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How do oil massage, and what are the benefits?

How do oil massage, and what are the benefits?

Natural medicine scientist Dr. Vandana Siva has said that Neem has been used since ancient times in Eastern culture through the book 'Neem'. It is found from various evidences that our ancestors were familiar with treatment methods like neem, herbs like peppermint and oil massage used in naturopathic medicine hundreds of years ago. He is worried that it is slowly disappearing now.

Oil massage is also a multi-purpose method among naturopathy. Classical facts also mention that massaging the body with oil has many benefits. Until now, it is customary to massage the baby with oil three times a day until 6 months after birth.

By doing this, it is believed that the bones and muscles of the baby will be strengthened, it will contribute to the growth and development of the child, the digestive power will increase, skin diseases will not be caused and it is believed that the child will sleep peacefully. Nowadays, it is less common to feed children with oil heated in the sun. But even in the urban areas, there is a trend of massaging with olive oil and baby lotion. But the practice of massaging as mentioned in natural medicine seems to be disappearing.

Dr. Deepa Poudel says that oil massage is effective in relaxing muscles and reducing muscle pain. She tells that even naturopaths use oil massage after looking at the patient's condition.

Oil massage is effective for any age group and its process is also the same. But while massaging oil on children and the elderly, it must be sensitive to their bones. In general, oil can be massaged at any time during cold and hot seasons. But many people use more oil massage in summer.

Generally using oil massage powder, oil and powder without using anything and using hot oil can also be used by Dr. Paudel says.

Massage is a relaxing therapy. In which the muscles and skin of the body are relaxed by touching them with hands. A professional massage therapist uses several methods while giving a massage. Massage relieves muscle pain. In this way, when massaging using oil, it benefits many muscles.

Massage can be done in the following ways:

Hair massage

Hair massage can be done without oil or with heated oil. Hair massage helps to grow hair faster and also reduces hair fall. Massage also increases the blood circulation of the scalp. Hair roots are also strengthened by hair massage.

Head massage

Head and forehead massage is called head massage. As this massage increases blood circulation in the skin, oxygen flow is also better. Head massage also relieves headaches.

Body massage

In body massage, the whole body is massaged. It also includes face massage, foot massage, hand massage and waist massage. Body massage increases the blood circulation in the whole body and all the problems related to body pain are removed.

Foot massage

Due to today's busy lifestyle, people get tired. Many people's feet hurt due to fatigue. For this, the tension in the muscles is reduced by massaging the feet.

Face massage

Facial massage can also be done by yourself. In this, the cheeks, forehead, neck and other parts are massaged. Gently massage the face with your fingers.

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