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"The main cause of uric acid is disordered eating"

"The main cause of uric acid is disordered eating"

The body contains uric acid which acts as an 'anti-oxidant'. It is essential for the body, but when the quantity is high, it can also cause problems.

Doctors say that if the body has more uric acid than it needs, it will cause joint problems.

What are the symptoms of uric acid? What to do if uric acid is high? Rheumatology specialist Dr. Conversation with Prayush Sharma:

What causes rheumatism or uric acid in particular?

Uric acid is one of the various problems in the bath. The main reason for this is food. This problem occurs if the amount of protein in the food is high.

Among the proteins, acid is formed especially from purine. Therefore, if you use foods that are high in purines, there is a possibility that the amount of uric acid in the body will also increase. In addition, uric acid problems also occur due to genetics. This problem appears in people with kidney problems, obesity, alcohol consumption, eating a lot of red meat and outside packet food. The problem of uric acid is more common in men than in women.

What is uric acid?

Having uric acid is an excess of uric acid in the blood. There is some amount of uric acid in our body, but when its amount increases and accumulates in different parts of the body, problems arise. Due to this, problems appear in the joints and cause extreme pain.

What are the symptoms of uric acid?

Symptoms of uric acid include pain in the joints, swelling in the joints, redness, inability to move the joints, kidney stones and pain when waking up in the morning.

What is the need for treatment?

Uric acid can be treated in two ways. Medicines to reduce it and reduce pain should also be taken. Along with medication, attention to diet, physical exercise, yoga etc. also reduce uric acid. Also, uric acid should be checked from time to time. By doing this, it is known that the decrease of uric acid is increased.

It is said that people suffering from uric acid should not eat foods such as legumes and meat.

People with uric acid should not eat red meat such as khasi, crab, pork, and other foods that are high in protein. Acidic foods, junk food, packet food, alcohol should also be avoided.

If the pain is too much, you should not eat legumes, chicken meat, fish etc. But if the pain is less then you can eat nuts, chicken meat and eggs. Although these foods contain protein, the amount of purine is low.

Shouldn't you eat copper or acidic foods?

People with uric acid should not eat copper, acidic foods, and foods that have been kept in CC for a long time. There has been no study on this, but according to the patient's experience, such foods also increase pain.

We eat a lot of fried, fried, spicy food as well as junk food and fast food. How responsible is it for increasing uric acid?

Oil fried, fried, spicy food, junk food and fast food increase obesity and because of that uric acid can also occur.

Can uric acid be cured if diet is controlled?

There are also some examples of uric acid healing through diet. If uric acid can be controlled in food along with medication, the chances of this disease developing is very low.

If you have uric acid, what to eat, what not to eat?

People with uric acid should not eat foods that are high in uric acid such as red meat, intestines, heart and liver. Similarly, mushrooms, soft drinks and alcohol should not be eaten.

Milk, fruits, green vegetables, curd, coffee, green tea, salad can be eaten. You should also drink plenty of water.

Can uric acid be controlled by physical exercise and yoga?

Regular exercise and yoga help in reducing obesity. Reducing obesity means reducing the risk of uric acid.

If physical exercise and yoga are done on a daily basis, uric acid problem will not occur. Even if you have uric acid, it helps to heal quickly.

What to do to prevent uric acid?

To avoid uric acid, exercise regularly, drink enough water, stay away from smoking and alcohol, reduce the intake of red meat, pickles, mushrooms, spinach, which are high in purine content, reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, reduce body weight and from time to time You should consult a doctor.

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