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How to separate heart attack and panic attack? | Pregnant women should pay attention to these things to give birth to a healthy baby | "Don't be careless if you have a fistula, it can also be cancer"

How to separate heart attack and panic attack?

The difference between a heart attack and a panic attack is a little difficult to distinguish because the symptoms of both are almost the same. Excessive stress and anxiety are the main causes of panic attacks. Which can also cause a heart attack. If the difference between the two can be understood, these problems can be solved well.

What is a heart attack?

A heart attack occurs when the coronary artery that supplies blood and oxygen to the heart is blocked. It blocks the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle. Some heart attacks occur quickly and can be fatal. A heart attack can cause some symptoms, such as chest pain, chest heaviness, belching, shortness of breath, nausea, sweating, dizziness, and upper body pain. Especially one or both arms, neck, back, jaw, or stomach may ache.

However, chest or arm pain is a common symptom of a heart attack, which often goes undiagnosed. It can show symptoms like fatigue in the upper body.

People suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, stress, and high blood pressure are more likely to have a heart attack. In addition, smoking, poor lifestyle, and lack of physical activity also increase the risk.

Panic attack

Panic attacks can occur when stress, anxiety, and fear reach extremes. A panic attack can occur due to any stressful event. During a panic attack, symptoms such as chest pain, rapid heartbeat, sweating, fear of death, dizziness, nausea, and body tremors may appear. Panic attacks can be controlled by breathing exercises, light exercises, and meditation.

What is the difference between a heart attack and a panic attack?

Dr. Senior Cardiologist at Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai. According to Tilak Suvarna, some of the symptoms of these two conditions are different, which can be used to distinguish between the two:

- Any history of heart disease or smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chest pain, and shortness of breath should not be ignored. They may be at risk of heart disease.

-If the symptoms are seen while resting, but the symptoms are not seen when walking or making the body active, then those symptoms may not be of a heart attack.

-Symptoms increase when jogging, but decrease when resting, it may be a symptom of a heart attack.

- If a heart attack is suspected, an ECG should be performed. If some problems are seen by doing ECG, they can be treated and heart attack can be avoided.

If there is any doubt about the health condition, immediately go to the hospital and see a doctor You should take advice. If you have sudden chest pain and it lasts for more than 3 minutes, you should immediately go to the hospital and seek medical advice.

In the event of a heart attack, delay can be fatal. Panic attacks should be treated frequently. Because panic attacks also increase the risk of a heart attack.

Pregnant women should pay attention to these things to give birth to a healthy baby

When a woman becomes pregnant, the first thing she thinks about is that the baby is born healthy. Also, pregnancy is a very complicated time for women. At this time, if you do not pay attention to small things, you may have to face a very dangerous situation.

Therefore, pregnant women and other family members should take special care during this sensitive time for a healthy baby and a healthy mother. Gynecology and Obstetrics specialist Dr. Jyoti Agarwal's suggestion is as follows:

Regular health checkups

After making a plan for a child, the first thing a woman should do is check her health. If some health problems are found during the examination, they can be properly treated and planned to have a baby.

When a pregnant woman goes to the hospital for the first test, thyroid and diabetes are checked. Women with thyroid and diabetes can also have children, but only after the condition is reduced with treatment. They should plan the pregnancy only after this.

Before planning a baby or after getting pregnant, women can get information about their position and the condition of the baby when they are regularly tested. Therefore, do not miss regular tests.


An ultrasound is done to find out if the baby in the womb is disabled. The first ultrasound is done within 6 weeks of pregnancy. The first ultrasound shows whether the baby is inside the uterus, how many babies are in the womb, whether the baby's heart is beating properly, what the weight is, etc.

Then the second ultrasound is done at 12 weeks. It is used to screen for 'Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a congenital condition. Which is developed while the child is still in the womb. It is a type of intellectual and physical disability, due to which the physical and mental condition of the child is different. Artificial defects that may occur in the child can also be detected at this time.

Another significant anomaly scan should be done within 18 to 22 weeks. Its main purpose is to see if there is any congenital malformation in the child and to identify it. From the head to the feet, all the defects in every single organ are seen in this scan.

Attention to diet

Pregnant women should also pay special attention to their diet. No food should be eaten on a full stomach during pregnancy. You should eat little by little from time to time. Instead of junk food and packet food, you should eat fresh homemade food.

Bitter, sour, and difficult-to-digest food should not be eaten. After eating, you should walk for half an hour. Dinner should be eaten two hours before going to bed. Consuming more green vegetables, fruits and protein foods like green beans, milk, curd, fish, meat, etc. should be eaten a little more than other times.

Consumption of 'supplements'

Some 'supplements' are given to women who are planning to get pregnant. Mandatory 'folic acid' is given. It should be eaten three months before the birth of the child and three months after the pregnancy. Pregnant women are also given 'Vitamin B complex for the first three months.

Folic acid plays an important role in preventing 'neurotic defects' in children. The child's head, the spinal cord not being formed, and the back of the cord looking like a tumor are not allowed to be a problem.

Apart from this, pregnant women are also given various types of vitamins. The balance of vitamins prevents the child from being handicapped. Iron and calcium supplements are also given after the first three months. Both these are given for 9 months.

