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Sisnu business in Kathmandu: Sisnu used for everything from torture to medicine is no longer easy to find | Has covid-19 started to increase again around the world? Worry that the infection will increase in winter

Sisnu business in Kathmandu: Sisnu used for everything from torture to medicine is no longer easy to find

A woman selling silk near the Buddhist stupa complex in Kathmandu. She said that she sold sisnu, which is considered useful for sugar/pressure, for 50 rupees.

This plant known as cisno (stinging nettle) is a burning weed of the Atricassi family found in the central hilly areas and valleys of Nepal. It has medicinal properties. It can be boiled and eaten. It is painful due to burning (irritation) by formic acid (irritation) and swelling by histamine (Histamine). After boiling in water, those elements are destroyed. Due to the same vice, it was used to torture earlier.

Due to the nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Iron, Potassium, Manganese, Calcium found in it, it has been a tradition to eat nettle soup in Northern and Eastern Europe for a long time. It contains up to 25% protein. Therefore, it is considered the best food for vegetarians.

It is used for flavoring in highly valued 'Gouda Cheese' and Yarg. In the hilly areas of Nepal, the growth of participants and the spread of other weeds has left the pine tree everywhere as before. Commercial cultivation of sisnu is also being done in some districts.

Has covid-19 started to increase again around the world? Worry that the infection will increase in winter

The infection of corona virus in the world has started to increase again. The number of deaths worldwide due to covid has decreased by 90 percent, but as new variants of covid are emerging, the infection has started to increase in some countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of Covid-related deaths worldwide has decreased by 90 percent compared to nine months ago.

But experts are warning that we should be cautious as new variants of Covid are constantly being seen. Last week, 9,400 people died worldwide due to covid. In February this year, this number was over 75 thousand. Although this is very positive, the WHO recently stated that they continue to request all governments, communities and individuals around the world to be vigilant.

In the week ending Monday, the average number of infections in the world fell by 15 percent to 2.1 million compared to the previous week. The number of weekly deaths is also 10 percent less than the previous week. But in some countries, including Japan and China, it is seen that the infection has skyrocketed again. 400,000 new infections have been added in Japan in the week up to Sunday. This is 42 percent more than the previous week.

Infections in America, Germany and China have also decreased overall. But in recent days, some big cities in China have come under the grip of infection again. Compared to global standards, China's infections are low, but the government's adoption of a zero-covid policy has increased the frustration of the common people. On Wednesday, more than 2,000 infected people were seen in Guangzhou for the third day in a row. Authorities have started mass testing.

The city has been locked down. Fears are growing that the epidemic in Guangzhou will be similar to that seen in Shanghai in the spring of this year. China has eased some of the restrictions related to Covid since Friday. From Friday, the quarantine period of travelers coming from across the border has been reduced. But it is not clear when and where the new rules will be implemented.

It is not clear whether this rule applies to foreigners or Chinese or both. Quarantine has been eased on Friday as the parks have been closed and other restrictions have been imposed after the spread of Covid. About 11,000 new infections were added across China on Friday. The lockdown imposed in Guangzhou and elsewhere will end on Sunday.

But since the authorities are extending the lockdown time and again, there is no hope that it will end this time too. In South Korea, the graph of infection has also shown a slight rise in recent days. Daily infections are over 50,000 amid concerns that the infection will increase in winter.

In Europe, Belgium, Canada, Italy, France have also seen signs of increased infections. In Asia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other countries have seen a slight decrease in infections.

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