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A luxurious lifestyle can lead to constipation

A luxurious lifestyle can lead to constipation

Ash rest and idle routine. Spicy, fried-fried, packaged food. Drinks like alcohol. That's enough for constipation.

It sounds normal, constipation. But the risk it causes is terrible. Therefore, constipation is not a minor problem. Especially bad lifestyle is the root cause of constipation. There are many other reasons that cause this problem.

Due to constipation

There is not just one reason for constipation. There is a fear of constipation in people whose intestines are not active properly. People with low thyroid and obesity can also suffer from constipation. Apart from that, people's lifestyle has a special effect on it. People who eat salty, bitter, spicy food, do not drink enough water, do not exercise, and rest too much have this problem. People who drink coffee, cold drinks, don't sleep enough, don't eat fruits, vegetables, and loose food can also get constipation.

Now children are given junk food. Students are also eating chatpaty, panipuri, chips, masham, chowmin. Adults drink more drinks like alcohol and coffee. Similarly, they tend to be stressed and lead hectic routines. They are twice as likely to become constipated.

Stress also causes constipation

It may be surprising that stress can also cause constipation. But psychosis affects many parts of the body. The intestine has its own nervous system. When we are stressed, it affects the nervous system of the stomach. As a result, the functioning of the intestines is interrupted. And, there is a problem of constipation. Irritable Bowel Syndrome can occur in a person due to increased stress.

Fear of piles

Constipation does not clear the stomach. When the stomach is not clean, it causes many physical and mental problems. Disorder increases in the body.

You have to force a bowel movement. It affects the anus. The risk of piles is the same. Piles can cause other complications. Bleeding can cause anemia in the body. It will affect the digestive system. It also creates stress in people.

What is the treatment?

What to do to treat constipation is determined by the question of what caused the constipation. Constipation due to thyroid can be cured by its supplements. If it is caused by wrong diet, lifestyle should be changed. If this does not happen, the treatment process should be continued. What is the state of the intestine should be seen.

In particular, you should eat enough water, fibrous food, fiber-rich food. Likewise, an active lifestyle is essential. Its risk can be reduced by natural methods like yoga exercises. The risk of constipation can be avoided by things like not drinking alcohol, having a regular sleeping and waking schedule, and not taking stress.

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