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Monday, November 21, 2022

How much meat is better to eat on Dashain or any other time? This is what the experts say | Do you eat potatoes? Let's know these are the advantages and disadvantages of eating potatoes: see

How much meat is better to eat on Dashain or any other time? This is what the experts say

Dasain has arrived in Nepalese homes. On the first day of Dasain, Dasain started after doing housework. Most meat dishes are cooked during Dasain. This is why the consumption of meat is excessive during Dasain. It is estimated that almost 10 times more meat is consumed during this time than normal time. It is customary to eat the meat brought especially on the day of Phulpati by wearing it on Dasain Bhari. However, meat consumed in this way is not beneficial for health.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Traveling by air for the first time? Take care of these things

Traveling by air for the first time? Take care of these things

Traveling on a plane for the first time brings both excitement and fear. What should be considered when boarding the plane? How to board the plane, how to sit, how to fasten the seat belt, what rules to follow may also be causing a kind of stress.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Importance of the internet in daily life

Importance of the internet in daily life

In today's time, the Internet is such a word that everyone is familiar with it. Life today cannot be imagined without the Internet. So how can the Internet be defined?

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Ayurveda: How much water to drink in a day, at what time to drink?

Ayurveda: How much water to drink in a day, at what time to drink?

How much water and how to drink it? This is a complex subject, even if it is always used. But there is no consensus among experts on this issue. In fact, how much water our body needs varies depending on the area we live in, the weather, and our physical constitution.

But Ayurveda has presented a different opinion on this issue. According to Ayurveda, our body has some natural needs. Which we get signals from hunger, thirst, sleep, urination, and defecation. So when you feel hungry, eat. When you feel thirsty, drink water, you don't have to worry too much about these things all the time.

Why drink water?

If you are still confused as to why we should drink water, here are some examples.

Water is essential for physical activity

Water is an important element for every cell in the body. Which is important for the communication and absorption of nutrients in different parts of the body. It helps to regulate various bodily functions such as breathing or defecation. It is also important for digestion and brain function.

Water increases energy levels in the body

Water helps to increase energy levels in the body. Drinking 2 liters of water daily increases the energy level to 400 joules. It is important to drink plenty of water when you go out for a regular workout. Also, water helps to relieve fatigue.

To keep the mind functioning and mood right

Various studies have shown that dehydration is related to knowledge and experience. At the same time, drinking water helps people to focus on meditation. Which makes it easy for a person to achieve success even in academics and other work. Also, many studies have confirmed that if a person drinks enough water, his mood will improve throughout the day.

Water to improve the digestive system

Water also helps in the synthesis of enzymes associated with the digestive system. Water helps to normalize the digestive system. Water can also be taken as a home remedy for problems like constipation.

Water for purification inside the body

Water is also needed to flush out waste products from the body. It helps in cleansing the body by sending out feces.

Water is suitable for skin

Drinking enough water helps to increase hydration in the skin. At the same time, it helps to enhance the physiology of the skin. Due to which the skin becomes soft and supple.

How much water to drink per day?

According to some principles, we should drink at least eight glasses of water every day. This helps to detoxify, nourish and hydrate your body. But Ayurveda does not accept it.

According to Ayurveda, water is an essential element. But excessive water intake may not make you feel hungry but it is more likely to cause indigestion. Scriptures like Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita have mentioned this. They say that water can be drunk whenever the body is thirsty and that is enough.

Drinking too much water can also increase the risk of phlegm and speech problems, which can affect the body's digestive system. Therefore, you should not drink water forcibly after being satisfied with water.

The right time to drink water

Generally, many people suggest not drinking water during meals. It is generally recommended to drink water either before meals or 45 minutes after meals. But according to Ayurveda, thirst is a natural need, so drinking water whenever you feel thirsty is not a problem.

The right way to drink water

- Just like we sit and eat, we can sit and drink water. As much as possible, you can take a sip of water throughout the day. Drinking too much water at one time may not allow the body to absorb enough water.

- Talking about water temperature, it is suitable to drink warm water. Either water can be drunk at room temperature. But don't drink too much cold and icy water. Drinking cold water may prevent blood from reaching all parts of the body.

- Do not drink enough water during meals and immediately after meals. But water can be drunk between meals.

- Don't forget that your body is filled with 50 percent food, 25 percent water, and 25 percent digestive juices.