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Premature Menarche: Effects of Diet, Stress, and Climate Change

Premature Menarche: Effects of Diet, Stress, and Climate Change

In the past, menstruation started in teenage girls. But now this age has reduced to 8-9. In other words, the menstrual cycle has started in the girl before reaching the age. This is exactly the age when they are very ignorant about sexual and reproductive health.

After all, why has the menstrual cycle started before reaching the age? Does it have any effect?


The age at which menstruation should start is 11 to 15 years. But now the number of girls menstruating even at 8-9 years has increased. There has been no study on why the number of menstruating at a young age is increasing. However, according to some studies, the lifestyle of today's children has changed.

Today's children are under various stress including studying. Also, due to thyroid disorder and climate change, such a problem has been observed.

How painful?

The first period is painful. It is even more painful if it happens at a young age. Because girls are not physically and mentally mature when they menstruate at an early age.

They don't even have information about menstruation, so they may be afraid of 'what is happening to me', 'have I got some disease'. Due to which the first menstruation is painful.

Risk of future disease

People who menstruate at an early age may have various health problems later on. In those who start menstruating at a young age, health problems such as cervical cancer, other problems of the uterus, breast cancer and rapid drying of menstruation appear later.

Development of sexual and reproductive organs

Girls who menstruate at an early age have developed sexual and reproductive organs. Menstruation will occur only when they are physically ready. If a girl starts menstruating at the age of 9, then her sexual and reproductive organs are already well developed.

Pregnancy risk

When a woman menstruates, her sexual and reproductive organs are already developed. Girls who start menstruating at the age of 8-9 years are also at risk of pregnancy if there is any accidental contact. Age of 25 to 27 years is considered eligible for pregnancy. Today, the number of people getting pregnant after 30 years has increased.

Pregnancy in which period of menstruation?

14 days after menstruation is called 'ovulation'. At that time, eggs are released from the woman's testicles. Therefore, the possibility of pregnancy during physical contact during that period is high.

Menstrual cycle

Menstrual cycle should be in 28 days. Menstruation usually lasts for 4 to 7 days. If bleeding occurs for 2 to 7 days, it is normal. But it becomes a problem if the bleeding occurs only for one day or if the bleeding continues after 7 days.

Menstrual disturbances

The most common problems during menstruation are menstrual disturbances and small watery blisters in the uterus. The main reason for this problem is thyroid disorder. Changes in lifestyle, unhealthy diet, stress, obesity etc. also cause problems in menstruation.

How to get rid of it?

To get rid of the problem of menstrual disturbances, first of all you have to change your lifestyle. Consumption of outside junk food and packet food has increased the problem of obesity. Due to obesity, various health problems have started to appear. Therefore, you should pay close attention to your diet, you should eat balanced and nutritious food so that the problem of obesity does not appear and the problem of menstrual disorders also decreases.

If the menstrual cycle continues to be disturbed even after changing the lifestyle, one should go to the hospital and seek the advice of a doctor.

Why is someone's period painful?

Women whose uterine muscles are thick, have severe pain during menstruation. But some people do not have any pain during menstruation. Not everyone has the same pain.

To get rid of such pain, you can do light exercise, drink plenty of water and massage your stomach with a hot water bag. But if the pain is excessive, you should not sit patiently, you should go to the hospital and take medicine according to the doctor's advice.

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