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'Hair Replacement': How classy, ​​how reliable?

'Hair Replacement': How classy, ​​how reliable?

How to prevent hair loss? There is only one option. From diet to the use of oil, there are methods that can prevent hair loss. But these methods are not effective for everyone. No matter what you do, your hair keeps falling out.

What to do after hair loss? It also has many options. Hair transplant or fake hair can be done. You can use the appropriate method according to your convenience. Like, a hair wig.

This is a method of applying fake hair in a suitable manner in the place where the hair has fallen. It is very popular now. How to wear such a wig? Where is it worn? How much does it cost? Does it have side effects or not?

In what situation to use a wig?

Some people also use wigs for subtitling. But many people use wigs because of hair loss. Ramesh KC, managing director of Hair Fixing Nepal, says that wigs can be used in cases where the hair falls out a lot and does not grow back.

KC suggests that it is more useful to use this wig in cases where the hair is completely falling out and does not grow back. "Because the confidence of people without hair is low, the use of wigs is very helpful in increasing the confidence of people."

Allopathy and cancer patients also use it, says Prakash Kumar Dutt, manager of Van Roy's Hair Lounge.

How to take care of hair?

Rajeshvikram Shah, manager of Lead Wig Replacement, says that it is difficult to use a wig. Almost all of our wigs are made from natural hair. Therefore, it is easy to take care of it.

Wigs stuck to the hair using gum and tape should be removed and cleaned within 15 to 25 days. In this way, the stuck hair can be cleaned at home. Shah says that after wearing a wig, you can swim, color, draw and use serum.

But hair fixing in Nepal can't be done by taking out and cleaning the wig. The wig worn here is tied with a rope to the hair. Because the wig is tied to the hair, no gum is used here, so there is very little chance of side effects, KC argues. "You can soak the wig tied in this way in water and color it," he says.

According to Shah, even if the wig is attached to the hair using gum tape, it does not affect the skin and hair. He says, 'It is easy to use such a wig as it can be removed and cleaned from time to time by using gum tape.'

Even the hair kept at Van Roys Hair Salon cannot be cleaned at home. Dutt says that he will have to go to the company for its 'maintenance' in two months.

How much does the wig cost?

According to Shah, the price of a wig usually ranges from Rs 15,000 to Rs 35,000. The quality of wigs costing 15,000 is fine and there may be problems with falling. The quality of the wig above 25,000 is good and you don't even know you are wearing it.

Similarly, KC says that in hair fixing Nepal, wigs are prepared according to the amount of hair loss and the price is determined based on the size of the wig. "Usually the price of the smallest hair wig starts from 5,000," he says.

In Van Roy's Hair Lounge, the price of wig hair replacement starts from 65,000 rupees. If women have long hair, it will cost more.

Wigs are made from natural hair

Both hair replacement companies say that the wigs found in Nepal are mostly made from natural hair. Although the raw material of natural hair is imported from abroad, the hair is sewn in Nepal. When keeping the hair according to the customer's needs and interests, they cannot use wigs. KC shares his experience that men use wigs more than women.

At Roy's, all raw materials are imported from the Netherlands. The company does the hair designing according to the customer's needs.

How long does it last?

According to Dutt of Van Rooys, the lifespan of hair maintained in this way is usually 3 to 4 years. Hair Fixing In Nepal, the lifespan of the hair is only 3 to 4 years, while in lead wigs, there are wigs that last from 3 months to 3 years.

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