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Do not forget this mistake even after changing the weather in baby care

Do not forget this mistake even after changing the weather in baby care

With the change of weather, the body temperature of children also changes, but parents are unaware of this and they are unable to keep the temperature of the baby's room according to the weather. Because of this, the baby has to face a lot of problems.

Great sleep is very beneficial for your health. This thing applies to children and yasks. Sleeping well is helpful in the mental and physical development of the child. Let us tell you that for the complete development of the child, the required mother's milk and food is very important in the same way. Therefore, every parent should also take care of their child's sleep well. For information, let us know that the temperature changes in the weather are affected on the sleep of children. It is necessary to take care of the temperature when the weather changes so that the child can sleep well.

Since, children cannot control their body temperature like adults. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the children according to the children. Along with room temperature, natural winds coming from the window, AC, fan, even the clothes worn by the child are also required to pay attention. Let us know which season children need temperatures, and how you can control your child's room temperature according to the weather.

Favorable temperature:-

The body of young people changes its body temperature according to the weather, but this does not happen in children. If the temperature of the children's room is colder then the body cools down, and if it is hot, the body can become warm. Therefore, the temperature of the children's room is considered correct from 18 to 21 ° C. This temperature of the room suddenly does not bring changes to the baby's body temperature, which can avoid the risk of road infant death syndrome (a type of disease).

If parents can take their own example to know the correct temperature of the child's room. If the elders feel cold in that room, it means that the room is excessively cold. If you feel hot then the room is probably hot. You can also use room thermometer for the child's room.

Summer season:-

In the summer season, keep your child in the coldest room of the house. To prevent the heat of the sun coming from the windows, the windows should be closed and covered with a thick cloth. While using a fan, table fan, make sure that the air does not go straight towards the child.

Cold weather:-

Keep the windows closed at night during the cold weather so that the cold air does not harm the baby. You can open windows for ventilation during the day. As you know, the walls are usually cold in cold weather, so keep the child's bed or cradle away from the walls. If the cold is high then you can use the heater, but remember that the heater is not very close to the child.

Rainy season:-

In this season, the temperature varies more. Sometimes there is humidity after the rain, sometimes it starts getting cold after the rain. If you are feeling moisture after the rain, then keep enough ventilation in your room. You can also use fans so that moisture is lost from the room. If the weather has come cold after the rain, keep the child in a hot room as well as keep the windows closed to protect the outer air.

Joint pain does not become a big problem, take these remedies from now on, pain will be discharged

Dr Rameshwar Singh, the famous orthopedist of Siwan, says that Arthritis is a medical term, under which pain, swelling, stiffness and other diseases occur. Typically, swelling and pain in one or more physical joints etc. are called arthritis.

As we know, various joints of the body help in moving, walking, walking or lifting something. But a problem arises with increasing age:- joint pain i.e. the problem of arthritis. Due to this, there is a lot of trouble and discomfort in everyday life. But consuming some healthy food not only reduces joint pain, but also reduces the risk of arthritis in future.

Let us know what to eat in arthritis and arthritis?


Dr Rameshwar Singh, the famous orthopedist of Siwan, says that Arthritis is a medical term, under which pain, swelling, stiffness and other diseases occur. Typically, swelling and pain in one or more physical joints etc. are called arthritis. Talking about the symptoms of arthritis, it includes pain, stiffness, swelling, not turning the joints completely. Let us tell you that every year on October 12, we celebrate World Arthritis Day worldwide.

What to eat to relieve joint pain?

Dr. Prabha says that it is very important to remove pressure and stress from them to reduce joint pain. In which a healthy and balanced diet and healthy bodyweight plays a very important role. Therefore, you can include these things in your food to fight and reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Omega-3 fatty acids are a very important nutrient for all of us, which is a great source of fish found in cold water to get it. Therefore, you can consume cold water fish like tuna, salmon and sardine to take omega-3. If you do not consume fish, you can also go towards the option of fish oil supplement.

Nuts and seeds are very beneficial:-

Vegetarians do not need to avoid omega-3 fatty acids, because apart from cold water fish, this important nutrient can also be achieved by consuming many nuts. You can also remove connectivity tissues and joints pain and swelling by taking a small amount of walnuts, almonds, maize porridge and pine nuts each day.

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