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Friday, June 11, 2021

Urges to pay attention to child psychological education in Covid Pandemic

Urges to pay attention to child psychological education in Covid Pandemic

Due to the corona epidemic with new variants, various sectors of the country including agriculture, infrastructure development, economy, and education are also stalled at this time. Schools, colleges, and universities are all closed.

The direct hit of the bandh has been on the children studying in the school and the young students studying in the university. Although online teaching activities are available in urban areas, this is not possible for students studying in rural areas. This is having a direct impact not only on the education of the children but also on their psychology.

In the midst of the crisis caused by the Corona disaster, the Central Working Committee of the Unified All Nepal Teachers' Organization has launched a three-day virtual national discourse program on 'Impact of Covid-19 and Educational Counseling' from Saturday. In the first session of the program, educational campaigner Shrimant Bhattarai gave a presentation on 'Child Psychology and Practical Learning' and said that Corona Kahar was a great opportunity to impart practical education to the children at home. He said, "We want degrees, not skills. We want numbers but we don't want culture and ethics. When our education was not practical, it was considered a curse to do agriculture in an agricultural country, forcing the young manpower to go abroad. ”

Stating that the knowledge learned through reading is more practical, he advised the parents and teachers to provide opportunities for children to connect wires, cook food, wash dishes, do cleaning, work in Karesabari and work according to the environment.

He said that the common goal of teachers, parents, and students would be achieved only if they could create a learning environment for children by understanding child psychology as per the method started by Dr. Maria Montessori without the development of information and technology. However, he emphasized that the culture provided by the home and social environment for children should be good.

Dr. Yogi Vikasananda, a seer and philosopher of Nepal Manokranti, argued that Bokre Shakti and Gudi Shakti had worked in this critical situation of the Corona epidemic. "The corona dies and the vaccine saves. "It's the Boker power," he said. "People die when the immune system is weakened. It's the core power."

He claimed that the use of ashwagandha, meditation, and yoga to protect the immune system was a great vaccine against corona. Urging people to eat less green salad and take vitamin D instead of rice, Dr. Yogi suggested the government formulate a course to strengthen the immune system.

Shankar Adhikari, central chairman of the Unified All Nepal Teachers' Association, said that the three-day national lecture program was organized to impart 'Effect and Educational Counseling of COVID-19' with the focus on connecting teachers, parents, and students. The program was attended by 811 people including teachers, parents, and students.

Monday, November 23, 2020

8 ways to protect yourself from covid infection in cold

8 ways to protect yourself from covid infection in cold

The cold weather has already begun. The coronavirus, which is believed to be more active in cold weather, has affected the lives of ordinary Nepalis at this time. There is a situation where one cannot walk freely.

Corona infection can also be transmitted to a friend who lives in your own home or works in an office. That is a state of anxiety for both. But in this case, what can we do to avoid infection from a friend?

1. Check

If someone in your home has been confirmed to have a corona infection, it is best to get tested for corona immediately. The medical director of Los Angeles, Dr. Scott Branstein says: "Even though we have a negative test report, we still have to look at ourselves as potentially infected, rather than thinking we're safe." If someone tells you not to take the test until you see the symptoms, you have to stay in quarantine for 14 days. If he shows no symptoms for two weeks, he may feel safe until then.

2. Restrict contact

Officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the only way to avoid the epidemic is to limit contact.

A person who is infected with corona should be kept as separate as possible from others. If possible, separate bedrooms and toilets can be provided for corona infections.

Even when staying at home, you should keep a distance of 3 feet with your family members. According to experts, reducing contact means that even if you come close to the infected person in some way, there will be no severe infection.

You can also take full care of a person infected with corona but enter their location as needed. For example, bringing food to the infected person from a distance, not staying in the same room with the infected person for a long time, only going to the infected person's room using safety equipment, etc.

3. Do not obstruct airflow

Always keep the windows and doors of your living room open. This means that a possible corona infection brought by someone in a room should not be transmitted to other people in the same room.

4. Wear a mask

The mask is essential for both infected and non-infected parties. The World Health Organization has mentioned the criteria of the mask and the way it is worn. Doctors say that even if you wear a disciplined mask according to the criteria, you can avoid coronavirus infection to a great extent. ‘All members of the household, especially the infected person, should be encouraged to wear mandatory masks. The mask helps prevent infections that can come from an infected person's nose and mouth.

However, wearing a mask does not guarantee 100 percent protection against the contraction of the coronavirus. But to a large extent, it helps prevent corona. Doctors have also mentioned the quality of the mask. Cloth masks are also said to be suitable if the quality is met. But no matter what the mask is, it is mandatory to cover the nose and mouth completely. Also, you should wear glasses for safety.

5. Wash hands, kill germs

Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is also a way to prevent the coronavirus. Especially patients have to wash their hands. Use hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol where soapy water is not readily available.

6. Eat healthy food

It has been found that many people in Nepal drink gurja water during the coronavirus epidemic. But not only that, eating healthy and nutritious food is essential for health.

