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Skin allergies in children cause many

Skin allergies in children cause many

Children's skin is very sensitive. So even a small carelessness can cause problems in their skin. Allergy problems also happen to many children.

Atopic dermatitis is the most common skin problem in children. Dermatologist and venereologist Dr. Dr. Vikas Paudel says.

Some suffer from dry skin and allergies due to asthma. In some children, this problem disappears with age, while in others, it persists for a long time, he says.

There are various causes of allergy in children. The main reason is hereditary. Food, environmental and genetic reasons also cause allergies in children. Poudel says that some people are allergic due to the use of woolen clothes, use of diapers for a long time, dust and pet hair.

He says, 'Humans are allergic to different types of metals, plants, milk or chemicals. Allergy can also be caused by foods such as eggs, dry fruits.

Tea can also cause allergy problems in children. He says that when the hair gets on the face and neck, it causes allergies. Allergy is also caused by insect bites. Lack of hygiene, indiscriminate use of cosmetics, side effects of medicines and dry skin also cause allergies. Some children are also allergic to Luto,' said Dr. Paudel says.

Climate, flora and fauna also cause skin allergies. He says that he is also allergic to dust, smoke, pet hair, and flower pollen.

Allergies to food and even toys

Children can be allergic to any food. But especially children who do not eat mother's milk are more likely to have allergies. Poudel says that some people are genetically allergic to certain foods.

"Toys are made of fiber, plastic or metal," he says, "small children are not found to be allergic to metal." You may be allergic to the colors and chemicals used in those toys.

Allergies keep recurring

As long as there is contact with the allergen, as long as the allergy flares up again and again. So you should stay away from the allergen.

Some people have seasonal allergies. If someone is allergic to insects, they will be allergic in June and July season and every year they will be allergic in that season. As the skin becomes dry in the winter season, allergies may flare up in every winter season. When the skin is dry, foreign substances can easily enter the skin and cause allergies. If there is an allergy due to genetics, it will be worse. Paudel says.


Allergies increase the chances of skin thickening, darkening and other infections. The possibility of infection with fungi, viruses and external germs also increases. If the allergy is not treated in time, the viral infection will affect the heart and lungs. Paudel says.

If you have an allergy problem, it affects your daily life. If a child is itchy due to allergies, he cannot pay attention to studies,' he says, 'Allergies can also cause social and mental problems such as staying in the room and not leaving the house due to stress.'

What to do if allergic?

Various tests are needed to find out what caused the allergy. There are two types of allergies type one and type four. Type 1 is more common in children. A 'prick test' and a blood test are done to find out what is the cause of the allergy.

There is a 'Pap test' for type four allergies. But the test is not done much in children. Paudel says that biopsy tests are also required in some cases.


Dr. treated according to the symptoms of allergy. Paudel says. The most effective treatment for allergies is to avoid contact with the allergen. The skin should be kept soft and moisturized. Allergies are also treated by taking ointments applied to some allergies and taking medicine to eat in some. Paudel says that if there is a problem of itchy skin, you should use non-itchy medicine.

Hereditary allergies cannot be prevented, but they can be minimized to some extent. The child should be kept away from allergens to prevent allergies. Moisturizer should be applied to prevent the skin from drying out. He suggests that it is better to use cotton clothes as some clothes cause skin allergies.

If you are allergic to any place, climate, flora or fauna, keep away from it. It should be protected from cold air, dust, smoke and damp places. Paudel says.

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