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What is SEARCH ENGINE and how does it work

What is SEARCH ENGINE and how does it work

What is a search engine, and how does a search engine work? Do you know how a search engine works? What is the working factor of a search engines? If you do not know then there is no need to worry, here I am going to explain to you completely what is a search engine and how it works.

So you must read this article from beginning to completion. So let's get started.

Search engine You must have heard the name, if you have not heard the name of the search engine, then you must have heard the name of Google, which we use every day. So google is a search engine only.

When we do not get the answer to a question, then we used to search in some book to get the answer to that question or ask an educated person and this made it difficult for us to find the answer to our question. . But today the world has changed, the world has become digital, people search directly in google to get the answer of their every question and Google gives us the answer to our question in a few seconds.

So have you ever tried to know what is the reason behind how Google shows us these results, how the search engine works so that we get the right information?

Why does it not happen that when we search in google about education, then why to google does not show us the result of movies, cinema? Google will show us the result related to education only. If you have searched in Google for any word related to education. Anyone who needs any information about any topic or about anyone, then they directly use the search engine i.e. Google.

I am repeatedly using the word Google here for the search engine because you people already know about Google. Google is not a single search engine and there are many search engines. Most people use Google only, some people use other search engines.

Today we are going to discuss this topic in full detail what is a search engine, how a search engine works, and how it shows us the correct result in such a short time.

What is a search engine?

The search engine is a kind of program, that is, it is an automatic system that collects the information related to the word searched by the user in the right way and provides us with the correct result.

The word or question that you search in the search engine and as soon as you press the enter button, at the same time the search engine has information related to the word you have searched or whatever information is available on the whole internet to find the answer to that question. There is a website that has been submitted to the search engine, goes to them, sends its algorithms to them and takes the right information, and delivers it to you in 1 second.

The search engine finds the query you are searching on the whole world wide web and delivers it to you.

There are millions of websites on the internet and some of them have information related to the word you are searching for, then the search engine plays a part to bring that information to you. Through which you have to wait for a few moments to get the answer to your question.

The search engine has the data of all the websites available on the Internet and stores it in its database. This is my website which has been submitted to the search engine.

Now you must have come to know what is this search engine and now we talk about how the search engine works, and how it shows us the result.

How search engine works - How search engine works

The search engine goes through 3 steps before showing us the result and that 3-step are crawling, indexing and ranking. Whenever the search engine shows us the result then it goes through these 3 steps and shows us the correct result.

1. crawling

When you search a word in the search engine, then the search engine's algorithms or, say, the crawler tries to find whatever website is related to this word on the internet, which means it scans all those websites completely.

The word you are searching in the search engine is called a keyword. The search engine shows you the result only through that keyword. And all this work is done by search engine bots which are automatic. It can read the website completely in a very short time. He scans websites so fast that we cannot even imagine. These bots are also called spiders.

Right now a question must be coming to your mind how will these crawlers scan the website? Crawling the website is an automatic system, but that system can scan the entire website very closely.

The crawlers thoroughly scan the title, meta description, tags, images, videos, and keywords of the webpages present on the website and find the keywords you search for in whatever title, paragraphs, or photos are there on the entire website. Is.

2. indexing

This is the second step of the search engine, in which the crawlers of the search engine after scanning the website store it in some memory or in a database. It is necessary to scan any website and save all the data of that website in the database. It is a process.

Google's crawlers scan millions of web pages and store them in their database. Google is a sea of ​​information and it stores all this information in its database. And to store so much data, it is very important to have a very large database center. All these data are stored in Peta bytes memory.

Google has the largest database in the world. Every kind of information in the world is stored in Google's database.

3. Ranking

The ranking is the last and most important step of the search engine. The data of the website made by the search engine crawlers and which website is to be shown at the top and which website is to be shown after that is decided by the ranking itself.

The job of the search engine is to give you the information you want, to answer your question, you should get the answer to that question in complete detail, that's why Google has more than 100 ranking factors. Google changes these ranking factors (algorithms) every year.

No one knows on what basis these ranking factors work. Everyone knows about some ranking factors such as Google keywords, meta tags, title, backlink, age of website, website authority, keyword density, and uniqueness of content. The search engine shows us the results based on all these. But that is not all, apart from this there are many ranking factors, based on which Google shows us the result.

Meta tags are called what you do not see on web pages, but bots can see them, and scan them. This is a kind of hidden information.

When Google's crawlers are scanning the website and if links to any other website are present in that website at that time, then the crawlers simultaneously scan that other website and likewise want to access from one website to another. Is. And the link to another website that is present is called a backlink. In simple language, backlink means the link of one website to be present on another website.

Google's algorithms never make mistakes in this 3rd step. If search engines start showing you wrong results, then you will not trust your search engine. That's why Google keeps trying to make these algorithms better.

More information about search engines

Now here I am going to tell you more about the search engine. Like, which is the world's first search engine? And what are the types of search engines? and many more.

Which is the world's first search engine - world's first search engine

The world's first search engine was created in 1990 by Alan Emtage, a student of McGill University in Montreal. And the name of that search engine was Archie. This information is available on Wikipedia.

Examples of search engines or names of search engines (search engine list)










Most of the search engines given above are used by google and after that Bing is used. Many of you will have a question in your mind how many search engines are there, how many types of search engines are there? So now you must have come to know how many search engines are there.

 types of search engine


web directories

meta search engine

hybrid search engine

There are 4 types of search engines.

use of search engine

Everyone knows about the use of search engines and we are also using them. But still, I want to give you information about the use of search engines here.

Search engines are used for any type of information on the Internet.

If there were no search engines, it would be difficult to find information on the Internet. Search engines provide us with correct information.


So now you must have known what is a search engine, how a search engine works (how a search engine works). And we also learned what are the 3 important steps in the search engine on which the search engine works and what happens in all those steps.

Through this article, we have tried to give you much more information about search engines such as which is the first search engine, names, and examples of search engines, types of search engines, and search engines. You have also been given information about the use of.

How Google shows us the result, it is also known and together which is the world's first search engine. And also I told you which search engines are available.

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