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Five standards, which show that a child is developing correctly

 Five standards, which show that a child is developing correctly

The dimensions of the child's development are mainly of five types. Anil Ojha says.

He says, 'The first basis to see whether a child's development has taken place in the right way or not is his physical development. At what age does the child sit, at what age does it start walking etc. A child had to start walking in one year. There was no problem when I started walking after two or four months. However, if he does not start walking even after that, the parents should be aware that his development has not taken place properly.

The development of another language is equally important. Children start speaking from the age of one year. Ojha says that if they give examples of mother, father or any other word, it should be understood that their language has developed well. He says, "If a child does not speak even until the age of two, and even when speaking, they do not make clear examples of words, then it should be understood that their language development has not been done properly."

According to Ojha, a child's social and emotional development should also be accompanied by age. Like a one-year-old child should be loved by the mother rather than kissing the child on the cheek. I had to clap instead of clapping.

If a child uses his hands, fingers, wrists and muscles to grasp something, it is called 'fine motor skill'. Through these skills, children learn to coordinate their eyes, hands, fingers and wrists. This is important for two- to five-year-old children, says Ojha. This skill should be developed at the age of 2 to 5 years. With its help, children learn to hold things, write, understand etc.'

The intellectual development of a child according to age is equally important. A one-year-old child starts looking for hidden things. If he shows curiosity about something, it should be understood that his intellectual development is also going well. However, Ojha said that if these five skills are not developed in a child, then his development is considered to be delayed.

What should be the weight and height according to the child's age?

If the weight and height of the children are according to their age, it can be understood that the child is healthy and the diet they are getting is good. Developmental pediatrician Dr. Ojha says that age and weight gain is a normal and necessary process as children grow.

He says that a child's weight at birth is 3 kg, but at 6 months, his weight doubles to 6 kg. When a child is born, its height is about 50 cm, and in one year it is 75 cm.

A 5-year-old child should weigh around 17.9 kg. He said that at this age, it is considered healthy for a child to have an average height of 42.5 inches.

If children's height and weight are not developing according to their age, then it should be understood that something is lacking somewhere. A doctor's advice should be taken for this.'' says Ojha.

Until what age does the child's physical development accelerate?

In the first year, the child's physical development is very rapid. Ojha said that physical development happens with the age of the child. However, even in a year, the speed will decrease. The child's mental development is very rapid in the first two to three years.

Special attention should be paid to the diet of the child during this age period

Special attention should be paid to the diet of children in the age group of two to three years. Proper nutrition is a solid foundation for a child's good health and development. Ojha said that children who have good nutrition can learn and grow well.

"Even if only mother's milk is enough for 6 months, from 6 months, you should start eating semi-solid foods such as pulses, jalous, fruit juice, litho." It should be taken.'

If the child is not growing properly, is under-age or abnormally large, the cause should be sought

If the child is not growing properly for its age, is small or abnormally large, it may be due to genetics. Some children look young till 11-12 years old but can grow rapidly in adulthood. Even if the child lacks nutrition, the growth and development of the child will not be done properly. Ojha said that due to some health problem, the child may look younger or older than his age.

He suggested that if children's development is not according to their age, they should seek the help of a doctor to find out the reason.

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