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Qatar World Cup: Some are happy, and some object to the prohibition of alcohol consumption in the stadium | Why does Nepal love Argentina?

Qatar World Cup: Some are happy, and some object to the prohibition of alcohol consumption in the stadium

Supporters have expressed their happiness that there is a ban on alcohol in the ongoing World Cup football in Qatar. They said it was the right decision for FIFA to ban the sale and distribution of alcohol while respecting the religion of the Muslim country of Qatar.

Abdullah Murad of Qatar, putting his hand on his chest, said that Qatar welcomes citizens of all countries to watch the World Cup. FIFA has also praised the world community for respecting their religion.

Although alcohol will be banned inside the stadium during the Qatar World Cup, it will be allowed to be consumed in restaurants and bars.

Although many like Murad welcomed this decision of FIFA, some football supporters objected to such a decision. English supporters who came to watch the first match between England and Iran objected that FIFA did not understand their culture of drinking alcohol. They said that holding the World Cup in Qatar and FIFA banning the distribution of alcohol in stadiums was a mistake.

A football supporter from Portugal said while drinking tea, "If FIFA has implemented this rule because the World Cup will be held in Qatar, it is a different matter."

Sonia Nemas, a mother of three children who came to watch the World Cup held in Qatar, said that it is not good to ask supporters of other countries to follow Qatar's culture. Sonia, who was born and brought up in a house with a football atmosphere, also said that it was convenient when alcohol was banned in the stadium. She said that when she goes to watch a late night game with her family, it is very difficult because of the drunk supporters.

But some English supporters openly objected to this decision of FIFA and Qatar on social media.

Ahmad Mohammad, who works as a teacher in Qatar, refuted the statement of the English supporters that alcohol adds excitement to football and said, "Then how are the people of Muslim countries enjoying football without alcohol?" Football is for everyone. People are enjoying the game even without drinking beer.

Why does Nepal love Argentina?

"The importance of hit television was at that time."

As soon as the subject is explored, 55-year-old Ambar Instham of Makkhan gets excited.

The prestige of the establishment was equal to that of the host of the 1986 World Cup. He was the owner of a house with a television.

He remembers - "There was a Panasonic TV. All friends and neighbors used to gather at home. Night football was a different kind of fun. There was a review of the game between one game and another. The atmosphere was different. Unforgettable."

Yes, that's when many heard and saw the names of Argentina and Maradona for the first time.

And that's when Maradona performed magic, scored a goal with his hand, scored the best goal in football history and won the World Cup title.

Maradona's performance made such an impression on Nepali supporters that the support trip to Argentina is still ongoing.

Coincidence of TV and World Cup

Indeed, the World Cup of 1986 has greatly increased the desire of Nepali fans for international football.

Coincidentally, after the establishment of Nepal Television in the year 2042, the era of television began in Nepal.

At first black and white and then color television became more popular. The following year, the World Cup was held in Mexico.

Nepali football fans who were only watching football at the Dashrath Stadium got the opportunity to enjoy television and the World Cup at the same time.

Before that, Nepali supporters were not able to get so wet in world football.

Access to foreign information was also very limited. The players of that time remember having to rely on media such as Doordarshan to understand sports by reading magazines from India, listening to commentary from Indian radio, and tuning in to watch the antenna.

Bhim Thapa, a former player of the national team, remembers - "Telegraph magazine used to come from Kolkata. It used to have very good analyzes of football. We used to read it. I have read Pele's biography by myself."

Signed with Argentina

Although the official international tournament was played in 1982, the Nepali national football team seems to have started participating in international level tournaments before that.

Argentina won the World Cup in 1978. Nepalese players started to be impressed about Argentina from that time.

Around the year 1982, international football started to be watched on India's Doordarshan channel. The players of that time say that the talk of Maradona started to be heard from that time.

Nepal Television's decision to show World Cup football after its establishment seems to have become a 'turning point' for Nepalese to enter world football.

Prakash KC, staff of NTV at that time, says that the broadcast was possible in a very difficult way.

He remembers - "Since it was recently established, NTV did not have a satellite link. It was with Nepal Telecom. And the job was to go to the Telecom's office in Balambu and transfer it to the World Cup tape. And the transferred tape was sent to Singha Darbar."

He adds - "We used to start the World Cup broadcast only half an hour late. In Balambu we would move the tape at half/half an hour and run a staff and bring another tape before the half hour game was over. It was fun."

