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What foods should not be eaten because of uric acid?

What foods should not be eaten because of uric acid?

Joint and bone pain problems are often bothering people. Sometimes it is due to excessive fatigue or weak bones. But if this problem repeats again and again, it may be due to increase in the amount of uric acid in the body.

Uric acid is a natural chemical found in our body. Dr. rheumatologist called uric acid as a substance released by protein metabolism in the body. Shweta Nakarmi says.

Uric acid is made only from nucleic acids and purine group proteins. The kidney works to filter uric acid, then it comes out of the body through the urine,' she says.

Even if the kidneys do not excrete uric acid less, it accumulates in the blood. Because of this, many kinds of problems start to appear.

What causes uric acid?

The normal food we eat becomes uric acid because the kidneys cannot filter it. Workers say that such a problem is due to genetics. "The production of uric acid in the body is high and the problem of uric acid is caused," she says.

Tumors, blood cancer, TV drugs, consumption of alcohol, red meat, packaged foods, and food containing many purines can cause problems due to increased uric acid in the body, Nakarmi says.

If uric acid accumulates for a long time, it causes swelling of 'arthritis' joints. Nakarmi says, "If the joints are suddenly red, it causes swelling and pain." Gradually, the joints weaken and the problem of bone wear appears. After that, it accumulates under the skin like a white rash.

If uric acid accumulates in the kidneys, it can lead to kidney stones and damage to the kidneys. She says that it can also cause problems in the heart valves.

Signs of uric acid

Symptoms of uric acid include joint pain, joint swelling, redness, inability to move joints, kidney stones, and pain when waking up in the morning. The problem of uric acid is more common in men after the age of 40. In women, this problem is more visible after menstruation dries up.

"But this problem is also increasing among young people," says Nakarmi, "Current diet and lifestyle have increased the problem of uric acid like high blood pressure and diabetes."

What foods should not be eaten because of uric acid?

Due to uric acid, special attention should be paid to diet. When eating meat, Nakarmi suggests that the internal organs of the animal, such as the liver, lungs, gizzard, and intestines, should not be eaten. Purine-rich foods, red meat, packaged beverages, ocean fish, salt and sugar-rich junk food should be avoided as much as possible.

No need to eat sour and sour foods. It is just an illusion to say that you can't eat sour curd with legumes,' says Nakarmi, 'You can eat milk, fruits, green vegetables, curd and salad. You should also drink plenty of water.

People with uric acid should reduce red meat. Instead of that, you can eat chicken meat, fish. Nakarmi says that eggs, milk, fish and pulses are good sources of protein. "Also, if you eat green vegetables and fruits, there will be no lack of nutrition," says Nakarmi.

According to Nakarmi, if you follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, the chances of developing uric acid will be reduced.

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