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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Main Characters | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Characters Names

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Main Characters

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Characters Names

Mickey Mouse is one such cartoon character coming on TV, which is known to everyone from children to adults. Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney and UB Lwerks in 1928. Mickey Mouse was the most famous character of Disney Company. Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphic cartoon character, who always wears red shorts, long yellow boots and a white cloak. Mickey is the most recognized cartoon character in the whole world. Mickey Mouse was first introduced as a short film Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon film we could even hear. Earlier, only short film series were made of Mickey Mouse, but due to his popularity, his full length films were also made.

Along with Mickey Mouse, his girlfriend Minnie Mouse and his dog Pluto are also shown. Mickey Mouse has many friends like Donald Duck, Goofy, Pete. In 2006, the Mickey Mouse and Friends series was revamped as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Here we are telling about the characters of Mickey Mouse and Club House. Mickey Mouse became very popular in the 90's, it was the favorite TV serial of the children of that time. So today we take you back to the 90's and relive childhood memories, as well as tell today's children about our superhero and his family.

Mickey Mouse – As I have told earlier, that Mickey Mouse was born in 1928. Its creator was Walt Disney. The Mickey Mouse cartoon, which was 69 cm in length and weighed about 10 kg, prevailed over all the other cartoon characters. Walt Disney created The Walt Disney Company, which has been making every child in the world laugh for almost 87 years and teaching us to do good things through Mickey. Walt Disney's wife Lillian Disney states that "Walt and Mickey have grown up together over the years, so they are mirrors of each other, Walt's image can be seen in the character of Mickey. Both are very wicked and troublesome in the beginning, but as they grow up they learn good things from others. Someone once said that Mickey Mouse is a symbol of goodness, who knows every language and culture. Anyone who sees Mickey Mouse once will know what happiness is.

mickey mouse

The character of Mickey Mouse is very funny and entertaining. He always puts himself in danger, but then also devises a way out of it. His thinking was beyond our thinking. Mickey always does fun and adventure instead of his work which Minni does not like at all. Due to their bad luck, the day of Mickey and his friends would always end in a bad way, in which the fault lies with all of them. Mickey controls his anger better than Donald and has more common sense than Goofy. Mickey is always the leader among Mickey, Donald and Goofy. Mickey is like a father figure to Pluto, always treating Pluto like a young boy and encouraging him to move on. Mickey Pluto is also the best friend, Mickey always puts Pluto at the forefront of any work. Mickey Mouse is very brave. In the beginning of every film, Mickey and Minnie are happily spending time with each other. Then the villain of the film (who is always Pete) comes and kidnaps Minnie. Mickey bravely saves his girlfriend. When Mickey Mouse was started in 1928, Walt Disney himself gave his voice to Mickey. Due to the work of his company, Walt was finding it difficult to give his voice to Mickey. Then in 1947, Walt gave this work to James Mcdonald of his own company, but he used to give his voice in some episode in between. James lent his voice to Mickey Mouse until his retirement in 1970. After this Wayne Allwine became the official voice of Mickey Mouse in 1977. He did this work till his death in 2009. His wife Russi Taylor lent her voice to minni mouse.

Minnie Mouse - Minnie was first named Minerva, later it was shortened to Minnie. Mini is Mickey's girlfriend, who first appeared with Mickey in the movie Plane Crazy. Minnie is very innocent and beautiful, who is always ready to help others, if she sees any animal in trouble on the way, she helps him. Mini wears short dress and pink or red polka dot bow in hair, Mini also wears matching high heels. Minnie is always Daisy Duck's best friend in the Mickey Mouse series. Mini's hobby is cooking, shopping, dancing, music. Mini is very much interested in fashion, she always likes to keep herself updated. Minnie loses her cool very quickly, she hates Mickey's amnesia. Walt Disney first gave his voice to Mini from 1928 to 1929. After this Marcellite gave his voice from 1929 to 1939. After this, Thelma gave voice to the radio program The Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air from 1941 to 1942. From 1942 to 1952, Ruth Clifford voiced Mini. Russi Taylor has been lending her voice to Mini since 1985. Mini is the main character in the 2013 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series, in which she also became Mickey's girlfriend.

