Sunday, October 24, 2021

Does oil strengthen or harm the heart?

 Does oil strengthen or harm the heart?

Some advertisements in the market say that oil makes the heart strong and safe. But is the use of oil effective for heart protection as advertised in the market? Doctors say there is no guarantee that oil will help strengthen the heart. They argue that oils that do not contain the right amount can be harmful and that they should be used sparingly. However, there is no link between heart health and oil consumption. Senior Cardiologist Dr. This is how Rajendra Koju talks about the relationship between heart health and oil.

Oil does not necessarily strengthen the heart. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. As soon as you say oil, it contains fat. Adequate amounts of fatty foods should be consumed for heart health. Fat can be found in a variety of foods and beverages. For example, meat, milk, and cheese also contain enough fat. Due to this fat, the blood vessels of the heart become narrower. So eating more than a certain amount of fatty and sweet food is not good for heart health.

Now again, what is a balanced quantity? Generally, the amount of fat required is not the same. But we believe that we should eat less than a quarter of the food we eat. Therefore, reducing fat is not the only way to control oil. It should also self-regulate the consumption of fats such as meat, yogurt, and milk.

Some people who take good care of their health have also started a campaign to control oily foods. But if we do not eat oil and eat a lot of other fatty foods, it will not benefit us. Oil should be eaten. But you need to balance your diet.

Now another thing may come up, what happens when you use ghee instead of oil? If there are two such options, then the oil is the best food for heart health rather than ghee. Because animal fat does not do much good to the heart and other organs. Instead, oils extracted from foods such as zucchini, sorghum, and okra are healthier. Now it is being said that mustard oil is also good.

Another thing is that trans fat is not good for our health. It also affects the heart. Trans fat also makes the blood vessels of the heart gradually narrow. Oils and unsaturated fats are good for our bodies. It is unsaturated with almond, zucchini, olive oil. Which is beneficial for the heart.


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