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How to plant Lucky Bembo?

How to plant Lucky Bembo?

Nowadays, the trend of decorating lucky bembo in the house, garden and room has increased. It not only enhances the beauty of the room, it is also believed to bring happiness and prosperity to the house.

Lucky Bembo can be planted both in water only and in soil. It can be planted in pots by keeping only pure water. Dilip Bade, owner of Jai Kisan Nursery, says that it can also be planted in pots and gardens by mixing coconut, soil and compost.

How to plant?

If you want to decorate the table inside the house, you can plant it in water. By doing this, the plant will not germinate properly. The plant can be planted in the soil if it is made a little more.

Its plants are not found in Nepal and are brought from outside the country. It can be transferred by cutting after it is well grown.

However, it is of many species. But there are four species in Nepal. Hovering over 'Spinal Lucky Bembo', one comes in bunches, one species comes on a single plant and the other is Lucky Bembo with thick spines and slender stems. Its shape and size are different.

What kind of vase or pot do you need?

A bowl-shaped vase is best for a small lucky bembo. If it is tall, you need a well-shaped vase. If it is planted in soil, it can be planted in 4-5 inch to 7-8 inch pots.

If planted in soil, it can grow up to eight feet tall. When putting it in a vase to put it on the table, you have to keep cutting it.

Which direction of the house or in what place should it be kept?

The Lucky Bembo placed in the vase is placed on the working table rather than Vastu. If it is planted in a pot, it can be placed anywhere as desired. It should be kept in a place that does not get direct sunlight.

Is it better to keep it in water or soil?

It looks attractive when placed in water, but it is better to plant it in soil. It dies in one to two years when planted in water but survives for a long time when planted in soil.

If Lucky Bembo is planted in soil, compost should be applied once a month. Watering only once in 15 days in winter months is enough, while in summer it should be watered once a week. If it is kept in a vase, the water should be changed once a week.

What is the price of the plant, how is the design?

The price of Lucky Bembo plants ranges from 100 rupees per plant to 1200 rupees when bought in bunches. To prepare Lucky Bembo in an attractive design, a large bunch should be made by keeping many plants. It can be tied with colored thread ribbons to make it attractive.

How to take care?

- If Lucky Bembo is kept in water, do not allow the water to become dirty. If the water becomes dirty, the stems will rot.

  - Water should be changed every week. You should not keep table water, you should keep drinking water.

- If there is dust on its leaves and stems, it should be wiped from time to time. When wiping, wipe with a wet soft cloth.

- It should be kept in a bright place without direct sunlight.

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