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Easy ways to prevent illness

Easy ways to prevent illness

After the fever comes, everyone treats it, but if you put some good habits in your daily life, you can stay away from diseases. There are many good things taught in Hindu culture, but in today's time, it is difficult to act according to them. are

Some home remedies have been written to prevent diseases, choose them according to your convenience and follow them regularly:

Solution 1: Fill a copper vessel with water in the evening and drink it without brushing your mouth before sunrise in the morning and take a 15 minute walk. It cures stomach ailments. This prevents the hair from turning white prematurely. This water is considered very beneficial.

Solution 2: Drink water one hour after eating, it not only improves the digestive system but also prevents diseases like cough.

Solution 3: Tulsi is a very effective plant. By eating four leaves of Tulsi daily, heart and stomach diseases do not occur and cancer is also prevented.

Solution 4: Chew your food well and do not drink water frequently between meals and drink water one hour after the meal to keep the digestive system healthy. And obesity is also removed and there is no stomach disease.

Solution 5: Must eat curry vegetable once a week. It prevents fever, bile, diarrhea, stomach worms etc. Also, bitter gourd removes obesity and is also beneficial for diabetic patients.

Solution 6: Use garlic in food, it is an antibiotic. Garlic does not cause terrible diseases like TB. At the same time, the blood also remains clean. Cut a clove of garlic into four pieces and chew those pieces after meals. This kills all the germs and keeps the body healthy. It also prevents stomach cancer.

Remedy 7: Make tea of ​​ginger, black pepper and basil leaves and consume it to prevent cough, phlegm and malaria.

Solution 8: A person should never sleep with his head towards the south, it causes heart related problems. The reason for this is that there is a positive charge in the head and a negative charge in the feet, and there is a positive charge in the north of the earth and a negative charge in the south. And meanwhile there are electrical effects. If opposite charges meet between man and earth (south direction of the earth and man's head) then electrical effects are produced which are harmful. So take care of the direction while sleeping.

Remedy 9: Onion also has very beneficial ingredients. If you eat it regularly with food, you will be protected from viral diseases. In summer time, consumption of onion keeps you cool and prevents you from getting hot.

Solution 10: Drinking lemon juice prevents cholera. Lemons are very beneficial for the body.

These were 10 easy home remedies that protect the body from diseases. And these can easily be made part of the routine.

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