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Does wine really benefit the heart?

Does wine really benefit the heart?

The festival has now started in the Nepali calendar. Teej, Dashain, then Tihar. Along with sweet and savory dishes, Nepali society also consumes alcohol during this festival.

Even those who do not have much taste in alcohol have started sipping wine at this time. There is an increasing number of people holding glasses of wine during festivals, celebrations and gatherings. They have taken it as a 'social drink'.

Also, our society is not as open to wine as it is to other alcoholic beverages. There is a prevailing opinion in the society, 'Wine is not a hard drink, wine does not make you drunk, wine does no harm, wine benefits the heart.'

If you go to Google and search for it, you will find many articles on the topic of 'benefits of drinking wine'.

Is this really true?

Because doctors have placed wine in the same category as other alcohols. They say that wine does the same as other alcohols do to the body. Cardiologist Dr. Rajendra Koju says, 'Wine is not a healthy drink.' He says that the claim that wine benefits the heart is also baseless.

"In various journals it is said that red wine is good for the heart, but that is not true," said Dr. Koju says, "If you ask any cardiologist, they won't say that red wine is good for the heart because it hasn't been proven."

Why is wine called beneficial?

An article has been published in the BBC about attitudes towards wine and its effects on health. According to the article, the understanding that 'drinking wine is beneficial for health' dates back to the 1970s. What scientists discovered at that time is that compared to other countries, people in France have less heart disease. While residents of France ate more saturated fat than people from other countries.

What the scientists believed is that the French people have less heart problems, which is directly related to the habit of drinking wine.

It is written in the BBC, "Scientists called it the French paradox." It was such a debate, which scientists have not been able to solve till today. However, the French paradox gained so much publicity that it is now established around the world that drinking a little wine is beneficial for health.

Does red wine benefit or harm the heart?

Cardiologist Dr. Kozuka says, "Doctors have never said that eating red wine is good for heart health." Wine has an alcohol content of 10 to 17 percent. Even if you consume alcohol in that amount on a daily basis, the label of alcohol in the body increases. Which is not beneficial for health.

54 researches conducted in 2006 regarding the harm and benefits of alcohol have drawn some conclusions. The conclusion was that there is no relationship between moderate alcohol consumption and reduced risk of heart disease.

However, Dr. Cardio Vascular Surgeon. Sanjit Kumar Shah's opinion is different. He says that drinking 80 ml of red wine daily is beneficial.

Consuming 80 ml of red wine every day increases the amount of "high density lipoprotein" good cholesterol in our body. Many researches have shown that increasing the amount of good cholesterol helps to keep our heart healthy," he adds, "Red wine has more anti-oxidant properties than other alcohols, due to which cholesterol can accumulate in the blood vessels of the heart and reduce the rate of narrowing."

But he says that consuming more than 80 ml can have a bad effect on health. "Nepali people consume any alcoholic beverage as if they are drunk," he says, "they do not measure and drink only in limited quantities."

According to him, wine contains some amount of good cholesterol and increases good cholesterol, but the amount of alcohol in it also has a bad effect on health. Therefore, it should not be taken in large quantities under the pretense that it is beneficial. Shah suggests.

It is wrong to develop the habit of drinking alcohol and wine on the grounds that consumption of alcohol or wine is beneficial for the heart. Shahi says.

Drinking wine is beneficial for health, people who are drinking wine do not know that there are elements in it that have a good effect on our health. Because some are drinking wine because of their friend's request, while others are drinking wine after reading the benefits of drinking wine found on Google. Many health journals have mentioned that drinking a glass of wine has health benefits. But it has not been officially confirmed. Therefore, most experts say that it is best to distance yourself from wine.

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