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How to massage for physical and mental refreshment?

How to massage for physical and mental refreshment?

Massage or massage is a popular method used for the treatment of various diseases since ancient times. It is considered a natural medicine method that has been used since 3000 BC.

Massage is a multi-purpose method of natural medicine. Massage is suitable for people of all ages and genders. Until now, the custom of putting the baby in the sun three times a day for 6 months after birth and massaging with oil is also a method of massage.

Massage strengthens human bones and muscles. It is believed to contribute to human growth and development, increase digestive power, prevent skin diseases and induce sleep.

Massage is widely used in our society to keep the body flexible, strong and fit. However, massage is also used for pleasure. Therefore, massage has been divided in different ways by medical science. Massage relieves problems like depression, mental stress, insomnia, anxiety and migraine.

Massage brings physical and mental refreshment and increases thinking and memory.

Nowadays, it is less common to massage the baby with oil heated in the sun. But even in the urban areas, there is a trend of massaging with olive oil and baby lotion. But the practice of massaging as mentioned in natural medicine seems to be disappearing.

Types of massage and its benefits

Although there are different methods of massage, medical science has divided it like this.

Sudis massage

This is a very popular type of massage. Many methods like strokes, tapping, needling are used in this. This massage is mainly used to relieve pain. It is used for back pain, muscle stiffness, hip pain and arthritis.

Deep tissue massage

This massage uses relatively more pressure as it focuses on the deeper tissues under the skin. In this technique, various techniques are incorporated into the skin by applying pressure with fingers. It helps in reducing muscle pain. It also helps to balance physical imbalances and stress.

Aromatherapy massage

This method focuses on emotional and mental healing. It helps to relax the mind. In this method, massage is done using different oils according to the disease. Aromatic oils are used to comfort and relax the body. It gives a pleasant feeling to the brain.

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