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If there is a problem in the ear, the child does not speak, what is the treatment?

If there is a problem in the ear, the child does not speak, what is the treatment?

Parents want their child to be fine in every way. To be able to walk, play, laugh, speak, see, hear. But as the newborn baby grows up, the developmental response of these things gradually begins to appear. Therefore, parents do not easily know that their baby has a hearing problem.

In Europe-America, mandatory screening is done after the baby is born, which knows what his hearing ability is. But we do not have such a practice. There is no awareness. When the child grows up and they start to ignore their parents' movements or voices, only then do the parents start freaking out. Doubts start to arise in them, "Is my child alright?"

When the hearing ability of the baby is weak, they do not respond at all when the parents or someone calls them. However, such symptoms are also seen in other problems. But if the hearing ability is weak, they cannot hear and speak.

If any baby has a hearing problem, they cannot even speak. We speak by listening. Children practice and learn to speak by hearing their parents and family members speak. Therefore, those whose ears cannot hear anything, their speech will not be heard.

It is only too late that parents realize that their baby's hearing is impaired. There is no exact age at which a child starts to speak. Some people start speaking fast and others slowly. Parents are sure that if their child's speech does not come, it will gradually come back later. While the hearing ability of the baby is weak, it is not decided that it happened. As a result, treatment is delayed and its effectiveness may be reduced.

Because if the problem is identified and treated as soon as possible, it can be solved.

What can cause hearing problems in babies?

There is no single reason for such a problem. If there is any problem in the mother's health or if the lifestyle is bad, the baby's hearing may also be affected.

Such a problem can occur in babies who were born prematurely, who had to be put on ventilators immediately after birth, who have jaundice, who are very low weight. If the mother has any health problems or has to take medicine during delivery, the baby may have ear problems. Similarly, hereditary ear problems can also occur in infants. If both the mother and the father have poor hearing ability, the effect can be seen in the baby as well.

In this way, ear problems are seen in newborn babies because the veins inside the ear are dried up.

What is the treatment?

At the beginning, the hairing is done. Why it is needed is to give sound waves to the brain. The brain needs such waves frequently. That's why we put a hearing aid in the beginning.

Apart from that, surgery is required. For this, one side of the ear is cut and a small wire is placed inside, which transmits sound waves to the brain. In developed countries, surgery is also performed on one-year-old babies. But in our country, this treatment is only given to three-four-year-old babies. In Nepal, this kind of treatment has been being done at the Terti Teaching Hospital, Maharajganj. It has not been long since such treatment started in Nepal. This treatment is not done anywhere else except the University Teaching Hospital.

How much does it cost?

Its cost is a bit expensive. Even after such surgery, some procedures have to be completed. For this, only 10 to 12 lakh rupees are needed for the necessary materials. However, Nepal government has been providing five lakh rupees for this surgery.

Is this surgery necessary?

If your baby has a hearing problem, should you treat it like this? This is a question that arises in the minds of many parents. If they are born with poor hearing ability, will other problems be added later?

It does not cause other problems, but the speech of the deaf child is not heard. They cannot speak for the rest of their lives. Therefore, such treatment changes their lives. However, surgery is not mandatory.

This is not a common problem. Most babies do not have or have not been diagnosed with congenital deafness. However, some babies may be born with this problem. Especially mother's diet, hereditary problems etc. can cause such problems.

At what age do you know if your baby has ear problems?

At a certain age, babies respond by listening to external sounds. If the child does not respond at all during the said age period, it can be suspected that there is a hearing problem. Under what circumstances should such a doubt be done if the baby is born prematurely, if it is jaundiced, if it is underweight, if the mother has any health problems during childbirth.

Such a problem should be identified and treated as soon as possible. The earlier the treatment, the better the results.

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