(Donald Duck) - Donald's full name is Donald Fauntleory Duck. This is a cartoon character from the Mickey Mouse series, which was created by Walt Disney. It is an anthropomorphic white duck with light blue eyes and a yellow beak and legs. Donald Duck always wears a blue shirt, cap and red or black bow tie like a sailor, he never wears pants. Donald is always shown to be a good friend of Mickey in the series, but sometimes these friends also become enemies. Donald is of a very fierce nature, but his voice and behavior are famous in cartoon films, comics and video films all over the world. Donald is an iconic character in the entire Disney character, as well as it is very famous.

Donald's birth is believed to be on June 9, 1934 because on this day Donald's first film came and the face of Donald Duck came in front of the audience. One of Donald's famous personal habits is his quirky nature and excessive temper tantrums. Due to this nature, he always fights with Mickey and Daisy (his girlfriend). Daisy always gets angry with Donald for being more angry with him. Mickey is the most famous and loved among all his friends, due to which Donald gets jealous of him many times and due to this jealousy, Donald sometimes becomes a villain for Mickey. Donald is a very mean, rude and very quick-tempered character, but Donald also has some good things like he is very honest and always stands up for his friends when needed. Donald is also very proud of himself, he feels that he is the most famous and popular star of Disney. Donald has got a lot of money from his Uncle Scrooge, in which he always keeps himself busy and keeps thinking about the same. Donald is always thinking of many such plans so that he can earn more money as soon as possible. Donald's attractive nature always puts him in trouble, but sometimes this nature also saves him from trouble, Donald saves himself by fighting with the biggest devil, animal, ghost due to his nature. . Donald Duck always keeps himself happy, he is shown resting at the beginning of most of his films, Donald does not mean anything to anyone, as long as no one bothers him, he does not do bad to anyone. He is not afraid of anything, he starts fighting alone with any big enemy. If Donald gets some work very well, then he shows it off a lot and he shows it the most in front of his nephews. Donald loves his nephews very much, he treats them like his own children. His nephew also loves him equally. In the first episode of Duck Tales, it was shown that when Donald goes for Navy, he leaves it with his nephew Uncle Scrooge and he feels very sad while leaving. Donald and Mickey are very good friends but Donald is also jealous of Mickey's position, he wants to get Mickey's star position. Mickey doesn't know that Donald is jealous of her and Mickey considers her one of his best friends. Donald also always stands by Mickey in difficult times.

Donald's voice is such a voice that is called the most strange and different voice in the whole animation world. This strange and different voice was given to Donald by clearence “Ducky” nash from 1934 to 1984. Then from 1985 onwards, Tony Anselmo gave his voice, who was taught by Nash. Tony also lent his voice to Daisy and Donald's nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. Donald reappeared in the computer animated series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. In this series too, he is a very good friend of Mickey and together with him, he faces every problem. Due to Donald's nature, something bad happens to him and then he says why this happens to me only. Donald Mickey Mouse is the main character of Club House's second number. Donald also has a lot of comics and now many of his videos have become games too.

Goofy - Goofy is a cartoon character created by Walt Disney Productions in 1932. He is a tall and human dog, which walks on two legs. Goofy is a good friend of Mickey and Donald. Goofy is not very smart, he is childlike and a little gaudy. Also Goofy is very sweet and truthful. Mickey and Donald harass and tease her a lot at times, but still Goofy considers her to be her true friend. Goofy is a very good sports player. Goofy is very kind, he is always ready to help others. Goofy loves and cares for his son Max very much. His son feels embarrassed at times because of Goofy's antics. Goofy's voice is slightly different but slow. Pinto Colving voiced Goofy from 1932 to 1939. After Colving left Disney, George Johnson voiced Goofy from 1939 to 1943. Colving once again joined Disney and voiced Goofy again from 1943 to 1965. Then from 1987, Bill Farmer gave voice. Goofy mostly appeared with Mickey and Donald, although he also has some solo series in which Goofy was shown, but Goofy's solo series is not liked as much, but he looks better with Mickey and Donald. Goofy is a main character in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Pete – Pete is the anthropomorphic merging of a cat in the Disney Series, which was created by Walt Disney. Pete is a great enemy of Disney's three main characters, Micky, Donald and Goofy. Pete's temperament has changed over time, but his villainy remains the same. Pete is a dreaded person whom everyone is afraid of. Pete loves to scare everyone, he wants everyone not to be afraid and love him. Pete has a strong animosity with Mickey, he loves to harass Mickey. Pete is very fond of Mickey's girlfriend Minnie and he kidnaps her repeatedly. Pete's first film came in 1920, before Mickey Mouse was produced by Walt Disney. After the arrival of Mickey, he was added to the Mickey Mouse series in 1928. Pete is also an important part of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Pete presented his character well in this series as well. In this series, Pete was also a good friend of Mickey and his group in some episodes, he used to help them many times. The enemy pair of Pete and Mickey is a much-loved one, their fight excites all the kids.

