Tuesday, November 15, 2022

"I work all day, should I exercise?"

"I work all day, should I exercise?"

There is a mantra of medical science, 'It is better to be healthy than to seek treatment after getting sick.'

How to stay healthy? The ancestors have already searched for the answer to this. Also, he has shown successful results by practicing it in his life. It has three formulas - correct diet, Vihara and thought.

It is said that proper diet, routine and thinking keeps people healthy. In this, physical exercise is considered indispensable. Despite knowing that exercise is very useful for health, most people do not show effort to exercise.

Some people say, 'I am not sick, I am strong. Why exercise?'

Some say, 'I am strong. I don't need exercise.'

Some people say, 'You are not old, why do you have to exercise now?'

Some say, 'I am working all day. My body is not inactive. Should I exercise?'

The fourth question is stuck in the minds of many. They think, 'I am a person who does physical work all day. He is doing something. I don't need exercise.

Is this correct? Do physical laborers not need to exercise? Is exercise and labor the same?

Physical activity or an active life is better than being inactive. But this is not enough. Therefore, exercise is equally necessary for those who do manual labor. Because exercise makes the body function properly.

According to the nature of work, we are doing similar activities. In such a situation, if one part is functioning properly, the other part may be inactive. Similarly, sometimes we do less activity than the body needs and sometimes more.

There is no such imbalance in exercise. There is a fixed activity and a fixed time for exercise. Exercises are developed in such a way that they keep the entire body moving in the right manner and for the right duration.

Labor can also cause damage to some parts of the body. But exercise and yoga make the body fit, energetic and calm.

Should farmers exercise?

The most physically active are the farmers. They are also fit and strong. However, while doing farming work, the overall body exercise may not be possible.

When digging, chopping grass or working at the same time, there is a load on one side of the body only. Which can affect a part of the body. The balance of the body is not right and problems such as shaking and shaking may also appear. Yoga exercise is very important to avoid such problems.

Overall benefits of yoga exercises

Practicing yoga in the right way and at the right time brings physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Such yoga exercises help to keep the body parts flexible and active. It facilitates the functioning of internal organs. Eliminates disorders in the body. Connects body and mind. It not only keeps the body agile and healthy but also makes the mind healthy and light.

Empty stomach, open environment

Morning is the best time to exercise. After defecation, yoga should be done without food. It is better if it is easy and open environment to exercise. Yoga exercises should be done in a simple and easy way. After starting the exercise, it should be done for at least 30 minutes and at most 45 minutes or an hour.

Asana to be done daily

We should practice yoga according to the availability of time and place and how we prioritize it. It is good for the whole body if one and a half hours of exercise, instruments and prostrations are combined in one package as much as possible.

Subtle exercise, mantra practice, various postures of 45 minutes, 20 minutes of pranayama in a continuous manner is very good. 30 Asanas are performed. But perhaps we can benefit from doing Surya Namaskar, Tadasana, Dhanurasana, Chandra Namaskar, Ustrasana, Chakrasana, Sarvangasana, Shavasana, which can be beneficial at the end, so it should be made mandatory because they are relaxing at the end. Pranayama is suitable after these asanas. If time is short, all the asanas can be done with little time. Allowing 15 minutes for Pranayama is fine.

What should be done after yoga, what should not be done?

After doing yoga, you should eat light food. Do not drink alcohol. Fruits and green vegetables can be eaten. The more food is immersed in yoga, the more slowly the body demands it. Exercise should be requested on an empty stomach as much as possible. You can take a bath after doing yoga meditation. If you do it in the afternoon and evening, it is better not to eat for 3-4 hours before doing it. Generally speaking, while doing yoga, one should know its methods, benefits, precautions and its rhythm.

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