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Women who go to the gym: Desire for a shapely body

Women who go to the gym: Desire for a shapely body

Often men go to the gym to get fit. But women?

Vikram Bisht, trainer of the fitness center, says, 'Women come to the gym center because they can control their increased weight, make their bodies attractive and in good shape, increase their hips, make their breasts tighter and because there is no environment to exercise at home, they can exercise without any hindrance.'

Not only this, he says that daily gym sessions are beneficial for bone stiffness, back pain, menstrual disorders, reduction in blood pressure, back and neck pain and nerve related problems.

Women's Fitness Methods

Physical exercise

In gyms and fitness centers, women can do jumps, mat exercises, setups, pushups, weight lifting, etc. Bisht says that it is appropriate to do such exercises in the gym center. According to him, physical exercise is useful for those who want to build muscle. Especially suitable for the young generation. He says that hard work should not be done because you will make a life at once.

Cardio training

Cardio training is equally important for women. They can practice cardio keeping in mind their physical condition and age. According to Bist, if girls and women do cardio exercise, they can stay fit and lose weight, easily replenish the amount of oxygen in the body, improve lung capacity, endurance, better heart rate, maintain heart rate to prevent diabetes and cholesterol, and improve the functioning of most organs.

Strength training

One of the strength training exercises that women do in the gym is also included. From body building, it also has a positive effect on muscle tissue, bone density and joints, blood pressure control, and increases metabolic rate. It also has different strength training according to the body part. This is a useful exercise to make the body shapely and attractive.

To increase the size of the buttocks

Every girl wants a good figure and the buttocks play a special role in this. Many women worry about the size of their buttocks.

Various exercises should also be done to increase the size of the hip. According to Bista, various workouts are available in the gym. Exercises like squeezes, glute bridges, hip thrust squats, barbell squats, dumbbell lunges, deadlifts can be done to build buttocks. Squat comes first as a way to increase the buttocks. Regular practice of this movement can strengthen the gluteal muscles (a group of three muscles that make up the buttocks).

It is best to do these exercises under the supervision of a trainer.

To increase breast size

Bist says that women can do bench press, push up, butterfly press, cheer dips, arm circles, dumbbell cross body punch, lateral plank walk in the gym to increase the size of the breast. Similarly, pushups, planks, pullups and other special exercises help in firming up sagging breasts.

"When you do chest exercises, the muscles under the breasts become hard and strong. There may be a little expansion,' says Bisht.

Set exercises

Women are made to do set exercises for fitness. In this, different body parts and muscles are practiced every day. Its role is to strengthen every muscle, to get relief from bone and joint wear problems, to enhance beauty and to maintain body fitness.

Things to consider before choosing an exercise

According to Bista, before choosing any exercise, you should focus more on the purpose of coming to the gym. If you want to increase your body's stamina, he suggests doing cardio first.

If the focus is only to lose weight, other exercises can be done. Before going to the gym, you should tell the trainer about your health condition, explain the problem, do any exercise slowly, and take rest while exercising.

Balanced diet along with gym

Women who go to the gym should also pay attention to their diet. "We should eat food according to the trainer's advice according to the type of exercise," says Bisht.

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