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The hidden story behind Lionel Messi's tattoo

The hidden story behind Lionel Messi's tattoo

Lionel Messi, who has millions of fans, even in Nepal. These magicians of world football, Fagat, are not only loved for their skills. Other things connected with him are also unknown. Like his tattoo.

Messi is influenced by his teammate Dani Alves, who has tattoos all over his body. At first, Messi was very scared when asked to get a tattoo. He asked his girlfriend Antonella to get the tattoo first. And when he tattooed his body for the first time, no one could stop him from tattooing. At present, Messi has various types of tattoos engraved on his back, hips, arms and legs. Which has its own importance.

But what happened again, because of which Messi got not one, but two tattoos?

Mom's tattoo

Messi had his mother's face tattooed on his body for the first time in 2010. He loved his mother very much. He loved her so much that he tattooed her face on his body. Every time Messi opened his shirt on the field, people saw the tattoo. Messi's mother's name is Celia Maria Cuccitini.

son's tattoo

Messi had a second tattoo on his body in 2012. Messi got this tattoo to celebrate the birth of his son Thiago. It is said that this tattoo is close to his heart. He painted two small hands with his son's name on his leg.

Love and respect for football

Who knows better than him how important his feet are to any football player. The same applies to Messi. The tattoo made by Messi on his leg shows the beauty of his latest tattoo even more.

He has tattooed a sword, a football and his jersey number on his leg. Messi has kept two important things in his life as memories in both legs. In which the tattoo on one leg shows his deep love for his son, while on the other leg, his love for football is reflected.

Rose Window Tattoo

Barcelona player Messi loved his city very much. This can be clearly seen in his tattoo. The rose window of Sagrada Familia, a famous church in Barcelona, can be seen on his hand tattoo.

Jesus tattoo

By looking at the tattoo on Messi's right tricep, it can be said that he was very religious. He had tattooed Jesus Christ on his tricep. Messi still goes to church from time to time.

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