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Is it normal to have white discharge from the genitals?

Is it normal to have white discharge from the genitals?

Women go through different cycles every month. Menstrual cycle, ovulation cycle, sometimes during that cycle, a few days before menstruation and also during ovulation, it is normal if white water flows for three days.

Sometimes white discharge is normal even after intercourse. But even more than this situation, if white water flows daily, it is unusual. If the white water comes out thick like curd, green in color and very smelly, that is also unusual.

Cause white water to flow

Due to the infection of fungi, germs, such white water flow is a problem. In addition to that, if the husband or wife has an infection, such a problem also occurs due to sexual contact.

White discharge is also a problem in cases of uterine problems and urinary tract infections. If there is an infection in the uterus and urinary tract, such a problem occurs. Even in case of cervical cancer, there is a problem of rapid infection of germs and white discharge.

Women also experience lower abdominal pain when white water flows. After menopause in women, there is a lack of hormone called estrogen, which causes problems such as weak bones, mood changes, vaginal discharge and extremely dry and itchy genitals.

What to do in the situation of white water flowing?

The main cause of white water discharge is due to fungal and bacterial infection. Therefore, first of all, we had to find out what caused the white water to flow. If the infection is caused by germs, it is treated with antibiotics. Antifungal treatment is given if such a problem is caused by fungus.

Genital hygiene

Do not clean the genitals with daily soapy water. Clean with soapy water once a week, otherwise clean the genitals with clean water only. The genitals should be kept as dry and clean as possible. Do not keep it moist, if it is moist, there is a possibility of fungal infection.

Cotton panty should be used instead of nylon and silk. Pads should be changed every 4 to 6 hours during menstruation.

You should drink plenty of water along with genital hygiene. Drink 8 glasses of water daily. Water prevents urinary tract infections and washes away germs.

Scanty bleeding during menstruation

Some women are born with a small size and thickness of the uterus, and such women have the problem of light bleeding. Generally, bleeding for two days is normal. If there is cancer of the cervix, some may not have periods at all or even if they do have periods, only a little bleeding a day.


If there is little bleeding for less than two days, you should go to the hospital and have a video x-ray and check the uterine fluid. After finding out the reason for low blood flow, the treatment is done accordingly.

Excessive bleeding problems

Some people are born with a slightly larger and thicker uterus. Such women have a little more abdominal pain and a little more bleeding during menstruation. There is a problem of blood flow even if there is less platelets in the body. Also, if there is cervical cancer, there will be heavy bleeding during menstruation.

What is the treatment?

Bleeding for seven days is normal. If the bleeding continues for more than seven days, the cause should also be found. First of all, the amount of iron should be checked. If there is a lot of bleeding, there is a possibility of anemia. Therefore, the cause of excessive bleeding should be found and treated accordingly.

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