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A toned body is made in the kitchen, not in the gym

A toned body is made in the kitchen, not in the gym

"Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym."

Whether you work up a sweat or do vigorous exercise. Run recklessly or jump recklessly. However, the putt belly did not decrease. what do you do There is no solution.

Putta stomach means the house of disease. ugly life Indecent body. This is a headache for many. Why does this happen? It is well known, unhealthy eating and a life of comfort.

When body fat starts to accumulate, abnormal belly appears, and people start to go to the gym when they walk. After reaching the gym, they think that their problems will be 'solved'. That's why they are saying, 'I had to reduce my stomach in fifteen days.'

Prakash KC also often comes across similar people who are suffering from obesity. The arms and legs are small, but the stomach is big. How to reduce stomach? How to increase leg muscles? How to look good? How to make a structured life? Prakash is always besieged by such questions.

Prakash KC is an experienced gym trainer. Moreover, he has a special identity. However, let's put it aside for now. Because the gym is being discussed here.

Prakash owns 'Dreams Fitness Studio' in Lajimpat, where especially dignitaries visit to get their ugly bodies in shape. Some of them reach the goal of making their lives more organized. From Rekha Thapa to Indira Joshi, Rishi Dhamala to Akash Shrestha are included in this list.

However, Prakash's suggestion is not the same for everyone who comes to the fitness studio. why Their needs are different. Some people need to lose belly, some need to build muscles', explains Prakash. Apart from that, the condition of their body also determines what kind of training to do. For this, a skilled fitness trainer must have knowledge of body anatomy.

Exercise according to physiology

"Everyone's body structure is not the same," says Prakash, "so the basis of what kind of training should be given to whom is determined by looking at their medical history."

Some may be suffering from diabetes, some from high blood pressure. Some may be bothered by cholesterol, some by thyroid. According to the existing health problems, what kind of training will make the life 'fit and fine' has to be determined.

"After that, you have to look at the age and status of the person," says Prakash, "Training is different for young people and adults." Many may think that the gym is for young people. Youngsters go to the gym to keep their lives in shape. However, that is not happening.

People who are over 70 years old are still coming to Prakash for gym. Whether you are old or suffering from a chronic illness, the gym is useful for everyone. The only difference is that they should be able to decide what kind of training is suitable for them. For this, a certified and experienced trainer is needed.

"The goal of the gym is not only to reduce the belly," says Prakash, "especially to make the body flexible, fit and agile." In general, it is to make a body according to health standards.' But, for this, only the gym is enough? "No," Prakash says briefly, "Especially, food is the most important thing."

Naturally, our body has a certain pattern. The body shape of a person who is alert and aware of health is always the same. However, due to bad lifestyle and diet, the internal organs cannot function properly. Excess food is stored as fat. After that, the way the body should be, does not remain so. That is, it can be ugly or uncomfortable.

"Right now we are talking about six pack abs" says Prakash, "That is not something we will do later." Our body remains as it is. Most of them go to the gym to get 'six pack abs'. "Six pack abs are not made in the gym, but in the kitchen," says Prakash.

Proper nutrition is the first condition

Just going to the gym is not enough to build a fit body. No matter how much you go to the gym or exercise, if your diet is not disciplined, it is useless.

Prakash says, ``We make a diet chart for those who come for fitness, looking at their needs,'' says Prakash.

The body needs all the nutrients to function properly. Food is the source of most nutrients. But what kind of food?

Fresh and balanced. Different foods provide different nutrients. Thus, it is important to have variety in food. Prakash says, "We can't talk about diet in detail like a nutritionist, but we should know what kind of diet to eat in general."

Healthy, balanced, fresh, nutritious food will make the body strong and fit.

Carbohydrates are essential

'High protein, good fat, low carbohydrate, good fat, high fiber!' According to Prakash, this is the general formula of nutrition.

Protein is necessary in the body to make muscles, bones, joints strong and flexible. The main sources of protein are fish, meat, eggs, legumes and dairy products. Those who do vigorous physical exercise or work must take enough protein.

Fat means fat. Many people have a misconception that obesity increases after eating fat. While there is no specific relationship between fat and obesity. Fat is an essential element for the body. Especially unsaturated fat is necessary for the body. Fat is necessary to keep the body active. This type of fat acts as a thin membrane over the brain and nerves. At the same time, it also helps to keep the hormones balanced. Unsaturated fats are found in almonds, walnuts, katus, olive oil etc.

Society is confused about carbohydrates. There are some who have given bad publicity to carbohydrates. Do not eat it because it increases obesity. Carbohydrates are essential for a healthy and fit body. Whereas, carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body. Rice and grains, potatoes etc. are good sources of carbohydrates. Prakash says that there is a widespread misconception that one should not eat carbohydrates, but carbohydrates provide energy to the body.

Fitness is not a gimmick

The body can be made fit with proper coordination of exercise and diet. Prakash's experience also says this.

Abdominal weight decreases with gym. Muscles are strong. Life is organized. The same idea is prevalent in the society. "However, this is not a change that will happen in haste or tomorrow," says Prakash, "There is a long process for this." Patience is needed.

Specific training is determined according to your body composition, location, age, etc. Accordingly, after regular training, the body takes shape according to health standards. Such a body, which is easy to see, well-formed and suitable.

Lose weight or stay fit and fine?

Now it is openly advertised, "In fifteen days the stomach is reduced or obesity is controlled." But, how much weight to lose? How to control obesity? There is no one-size-fits-all method.

His weight is determined according to his body height and build. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain the same weight according to health standards. However, people's food is reduced in order to reduce obesity. Harder physical exercises are done. A person's weight also decreases in a short time. However, losing weight in this way does not make them healthy and fit. They are thin and round.

Now this is how obesity reduction business is shining in the city. It makes a person not healthy, but weak, powerless and lack luster. Losing weight and losing body fat are two different things.

Losing obesity or controlling weight is a systematic process. Under this process, when weight or obesity is controlled, energy, luster and passion are maintained in the body.

"It is very important to lose fat and increase muscle," says Prakash, "but many people do not follow this method."

When you exercise indiscriminately or skip food, the amount of water in the body decreases, the muscles decrease. However, fat does not decrease. "This is a very wrong and harmful way", says Prakash.

If the weight is not properly controlled, the body becomes weak, the glow of the face or skin is lost, and the immunity is weakened. Therefore, problems like stress, restlessness, and insomnia occur.

Healthy diet plan

You should pay attention to your diet to keep your body fit and healthy. For this, a proper meal schedule should be fixed. Generally, it is advisable to eat four times a day. Solid food should be eaten within 3-4 hours. In the meantime, you can eat water or fruit. Apple can be the best in this too.

A healthy body can be obtained only with a balanced and nutritious diet. It also keeps stress free. Sleep is good when there is no stress. When deep sleep occurs, the body is refreshed and agile.

"Food should be chewed thoroughly, so that it can be easily digested", says Prakash.

Rigorous and unremitting practice from the age of 15

15 years raw age. Prakash K.C. He developed a special attraction towards the well-formed life. He tried to make his body conform to it.

"But, at that time, random training was done," he says, "I am still experiencing the effects of it."

The passion he developed for the gym from that early age benefited him throughout his life. At that age he realized, a disciplined lifestyle. Whether it's diet or routine, balance as much as possible. As a result, no disease could touch him till the age of 45. He did not go to the hospital because he was ill.

"I am a laboratory in myself," he says, "a proper diet and a balanced routine are the ingredients of the best life."

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