sugar levels gradually increase, said Ru. As a result, the amount of blood sugar will increase, they say. A total of 187,000 men and women participated in the 20-year study. Among women and men who eat potatoes regularly, women are more at risk of high blood pressure, according to the study.

The study group also concluded that eating potatoes causes many health complications. In a study conducted last January, it was said that eating potatoes has a higher risk of diabetes during pregnancy. It was reported in the study that pregnant women who eat potatoes two to four times a week have a 27 percent risk of diabetes!

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