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Mass Hysteria: The problem of female students shaking, crying, and fainting at school

Mass Hysteria: The problem of female students shaking, crying, and fainting at school

Sometimes the news comes, "schoolgirls have seen the problem of trembling, crying, shouting and fainting".

Not one, but two, three, or many other students have this problem together. This kind of problem is also said to be caused by deities or ghosts.

Psychiatrists call it a temporary mental problem. Especially this is 'mass hysteria. If a problem like trembling, crying, and fainting appears collectively, it is called 'mass hysteria. This problem is seen more in school-level girls.

Hysteria is a problem in which mental stress manifests as physical symptoms. But nowadays the word hysteria is not used that much. Since the word hysteria is associated with sexual frustration, this word is not used now. 'Mass Hysteria' is now called 'Mass Conversion'. Which is also known as 'Vikrat Vikar' in Nepali.

Why do female students tremble, cry, and faint at school?

It is because of 'mass conversion' that girls tremble, cry and faint at school. This is a mental problem which such problems appear in female students.

Mass conversion can be seen in both male and female students, but it is more common in female students. Women are a bit stressed. Also, due to hormonal changes and physical changes that occur during menstruation, such a problem is seen in female students.

Cause of symptoms in female students

Women cannot express their feelings like men. The pain in their hearts is gone. Where the pain disappears, there is a problem. There was tension, and many things played in the mind, but if that thing does not come out, it starts to appear as a physical symptom.

Women tend to hide the problems they face without telling anyone, which is why such problems can occur. This problem appears not only for one reason but for various psychological reasons.


We have also heard that this problem was seen in many female students in school at one time. A student who has stress at home, school, or with friends. But if she has not been able to express that stress in front of others, that's why she trembles, cries, faints, or behaves a little differently.

Other students who are quick to be influenced or are under stress, they also unknowingly start showing similar symptoms after seeing that girl. So when one person faints, others also faint and start crying.

How can treatment be done?

The first person who noticed this problem at first. He may have a mental illness like depression or anxiety. So he should be provided proper counseling and drug treatment.

Not only patients but also classmates, teachers, parents, and the community should be consulted. This is not a big problem and they should be encouraged by telling them that there is no need to be afraid.

This problem can be treated by giving proper treatment according to the advice of a psychiatrist and giving counseling to other female students who have similar problems and increasing their self-strength.

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