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Fistula cannot be cured by medication, surgery is required

Fistula cannot be cured by medication, surgery is required

A fistula is an unnecessary tube that comes out on the outer surface of the body. Fistulas are often seen around the intestines, skin surface, and rectum. Fistula patients have increased recently. The main reason for this is unhealthy eating.

There is also a tendency to take fistula as normal and to take random medicines without testing, which is wrong. Fistula cannot be cured by taking medicine, surgery is the only option.

There are different types of fistula. Low line, high line, simple and complex fistula are seen in the anus. In the low line, an unnecessary tube is seen below the dentate line in the anus, then it is called a low line fistula. Similarly, the one that comes out above the dentate is called high line.

If only one tube emerges from the intestine to the main tube of the anus, it is called a simple fistula, and if there are two or more tubes branching out, it is called a complex fistula. Lung cancer, liver cancer, intestinal cancer are post surgical fistulas.

Cause of fistula

Diseases related to intestines and rectum are directly related to diet. Inadequate food causes constipation. Constipation is also one of the causes of fistula. Constipation is caused by eating less food at home, eating unhealthy food, eating more food from restaurants. As the problem of constipation increases, rectal diseases increase, which causes problems like fistulas and fissures.

Similarly, there is a possibility of fistula if the gland around the anus softens the skin and excretes the faeces. Even when the intestinal infection is complicated, fistula can occur if it is not treated. In the same way, fistula may emerge after surgery in the body due to an accidental accident.

Fistulas occur due to various diseases, and for the treatment of some patients, it is also necessary to make an artificial fistula. For example, it is also necessary to create a fistula for dialysis in patients with kidney failure.


A small ring appears near the anus, which ripens, heals for a while and flares up again. After ripening, it bursts and oozes pus, blood and water. Similarly, pain around the anus, swelling, discomfort in defecation, rectal bleeding etc. are its symptoms.

Identification and treatment

When symptoms of fistula appear, the surgeon should be seen immediately. According to the symptoms, treatment is done according to the condition of the fistula. It is identified by fistulogram. This is a type of X-ray, from which it can be known how far the fistula has spread. Complex fistulas are seen with MRI. According to which type of surgery can be decided.

Even during surgery, it is likely to recur. All this can be estimated according to the lifestyle and the nature of other diseases. If there are no other diseases, if you pay attention to your diet, the chances of constipation will be less.

Medicines do not cure fistula, so surgery is its treatment. It is possible with modern laser technology or surgery. But if you take random medicine for piles and constipation, even a simple fistula will become complicated and the delay in treatment will increase the complication.

How to avoid?

The first way to avoid fistula is to avoid constipation. To avoid constipation, you should eat plenty of fluids and high-fiber foods. Mealy food, junk food, boiler chicken meat should be eaten less. Fistula can be avoided by not consuming alcohol and caffeine, not stopping and regularizing stools, exercising daily to keep the digestive system healthy, and paying attention to rectal hygiene.

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