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Which medicines are available for free at the health post?

Which medicines are available for free at the health post?

There are some such medicines, which we need in common diseases. Most of these medicines are distributed free of charge. You can go to a government hospital or health post of your choice and get these medicines.

From Cetamol, which is usually taken when you have a fever, to Betadine, which is used for wounds, it is free. Also, temporary contraceptives are available free of charge. Government of Nepal has arranged to give 72 types of medicines free of cost from health institutions all over the country.

These medicines can be obtained from health posts, primary health centers and urban health centers across the country. You can also get the medicine you need by showing the doctor's prescription. Similarly, these medicines can be taken by doing a preliminary health check-up at the health post.

How much free medicine is available?

Antibiotic medicine must be taken for 3 to 5 days. It is given accordingly. Then a follow-up call is made. It is advised to take common cold medicine according to the nature of the patient. After the medicine is finished, if it is necessary again, it is called for follow-up.

The amount of free medicine to be given is decided after examination of the patient in the OPD. If it does not heal, it is recommended to go to the hospital.

There is a provision of free dressing, antibiotics and medicine to dry the wounds. Most of them come to take medicine to dry the wounds.

Which disease to use?

Medicines available here are often given to patients with fever, common stomach ailments such as diarrhoea, nausea and colds. Similarly, tuberculosis medicine is also available free of charge. Medicines for mental problems, family planning tools are available free of cost. Likewise, vitamin A, leprosy medicine is given free of cost to children every 6 months. If necessary, adults can take the anti-worm medication free of charge.

Only on doctor's advice

It is necessary to consult any medicine doctor or health worker. General cetamol and antibiotics are given for a few days if the symptoms are not too complicated. But the symptoms are many. If the condition is becoming serious, the medicines available here are given by showing the documents that have been examined and prescribed in the hospital.

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