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What is gluten? Why is it harmful to health?

What is gluten? Why is it harmful to health?

Many people now eat wheat bread as an alternative to rice. There is a lot of understanding that bread is suitable for some diseases or weight loss. However, is a dish made from wheat bread and wheat flour really beneficial?

Because wheat is the grain most people use. It supplies more than 20 percent of energy and nutrients. What happens to the wheat bread that has been eaten for centuries?

In particular, the deadly substance in it is a type of protein called gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and all kinds of dishes made from these grains contain gluten.

Who eats gluten-free food?

Cereals that do not contain gluten protein are harder to make than bread. Gluten is very dangerous for people suffering from celiac disease.

People suffering from celiac disease eat wheat bread which causes problems like gastritis, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, migraine, and joint pain.

The celiac disease directly affects the digestive system of the small intestine. According to doctors, celiac disease is an incurable disease and the only way to avoid it is to ban wheat-based foods.

Due to this, gluten-free flour is also available in the market nowadays. It is made by mixing white rice flour, potato starch, salt, etc.

Doctors recommend eating foods made from black gram, maize, sesame, rice, millet, soybeans, almonds, okhar, pistachios, etc. to avoid celiac disease caused by wheat.

Gluten-free foods help remove gluten from your system. It relaxes your small intestine from the damage caused by gluten. Depending on the severity of your celiac disease, gluten-free foods may take time to heal.

What is celiac disease?

It is a hereditary disease. People suffering from it are allergic to a protein called gluten found in wheat and barley flour. The substances made from these gels cannot be digested by the afflicted people.

Gluten allergies especially affect the intestines. The disease mainly affects children. If not treated in time, the disease continues to plague and make it difficult to grow.

The main symptoms are bloating and stunted growth. Anemia, rickets, short stature, and a weak body can also be symptoms of this disease. If the disease persists for a long time, there is a risk of bowel cancer or lymphoma.

Why separate toys for son and daughter?

Ritu is going to be a mother in a few days. Ritu, who lives in Haryana, India, wants to fulfill her child's every wish. And, she has packed a toy and all the necessary things in a room for her unborn child.

Pink jumper suit and doll if you have a daughter and blue jumper suit and teddy bear if you have a son.

Why a pink toy for a daughter and a blue toy for a son? To this question, she says, ‘Because my daughter likes pink. We also played dolls when we were little. But, the son does not like such colors and toys. '

A Google search for a daughter's or son's toy can clearly show variety. Google's daughter's toy shows makeup sets, kitchen sets, dolls, etc., which are often pink. Similarly, various toys, building blocks, and robots can be seen in his son's toy.

But who do you think has made this kind of toy for a boy or a girl? Who chose pink for her daughter and blue for her son?

This question will be discussed later, but first, we need to know why we are discussing this topic.

In particular, the Danish toy company Lego has announced that it will eliminate gender inequality or gender stereotypes from its products and marketing. The Lego company has also made this decision. "Creative play helps build a child's confidence, creativity, and communication skills," said Julia Goldin, Lego's chief marketing manager. However, we can still feel that the stereotyped activity that has been going on for a long time has left the impression that it is right for a particular gender. But in the Lego group, we know we have a role to play. "

What was the result of the research?

Lego conducted the research in collaboration with the Gina Davis Institute on Gender in Media, a research organization, which interviewed 7,000 people in seven countries. Among them, first, the parents of the child aged 6 to 14 years and later the child was also talked to. The survey included parents and children from the United States, China, Japan, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, and the UK.

The study found that sons were less likely to discriminate against their daughters than girls and that they were more likely to engage in a variety of creative activities. The son is ashamed to play what is allowed for the daughter. People laugh at what they think is a toy.

The same toy for boy and girl

Suhasini Pal is a toy designer who has designed more than 300 toys. . She described Lego's move as "positive and progressive for society." Suhasini Paul has customers not only in India but also in countries like Thailand, Italy, the UK, the USA, Turkey, and France. She has made toys for brands such as Kinder Joy, Disney, Hep, and Chhata Bhim.

As a toy designer, he has used gold and green in his toys, so that it is equal for both son and daughter.

What does the market say?

FunSchool is a toy company. The company's toy market is new, says R Jaswant, CEO of the company. The old market is a country where the toy market has been in operation for centuries. There, son and daughter play with each other's toys.

However, Funschool India Limited CEO R Jaswant told the BBC: "I can't say that all toys are based on gender. Of course, some toys are made for boys and some for girls. So far, the school has not taken any steps to make such a neutral toy.

What's different about toys?

Dr. of the Department of Women Studies at Punjab University. Amir Sultana says, ‘When you give a toy to your son and daughter, the daughter will prefer the pink toy and the son will prefer the blue toy.

He says about the principle of color, ‘Pink is a symbol of beauty. Blue is the color that connects the sky and the sea. Blue signifies infinity and strength. '

He adds, "If you look at your daughter's toy, you see patriarchal thinking." Her toys are shown in the role of nurture. Their toys include dolls, kitchen sets, makeup sets. On the other hand, a son's toy is related to an adventure game. Like robots, cars, guns, which show the aggression of a man.

Emphasizing this, Sakshi Singhal says that the interest of the toy company in making separate toys for sons and daughters is only to make a profit.

This happens in some shops, where there are separate sons and daughters. If a son plays with a doll, he is ridiculed. He is described as weak.

According to Lego's research, researchers say that this gender stereotype affects a child's creative development. In the future, they will choose the path that left its mark on their child's psychology.

Witness Singhal says that toys are important in the development of a child. Making a sexually neutral toy will help a child develop emotionally, socially, morally, and cognitively. According to him, the toy has no color, no gender.


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