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What kind of yoga is better for pregnant women?

What kind of yoga is better for pregnant women?

Recently, the number of women who give birth through surgery is increasing due to the thought that it is difficult to bear the pain of childbirth. Most of the private hospitals advise to give birth through surgery rather than natural delivery.

But according to the World Health Organization, only 10 percent of pregnant women need surgery. Doctors say that although it is easy to give birth by surgical method, it takes a long time to heal the wound and there is also a risk of various infections.

But there are some such yoga practices, which make the pregnant woman's body strong and flexible. If you do such yoga regularly, you can give birth in a normal way.

"Yoga practice helps to reduce the surgical method and to give birth naturally," says yoga guru Bhanubhakt Dahal, "If a pregnant woman does regular yoga, there is a 90 percent chance of giving birth naturally."

But like other people, pregnant women should not do exercises that involve jumping and pushing the stomach. Dahal says that pregnant women who practice yoga regularly experience less labor pain and better physical and mental health.

While practicing yoga, you should pay attention to your physical condition. How is your physical condition? How many months have you been pregnant? Yogaguru Dahal says that such things should be taken care of. He says that if the physical condition is weak, fatigue and ringing may also occur.

As pregnancy is a sensitive condition, yoga and exercise should not be done without a doctor's advice. Dahal says that doing yoga randomly will have the opposite effect.

In what condition can yoga be done?

Those who have been practicing yoga before becoming pregnant can easily practice yoga during pregnancy as well. But at this time, yoga of a different nature should be practiced than the usual practice. "You should not do yoga that affects the stomach and back when you are pregnant," says Dahal. After reaching seven months, reduce some exercises, as it becomes difficult to do asana after the belly grows, you can change the asana.

Dahal says that after moving the joints of the body, the body will be ready for yoga.

What kind of yoga should a pregnant woman do?

Pregnant women should not do asana, especially by bending their legs. Posture that puts pressure on the stomach and back is harmful for them. According to yoga guru Dahal, doing the following yoga poses will benefit both the baby and the mother.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a bit more difficult for women who are just learning yoga than for regular yoga practitioners. Pregnant women who practice yoga regularly can do this asana. There are 12 postures in Surya Namaskar. It can be a bit difficult at this time as you have to change the Bhujang posture.

Margery Asan

Margeri Asana is a yoga pose done by making the hands and feet like a cat. This asana can be done by inhaling once and pulling the stomach down to look up at the sky.

Pulati Mudra Asana

Colloquially, it is called butterfly posture. This asana helps to ease the labor pain area during childbirth. This asana helps to open the cervix. This yogasana can be done by connecting the feet of the two legs together and holding the legs with the hands and shaking the knees upwards, just like when you are sitting cross-legged.

angle posture

Angular asana is standing with legs slightly apart and lifting the head with one hand, exhaling towards the non-raised hand. It works to reduce the waist fat and makes enough room for the baby inside the belly to move and play.

Triangle Asana

If a pregnant woman has a problem with back pain, it is difficult to do triangle asana. While doing this asana, you have to bend down a lot. This asana can be performed by bending forward and spreading the arms to the left and right, taking one hand to the opposite leg and raising the other hand, exhaling. Doing this asana after doing other asanas is beneficial.

Simple forearm posture

It is difficult for pregnant women to sleep by pressing the stomach. This asana should also be done very carefully. You should stretch the part above the waist looking up by taking a deep breath with all four limbs. It helps to make the body flexible.

Anulom Vilolam Pranayama

This pranayama is done by keeping the legs tight, breathing in through one nostril with one hand and closing the other. It is good to do this pranayama for an average of five minutes. This pranayama helps to calm the mind.

Brahmari Pranayama

Brahmari Pranayama is pranayama performed by closing the mouth and eyes and placing the mind between the forehead and making a sound like a bumblebee. It helps to reduce the habit of making the brain cold and angry.

How helpful is yoga to give birth naturally?

Yoga is also beneficial for pregnant women as it helps to make the body and mind healthy. But it cannot be denied that you can have a baby naturally by doing yoga, Gynecologist Dr. Kumkum Jha says.

"How the baby is sitting in the uterus, if the baby's position is upside down, then surgery should be done," she says, "Yoga gives energy to the body to stay strong." It controls the weight, but it cannot determine the delivery process.

What position should a pregnant woman sleep in?

Pregnancy is the happiest and most exciting time of a woman's life. A mother weaves a world of colorful dreams for her unborn child. For this dream, they bear a lot of pain and give birth to children.

Pregnancy is a very serious and important situation for a mother. In this case, they have to change their diet and daily behavior as well. Doctors say that mothers should pay attention not only to food but also to sleep during pregnancy.

In which position to sleep during pregnancy? How can you and your baby be comfortable while sleeping? It is important to pay attention to this. Every work done by the mother has a direct impact on the unborn child. Usually, a pregnant mother has difficulty sleeping.

For the health of both the mother and the unborn baby, it is necessary to know about the way of sleeping. Which improves the health of both mother and child.

In which position to sleep during pregnancy?

Since the weight of the stomach is reduced for three months after pregnancy, sleeping straight or in any position does not have much effect. But after the third month, as the weight of the stomach increases, it becomes difficult for the mother to sleep straight. Since sleeping upright puts all the weight on the back, it can be harmful for both the mother and the baby.

Do not sleep with weight on your back

Blood cannot circulate freely when sleeping upright during pregnancy. As a result, digestive system and back problems may occur. A woman should not sleep straight after three months of pregnancy. Sleeping upright puts a direct weight on the baby in the womb.

Which is the right position to sleep?

It is considered beneficial for the mother to sleep on her left side during pregnancy. Sleeping on the left side allows blood to circulate freely throughout the body. With this sleeping position, the baby in the womb gets oxygen properly. It helps children stay healthy.

When sleeping on the left side, the mother should sleep with her knees bent. A pillow can be placed between the mother's legs for better sleep. When sleeping in the right position, the mother also gets rid of back problems.

As pregnancy is a special time, doctors are of the opinion that you should sleep for eight to nine hours during this time. Adequate sleep helps in the full development of the growing baby in the womb. If any problem occurs, consult a doctor immediately.

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