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Junk food and cold drinks are damaging the liver of children

Junk food and cold drinks are damaging the liver of children

Nowadays, children and teenagers are more attracted to junk food than home food. Lentils, rice, vegetables are being replaced by pizza, burgers, meat and chowmein. Similarly, Coke, Fanta and Mirinda are taking the place of natural drinks like water, tea, milk. These khanki, which are changing the taste of the tongue, are causing serious damage to the liver.

Especially junk food and processed drinks have increased the risk of 'fatty liver'. In common language, fatty liver means fat accumulation in the liver. Which is also one of the causes of 'non-alcoholic white hepatitis'.

Junk food poisons the body

When we eat junk food, in order to digest it, the liver inactivates the bad substances we consume and produces enough protein in the body, which protects the body from infection and bleeding.

But consuming too much junk food causes fat to accumulate in the liver, and when the liver cannot function properly, toxins accumulate in the body.

Why does junk food damage the liver?

Junk food contains trans fat. It accumulates in the liver due to which there is a possibility of fatty liver, non-alcoholic white hepatitis.

Cold drinks affect the liver

Cold drinks can cause the problem of 'fatty liver' in our liver. Consuming too much of cold drinks increases the level of sugar in the body and causes fat accumulation in the liver.

Cold drinks are high in sugar. Sugar is high in carbohydrates. Which is quickly absorbed by the body and increases the amount of glucose in the blood. Excessive consumption of it will increase obesity and fat will accumulate in the liver.

The role of the liver in the body

Liver is the largest organ of the body. The liver removes disorders in the body, makes bile, digests food, makes blood clotting substances, makes substances like protein, albumin, vitamins needed by the body and makes and stores glucose, fat.

How does the liver digest food? 

The food we eat is digested by the liver to form bile and it passes through the gall bladder to the intestines. In this way, the food that reaches the intestine through the gall bladder is released from the body as a toxic substance.

When the liver is damaged

Jaundice, flatulence, fluid retention in the stomach, swelling of hands and feet, loss of appetite, vomiting of blood, feeling tired, body melting and bleeding if cut in any part of the body, may be due to liver damage.

What foods are liver friendly?

Nutritious and healthy foods such as green vegetables, fruits, fibrous foods, fish, meat and legumes are considered liver friendly.

Liver cleansing food

Emphasis should be placed on pure food, which plays an important role in making the body disorder-free, from assisting in the digestive process to keeping the liver healthy. For this, you should eat foods like green vegetables, broccoli, avocado, beets and carrots.

These foods contain a protein called glutathione, which helps to flush out the disorders accumulated in the liver. Purifies the liver.

Children don't have time to play freely, eat with taste

 In the morning, sleep does not happen immediately, you have to wake up gradually. Whether you are interested in food or not, you have to pick a cup of coffee beans. I don't have a moment of free time, I have to run to school. Children are in no hurry.

Most of the children in urban areas do not have access to hot food cooked at home. They are brought 'tiffin box' or fed in the school canteen. You have to sit obediently in the classroom for hours.

After returning home in the evening, it is urgent to finish the homework. They do not get to eat breakfast or dinner after tasting it. They do not rest until they go to bed at night. They hardly get free time to play, jump and run in the routine of rotating like clockwork.

There is no free time to socialize with friends, enjoy with family, have fun with friends, and have fun. They can't enjoy themselves even during the festival, they are bothered by homework.

Educationist Vidyanath Koirala says that there is a general rule that children should not be taught for more than 15 minutes at a time. The idea that if they teach more they will know or understand more is confusing in itself.

Educationist Vidyanath Koirala comments that the children's 'childhood' has been taken away due to the parents' expectations and school management's selfishness. "What parents expect is that their children should read a lot at a young age, learn a lot and understand," says Koirala, "that's why there is a tendency to make them study without letting them eat or play."

On the one hand, the school has created a practice of enrolling children at a young age, conducting classes from early morning, arranging meals and snacks in the school canteen, and conducting transportation for their business. On the other hand, parents are under social pressure to teach their children in the same way. Ignorant children are bearing the brunt of this.