(Pluto) – Pluto is a very famous character of Disney Company. Pluto is Mickey's pet dog, who is always with him. Pluto is the most different character of Disney World, he is not a dog in human form, but he tells all the things with the expression of his face. He is shown as a normal pet dog. Pluto was born on 5 September 1930. Pluto is a fully trained dog, which Mickey has taught to live well. He is always with Mickey, due to which he gets into trouble along with Mickey, but Pluto is smart enough to save himself and Mickey from trouble several times. Pluto is a very good and true friend of Mickey. Pluto hates Mickey's cat Figaro, he does not like Mickey keeping Figaro at his house. Pluto has a special power to smell anything, it detects by smelling the thing or person kept somewhere. Pluto has 2 sides one good and one bad. Pluto is already aware of the coming trouble, its power to understand is so much that seeing a person, he understands whether his intentions are good or bad. Pluto loves girls and knows how to win their hearts very well. Pluto is Mickey's very sweet and genuine dog, who is always ready to jump and play. The fav five in Disney World also include Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie and Pluto.

Daisy Duck – Daisy was introduced as Donald's girlfriend in 1940, also produced by Walt Disney, which is part of the Mickey Mouse series. Daisy also gets angry very quickly, but she is not as angry as Donald, she knows how to control him. On some occasions Daisy loses her cool and starts behaving exactly like Donald. Daisy is quite the opposite of Donald in some places, is very tactful compared to Donald, talks most lovingly and well. Daisy is very sweet, understanding, but when she feels bad about something, her anger is even worse than Donald's. But after a while she calms him down too.

Daisy is Minnie's best friend, who is mostly shown together. The early series featured Daisy as a loving girlfriend who always cared for her boyfriend Donald, but as they grew older, Daisy's nature changed. He changed himself a little for the good of Donald. Daisy and Donald look very similar, Daisy can be called the female version of Donald. Daisy is fun loving, one who has fun with friends, she is not as cute as Mini, sometimes Daisy even takes advantage of Mini. Daisy likes that everyone praises her. He likes to be in limelight. Due to this ego, he also gets into fights with his friends.

Many people have lent their voices to Daisy, but firstly Clearence “Ducky” Nash lent his voice, he was the one who gave his voice to Donald, there was only a slight difference between Daisy and Donald. From 1999, Tress Macneille started giving the official voice to Daisy. Daisy was never made a solo film, she was shown only with Donald or Minnie. Nevertheless, Daisy is an important part of the Mickey Mouse series, which has been well-liked by the audience.

Scrooge Mcduck – Mainly known as Uncle Scrooge, its creator was Carl Barks. He was the uncle of Donal, the main character of the Mickey Mouse series, who was very wealthy. Uncle Scrooge was very hardworking and smart, who had earned so much money by working very hard. He used to advise everyone to do karma. He had so much money that he used to float on it. At the beginning of the serial, he was always shown floating in his treasury.

When Donal was going for Navy training, he used to leave his 3 nephews huey, dewey and louie with his uncle. After this, a whole series was made on Uncle Scrooge and nephews. Many enemies of Uncle were shown in the series, who were after his money, but uncle and nephew would fight him. Despite having so much money, Uncle is also said to be greedy, who always used to go out in search of new treasures. His series with Mickey was not made, but Donald was also shown many times in his series. It has also been well liked.

This is the main character of Mickey Mouse Club House, which we can still see through TV series, video games. Hope you have remembered your childhood after reading this article and once again you must have felt like going back to your childhood.

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