Former national players Komal Pandey and Bhim Thapa did the voice over of the football that was brought in that way.

Thapa says - "Where did we know all the players? The commentary was done by looking at the jersey number. That was an amazing experience."

Maradona is Maradona

NTV broadcast the match from the quarter finals to the finals.

Nepalis became eyewitnesses in that World Cup edition where Maradona's magic worked historically.

Argentina won the World Cup by defeating Belgium in the semi-finals and West Germany in the finals with a handball famously known as the 'Hand of God' in the quarter-finals.

At that time, dribbling or 'dribbling' was in fashion in world football. Maradona was a master of the art of attacking the opponent's d-box by taking the ball alone.

And the support of Maradona and Argentina definitely increased in Nepal.

After that World Cup of 86, Maradona had his mark in the World Cup of 1990 and 1994.

After Roger Milla's goal in the first match of 1990, Argentina lost their first match against Cameroon, Maradona's supporters were not few in Nepal.

But after Maradona worked hard and led the team to the finals, his craze was seen to be more intense. In that edition, beating Brazil in the quarter-finals was another feature of Argentina.

Because Nepali supporters like Brazil and Argentina had been divided into two factions by that time.

Nepali supporters had started following international club football by then. Nepalese also followed Maradona's Italian club Napoli.

Maradona was banned for cocaine use at the 1994 World Cup. Nepalese supporters raised the voice that he should be pardoned.

Football analyst Sanjiv Mishra says - "Positive or negative talk was about Maradona and Argentina. Be it cocaine scandal or other scandal, Maradona kept covering. Nepalis kept following."

After talking about Maradona and Nepal, the Falkland war comes together. Because its relationship is directly connected with Nepal.

Much of this sounds like rumours, which do not seem to have been officially confirmed.

In 1982, a war broke out between England and Argentina over the issue of the Falkland Islands. England won the war that lasted for 2 months. The main reason for England's victory was the courageous fighting skills shown by the 'Gorkha Regiment'.

Argentinians are said to dislike Nepal and the Gurkha regiment because of that defeat.

In the quarter-finals of the post-war 1986 World Cup, when Argentina beat England thanks to a Maradona goal, Maradona said: "There were no Gorkhalis in the blessed English team."

Arguments are still ongoing on this issue.

Nepal vs Argentina

South Asian countries Nepal and Argentina when there was a competition on the football field?

Six, in 1983.

But it wasn't Argentina's national team.

There was a meeting between the Nepali national team and a club from Argentina in the 'Merdeka Cup' football tournament at that time in Malaysia.

Shriram Ranjitkar, the former defender of the national team who participated in the competition, says - "I forgot the name of the club. But there were 3/4 players of the national team who played with Maradona. Nepal lost the match 3-0."

Just once in history, Nepal and Argentina met on the football field. Since then, no such opportunity has arisen.

Manang Marsyangdi and Mani Shah

Manang Marsyangdi club, one of Nepal's successful A Division clubs, was also influenced by Argentina and wore jerseys similar to Argentina's.

In the year 2042, Manang played in the same jersey during the journey from D to A Division of Shahid Smarak League.

Now that 'White and Light Dark Blue Dharke Jersey' has become the brand of Manang Marsyangdi Club.

Manang's supporters say, "Light is better than dark. The white sky jersey looks like the color of peace."

Late Mani Shah is the player who wears the same jersey.

Mani and Maradona are the same. The height, thickness, hair and left leg are exactly the same.

As Maradona did in Argentina, Mani Shah took over the team as the main player in the Nepali national team.

That's why he became famous with the nickname 'Nepal's Maradona'. After all, he reminded Maradona. Argentina's supporters increased.

Generational handover

The new generation of world football lovers are now accustomed to the European leagues and now the number of supporters of different countries has grown exponentially.

However, even now, there are more supporters of Brazil and Argentina in Nepal.

One of the reasons for that is that, being an inspired supporter of Maradona, Nepal now has Lionel Messi as his successor.

Messi has taken Maradona's place more forcefully.

Messi has won the hearts of many supporters in Nepal after making an impact on world football for almost 2 decades.

After Messi who now? This question may arise in the coming days. But one thing is clear, the Nepalese fans who love Argentina do not seem to be disappearing anytime soon.

The amazing thing is that Argentina does not know that in Nepal it has so many supporters, has a club and has a gem like Maradona.

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