Child Psychiatrist Arun Kunwar says that today's children are becoming alienated from the natural lifestyle due to school routines and the pressure of studying.

Busier than previous generations

Today's children's daily life is becoming very busy. From 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening, they are under stress due to school and homework," says Kunwar, a child psychiatrist. "Such busyness makes them stressed. The result of which is that they will be lonely and antisocial.

He says that no matter the burden of studying or anything else, it causes children to get angry quickly, become irritable, unable to express their feelings, panic and faint.

Navraj Baskota, principal of Kavya School, admits that today's children are more vulnerable than the previous generation. "Children should be forced to wake up in the morning and send them to school, children who have been studying all day at school are sent home in the evening with heavy homework," he says. Tells.

Teaching a lot does not mean you know a lot

Educationist Dr. says that there is a general rule that children should not be taught for more than 15 minutes at a time. Vidyanath Koirala. He argues that children should not be taught for more than 15 minutes at a time because they have no patience and sometimes they have to move, play and have fun. He says that the understanding that if they teach more, they will know or understand more is confusing.

According to the intellectual ability and psychology of the children, it has been decided how much time they should be taught, how much time they should be disciplined and how much time they should be allowed to play and have fun. But our school system has not been developed according to child psychology.

"Children should be kept in the classroom from 9 am to 1:30 am, but in Nepal, children are kept in school for more than seven hours," says Koirala, an educationist. If the teachers change the teaching style rather than the children in the school, the children's learning will be effective and long-term.

Psychiatrist Arun Kunwar says that in order to keep children away from physical and mental problems, they should play, jump and have fun at school and at home.

Mental burden, physical pain

Today's children's daily lives are chaotic. The schedule of sleeping, waking up, eating, defecating and playing is narrowed.

According to doctors, young children need at least 10 hours of sound sleep. But they are not getting enough sleep due to the rush to drop out. Most of the children have not even had fresh food cooked at home. They are forced to eat or carry tiffin without feeling hungry. Some of them are not eating at home, but eating lunch in the school canteen.

Physical activity has decreased due to study. Doctors say that there is a risk of making them sick with this kind of lifestyle.

Children's digestive system and health problems are seen when they eat food in a hurry and reluctantly and when the amount of food is too low, Dr. Dr. Kanti Children's Hospital Pediatrician. Jyoti Ratna Dhakhwa says.

Most schools open in the morning. Children do not get enough sleep if they have to wake up in the morning. They have not been able to sleep until sleep, nor eat on time,' said Dr. Dhakhwa says, "Eating food in a hurry, eating too little and not getting a balanced meal can lead to serious health problems in children.

He says that it is not healthy to feed children more because they are hungry all day while going to school and to feed them less because they are in a hurry. Children should not be allowed to eat packet food because they do not eat home cooked food. Dhakhwa says. He says that packet foods will reduce interest in food and this will cause other problems in the future.

Dr. 10 to 12 hours of sleep is necessary for school-age children. Dhakhwa says. But in practice, the children of the current generation are not even able to sleep properly.

Inadequate sleep causes problems in children's physical and mental development. For the overall development and healthy body of children, they should sleep on time and in sufficient quantity,'' he says.

Psychiatrist Arun Kunwar says that in order to keep children away from physical and mental problems, they should play, jump and have fun at school and at home.

For the overall development of children, they should be allowed to play and have fun according to their wishes and desires. By doing this, the brain is eager to learn new things. It reduces their stress and makes them feel refreshed," he said.

Today's children are being diverted from the natural lifestyle. Children should be taught in school. But for that, they should adopt a reading style according to their interest, desire and desire," says Kunwar, "which will benefit them in the future. In addition to living, this learning can make him feel the society and the life cycle.

According to experts, children should be allowed to laugh, talk, play and jump spontaneously and naturally for half of the school time. Extracurriculars teach children to understand life and be social.

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