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Monday, February 6, 2023

Triphala Churna: Strengthens digestion, controls constipation

Triphala Churna: Strengthens digestion, controls constipation

The most commonly used herb in Ayurveda is triphala powder. Triphala Churna, which is prepared by mixing different types of herbs, cures many types of diseases.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

A luxurious lifestyle can lead to constipation

A luxurious lifestyle can lead to constipation

Ash rest and idle routine. Spicy, fried-fried, packaged food. Drinks like alcohol. That's enough for constipation.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Constipation: Pay attention to these things!

 Constipation: Pay attention to these things!

Most people suffer from constipation due to a modern lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. Constipation can also be a cause of other piles, fistulas, fissures. The diet we eat plays an important role in all three cases of disease progression, other diseases, or complications. Therefore, it is beneficial for the health of the patients suffering from constipation to pay attention to the unhealthy diet.


Piles are also called hemorrhoids. If you have symptoms such as bleeding during bowel movements, difficulty in passing, and lumps of flesh coming out, you should understand that you have piles. The main reason for this is constipation. It has four stages.

1. The first step

When defecating at this stage, the lump of flesh does not come out but the blood flows.

2. The second stage

At this stage, when defecating, a lump of meat comes out but after defecating, it goes inside by itself. At this stage, there is pain and even bleeding.

3. The third step

At this stage, when defecating, the lump of meat comes out and since it does not go inside itself, it should be pushed with the fingers of the hand. At this stage, there is itching, pain, swelling, and even bleeding.

4. The fourth stage

At this stage, the lump of meat does not go away even when pushed by the finger of the hand. Staying outside creates a fear of infection. It also causes bleeding, pain, etc.

Although the first and second stages are cured by medication, the third and fourth stages should be treated with alkali formula.

What is the alkali formula method?

Alkali is alkali and formula is the thread. The alkaline formula is the formula made by using Apamarg alkali and Haridra powder. This is an easy, safe, and reliable treatment for cutting soft flesh.


It is also called a fistula. Due to the infection in the glands inside the defecation area and the pus accumulated there, one opens inside the defecation area, and the other open outside. Fistula in anomaly is a condition in which small holes are seen around the place of defecation. Even in this disease, there is pain and pus. If you can't find out just by looking at it with a proctoscope, you have to find the trachea of ​​the fistula by a fistulogram. Alkali formula method is a suitable treatment for this disease which is the main cause of constipation.


Fissure in Eno is the problem of tearing around the place of defecation. It is also called parikartika and defecation in this problem causes extreme pain. Symptoms such as blood, pus, watery itching are also seen. Constipation is also the cause of this disease. The wound can be healed by dipping the defecation area in warm water and using medicine and ointment. If the flesh grows around the wound, that is, the senile tag, the alkali can be removed by the formula method.

To eliminate constipation caused by piles, fistulas, and fissures

What to eat

Fibrous foods should be eaten in large quantities. Fibrous vegetables and fruits help to relieve constipation. Get in the habit of eating salad. The salad should include cucumbers, radishes, carrots, turnips, cabbage, onions, turnips, etc. Drink plenty of water.

Water consumed as soon as you wake up in the morning is considered as nectar for constipation. Consumption of sprouted gram, lentils, wheat, soybean, fenugreek is considered beneficial for constipation.

 What to eat

Alcohol, alcohol, cigarettes, khaini, fish, meat, eggs, fried foods in oil should not be eaten too much. Eating large amounts of cold drinks, tea, coffee, potato chips, lentils, crisps, pickles, sour yogurt, flour, sugar, chilies, ghee, white rice is not beneficial for constipation patients. Haluvaved contains a large amount of tannic acid, which prevents food from moving into the stomach and takes a long time to digest. Therefore, Haluvaveda is not beneficial for constipated patients.

Raw bananas contain a lot of starch, which is difficult for the body to digest and it also absorbs intestinal water, which increases constipation by drying out the direction.