Lifestyle changes

It is equally necessary and important to improve the lifestyle before pregnancy. Both pregnant parents should not smoke and drink. Because even if the mother does not smoke, the smoke of the father can affect both the mother and the child.

Even if the father cannot stop smoking and drinking, the mother must stop because if a pregnant woman smokes and drinks, there is a possibility that the child will be harmed.

Pregnant women should sleep well for at least 6 to 8 hours. Do not take any kind of stress. As much as possible, do not wear shoes with heels and do not lift heavy objects. If there is any problem, don't wait for a health check, you should immediately go to the hospital and get a doctor's advice.

"Don't be careless if you have a fistula, it can also be cancer"

An unnecessary hole in the internal organs of the body is called a fistula. It causes problems by connecting the veins unnaturally. Doctors say that fistulas are more likely to occur between the intestines and the skin and between the vagina and the rectum.

Although there are many types of fistula, the most common is the anal fistula, which resembles a small tube. It connects the end of the intestine to the skin near the anus. This usually occurs when an infection is not fully cured.

Most anal fistulas are caused by the accumulation of pus in the anus. And, the pus comes out of the skin by itself. A fistula occurs when the passageway for pus to escape from the skin is open or not properly fixed.

Fistula is a problem for many people now. Why fistula? What are its symptoms? What are the treatment methods? Focusing on this topic, Dr. Online journalist Angad Singh's conversation with Lokesh Karna:

Although medicine is used to prevent fistula infection, it is not cured by using this medicine. When a fistula comes, it makes a small hole in the place where it came from. And surgery is required to close those holes.

What causes a fistula?

Fistula can have various causes. Fistula can also occur due to an infection in the hair hole, an accident, a wound that has not been treated, or a wound that has not healed completely during surgery.

People with weakened immunity, tuberculosis patients, and HIV-infected people are highly likely to get fistula.

What are the initial symptoms of fistula?

The fistula does not feel much pain in the beginning, but it hurts a little. When the fistula comes, small lumps, blisters, or boils start to appear around the anus. There is a problem with pus flowing from the boil. Symptoms of fistula include rectal itching, feeling wet when walking, skin irritation when pus comes out, and fever and fatigue.

The initial symptoms of fistula are small bumps, blisters, and boils in the anus.

What complications can occur if there is a fistula?

If not treated in time, the size of the fistula increases with time. As the size of the fistula increases and reaches the interior of the body, it damages other organs as well. As the fistula grows, it becomes infected and can reach the blood. The holes and veins from which pus comes out may increase. If the fistula does not heal for a long time, cancer may also occur.

How is fistula treated? By medicine or by surgery?

Although medicine is used to prevent fistula infection, it is not cured by using this medicine. When a fistula comes, it makes a small hole in the place where it came from. And surgery is required to close those holes.

During fistula surgery, the liquid is first sent through the hole. X-rays can be used to see where the liquid has reached. From this, it is possible to find out where the fistula is affected. Only after seeing the effect of the fistula will you know whether to do surgery or not.

The fistula is less likely to heal completely. It may keep burning from time to time. Surgery for a fistula that has spread does not mean that the wound will heal completely. Because there is a big wound.

The oldest and best treatment for fistula is the Kharasutra method. Maharashtra is an Ayurvedic medical system that uses thread to treat diseases like piles, fissures, and fistulas. It is a five-thousand-year-old Ayurvedic method. It is treated by threading threads made of different types of medicinal herbs through the holes.

It is considered a very effective method as the risk is low. The thread should be changed from time to time. If treated according to this method, the risk of relapse is also reduced. Now the allopathic treatment system is also treating it by following it.

Does the fistula heal completely or does it keep getting worse from time to time?

Whether or not the fistula heals completely depends on the client. People with weak immunity, HIV, and other health-related problems can occasionally get infections. Difficulty and multi-branched fistulas can lead to bulging problems. It cannot be guaranteed that the problem of fistula will not worsen after treatment. It depends on the health condition of the infected person. It depends on the diet, lifestyle, and other nature of the infection.

In which case does the treatment of fistula become complicated?

If the patient has a fistula as well as other infections and chronic diseases, treatment is complicated. It is difficult to treat those who are chronically ill and those with weak immunity because the infection is fast. The fistula from the anus to the inside is difficult to treat.

If there is a fistula, what precautions should be taken? How much does diet affect?

Fistula is a disease related to the digestive system. Food plays a big role in this. Eating balanced and healthy food is mandatory to avoid fistula and any disease and for health.

After the problem of fistula, you should eat more fibrous foods and reduce the consumption of fish and meat as much as possible. For this, you should eat green vegetables, fruits, and fresh food. Daily exercise should be done to prevent fistula and immunity should be increased.

Is there any way to prevent fistula?

It does not mean that fistula will not occur. This can be due to diet as well as other reasons. Fistulas are also caused by injuries caused by accidents. Pay special attention to your health and diet to prevent fistula. If it happens, it should be tested and treated in time.

Fistula treatment in the market is treated with a guarantee and advertisements are also seen. Is this possible?

It is just marketing that Fistula will be treated with a guarantee. Even if it's just a cold, if you can't give a guarantee, it won't be possible. Since the health sector is a sensitive subject, it should be treated only by conducting a health check-up beyond marketing.

Because every person's health condition is different, treatment for any disease cannot be guaranteed.

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