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Vastu and Architect: Are you building a toilet? | What methods can be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy?

 Vastu and Architect: Are you building a toilet?

When a person builds a house, he spends a lot of money and effort to design it and make it attractive. But they don't work hard when making toilets. Just as you pay attention to the design while making every room of the house, you have to pay attention to some things while making the toilet.

Architect and Vastu of toilet

According to Vastu, the toilet facing north from the south of the house is considered good. Box style toilets are more popular now. Many people have also started building toilets made in foreign style 'neo casical' architecture.

Earlier panwalla toilets were more popular but now foreign style commode toilets are becoming more popular.

The size of the toilet

If you want to build a toilet with a shower, it should be at least 7 feet long and 5 feet wide. If you want to build a toilet that only uses a commode, then the toilet should be 4-3 feet wide.


The toilet must have a slope where water does not accumulate. The place of defecation and the place of shower should be separated by partitioning. There should be facilities such as basin, towel hanger, toilet paper hanger, small drawer for changing clothes after shower.

Mirror, basin, drawer, hanger are also mandatory. After having a basin to brush your teeth, you should have a mirror. You also need a mirror to cut your beard and wash your face. A small drawer can also be placed in a place that does not get wet to keep handkerchiefs and small clothes. There should also be hangers for hanging toilet paper, handkerchiefs and clothes.

What kind of tile?

There is a risk of an accident by slipping on the toilet tiles. Therefore, when laying tiles, you should use a rough type of mat tile rather than a slippery one. Nowadays, slippery tiles are not used much in toilets. If the mat tile is kept, it is easy to keep it clean and there is no risk of slipping and falling.

Commode comfort for all

A toilet design that is suitable for children, the elderly and patients is the use of commodes. The commode should also be designed with a commode that is easy to sit at the right height. The toilet is more convenient if it is close to the bed room and the water does not collect anywhere.

Ventilation is mandatory

Aluminum windows are now more commonly used in toilets. Which is easy to open. A ventilation should be kept in the toilet along with the window door. Even if the child is locked in the toilet, he can seek help from ventilation.

Commode or pan?

Today, the number of people who use commode toilet seats is very high. Commode seats are comfortable to sit on. Commode toilet seat is especially suitable for children, elderly and patients.

Pan has been used for a long time, its use is also beneficial for health. The use of pan sit helps to completely remove the waste material from our body. It puts enough pressure on the body, so that the stomach is cleaned properly.

A flower in the toilet

Placing vas, flowers in the toilet is for fragrance. Therefore, it is better to keep small flowers that smell good in the toilet.

What methods can be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy?

What to do if there is an unwanted pregnancy? No more headaches now. There are some options. Emergency contraceptive pills are available everywhere, especially to avoid unwanted pregnancy. So anyone can easily use this pill without consulting a doctor.

However, this is not a very reliable option. Such pills should be taken only on an emergency basis.

Ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy

In women, the chances of pregnancy are higher if you have sex within 10 to 15 days of the normal cycle. At this time, the emergency contraceptive pill is a method that prevents women from getting pregnant if they use it within a few days or days in case of having unprotected sex or breaking a condom, forgetting to take pills, etc.

Emergency contraceptive pills can only be used in emergency situations. Among these, Ipills and Ikon containing progesterone, golden rose that can be eaten daily, and Nilokan White are in vogue. All these are hormone pills.

Similarly, Copper-T and Jedial are also available as temporary means for a long time. Jedial contains a hormone called progesterone. Its role is not to conceive for five years. If desired, it is also possible to remove the Jedial placed on the arm. Similarly, Copper-T is a safe temporary device that can be used for a long time. Which does not contain hormones. This is a very effective method.

Efficacy of emergency contraceptive pills

Emergency contraceptive pills take effect as soon as possible. Earlier there was a period of 72 hours, which has now been increased to 120 hours. Therefore, if you take it within five days, the chances of pregnancy are less.

However, such drugs do not prevent pregnancy 100%.

How does it work?

When you have sex, when the egg and sperm unite, pregnancy occurs. When we take this pill within a certain period after intercourse, it prevents the egg and sperm from getting fertilized. Even if the ovum and sperm unite, it does not allow pregnancy to reach the uterus.

The emergency medicine thickens the mucous near the mouth of the uterus, so that the sperm cannot penetrate. However, emergency contraceptive pills may not work if the baby is already sitting.

side effects

Emergency contraceptive pills do not cause any side effects when used occasionally. Some may experience vomiting, stomach upset, headache, mood swings and dizziness. If these medicines are used for a longer period of time, obesity may increase and menstruation may be disturbed.

Another complicated type of side effect can be ectopic pregnancy. Which is pregnant but stays outside the uterus. If the child is seated even while taking the medicine, it stays outside the uterus instead of sitting, which poses a health risk. This problem is also seen more in teenagers and women who take more drugs.

Since no emergency contraceptive pill is 100% effective, it can cause an ectopic pregnancy if you are pregnant. Apart from that, there is also a possibility of infertility. Estrogen-only contraceptives cannot be given to patients with vein and blood diseases and heart patients.

Since emergency contraceptive pills are hormonal drugs, they can cause hormonal disturbances or irregular periods. Even if you don't get pregnant, it can be transmitted during menstruation. Hormonal balance is not controlled for this 3-4 months.

Can you eat two to four times in one month?

It has not been confirmed how long this medicine can be taken. Therefore, it is not possible to say whether it is possible to eat so many times in a month.

If you have to eat it, it is better to consult a doctor. The more you eat, the more the side effects can increase. As there are many problems like menstrual disturbances, physical changes, obesity, you should eat as little as possible and consult a doctor before eating.

Due to easy availability, the number of young women resorting to emergency contraceptive pills after cohabitation is increasing. Because of this, the number of people coming to health institutions with health risks has also increased.

Due to lack of awareness about the damage caused by abortion, the health of many people is at risk. Therefore, you should consult a doctor before eating.

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