However, the most important thing is to eat a healthy diet and lose weight, not to feel comfortable in times of stress and uncertainty. With the right lifestyle, we can defeat the coronavirus. Healthy eating helps prevent serious illness.

7. Rely on reliable sources

Friends, family, and social media can be a source of information. But what is the way to avoid the corona epidemic by following the official information? How to deal with people who are corona positive, what to eat after being positive, and what not to eat? An official source of information should be sought for information on such matters.

A lot of misinformation can come on social media and the internet. Such information can be dangerous.

8. Consult and consult with a friend

Friends find it easier to express their feelings during difficult times. Work with such friends to get advice and suggestions.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Why are men more prone to COVID infections?

Why are men more prone to COVID infections?


Infection with the Noble Coronavirus affects people of all genders and age groups. But in the last six months, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide has shown that men are most at risk. About 7.5 million people have been infected with the coronavirus since December 2019. Of these, 3.9 million have recovered after treatment and four million have lost their lives. Of those infected, 82 percent are men and only 18 percent are women.

Although the statistics of different countries have been analyzed differently, men are more infected in each country. About 70.3 percent of those infected in Chinese hospitals are men. In the United States, 60.7 percent of infected people admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in New York City are men, and 67 percent of those who die are men. Eighty-two percent of those admitted to the intensive care unit in Lombardy, Italy, were men. Similarly, 69 percent of infected men in the UK and 79 percent in Spain. At the time of writing, 4,364 cases of infection have been confirmed in Nepal, of which 4,055 (92.91 percent) are men. Of those infected, 11.95 percent are men. 26.95 percent of the infected are women are free of infection. The proportion of infected men and women is 70-30. That is, men are twice as likely to be infected as women.

Of course, in Nepal, men spend more time out of the house than women, go abroad for employment, drink more alcohol, and smoke, so they may have more infections. However, as more men than women are infected worldwide, the search for biological causes has begun. This article will discuss the same biological causes.

The determination of whether a person is born a boy or a girl is made in the first stage of fetal development in the mother's womb. In the process of reproduction, the fetus is formed by the union of the sex chromosomes of the mother and father. The father has X and Y sex chromosomes, while the mother has both X chromosomes. If the father's Y and mother's X chromosomes match, a son is born. If the X chromosomes of both father and mother combine to form an embryo, a daughter is born. Therefore, the role of the chromosome of the father, not the mother, plays a role in determining the sex of the child born.

Professor of Immunology at the University of Oxford, Dr. According to Philip Goulder, the difference between men's and women's ability to fight disease begins here.
It is the job of the immune system to detect and produce antibodies that are needed to detect and resist any foreign harmful bacteria. The noble coronavirus is encoded in a recognizable protein X chromosome. But X chromosomes are two in females and only one in males. Therefore, the ability to prevent corona infection or the resistance expressed by the protein is automatically reduced by 50 percent in men. Dr. Philip Goulder believes that women have a greater ability to fight not only coronavirus but all diseases than men.

Another factor that differentiates men and women from coronavirus infection is the angiotensin-converting enzyme. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE-2) is a type of enzyme present in the human body. Enzymes are catalysts that accelerate chemical reactions in the body. ACE-2 is a central component of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS), which controls blood pressure, heals wounds, and regulates fluids in the body. This enzyme, discovered by Leonard Skags in 1956, indirectly increases blood pressure by constricting blood vessels. Therefore, ACE-2 inhibitors are used in the treatment of most heart diseases.

When the coronavirus infects humans, the virus's protein attaches to the same ACE-2 enzyme and travels to cells in various parts of the body. As a result, it opens the door to infection in the lungs while taking oxygen through the blood and blood vessels. According to an article published in the European Heart Journal, ACE-2 is more common in men than in women. It occurs in large quantities in the lungs, heart, and testicles of men. Because ACE-2 occurs in the testicles, there are more males than females in the testicles. Iziah Sama explains. Similarly, published in the ‘Journal of Virology’. According to Hong Peng Xia's article, ACE-2 has the appearance of being attached to a thorn-shaped protein spike on the surface of the current Nobel coronavirus. Thus, the physical constitution of men has increased the risk of corona infection in men than in women.

According to a recent article in Science News, coronavirus infections in men have been linked to another factor. According to the article, androgen hormones also play an important role in increasing the risk of infection. The androgen hormone helps men to produce the hormone testosterone and make sperm. The same hormone also helps the coronavirus to enter the cell. Men cannot be fertile without the hormone testosterone. Infections in China, Spain, Italy, and the United States have been linked to androgen hormones and coronavirus infections.

The androgenic hormone regulates the transmembrane protease serine 2 enzyme in the male prostate gland. The prostate gland helps men to urinate and keep sperm alive. Therefore, transmembrane protease serine 2 enzyme is produced more in men. ‘Cell Journal’ According to Marcus Hoffmann, published in, coronavirus infection also depends on the surface membrane of the transmembrane protease serine 2 enzyme. The membrane of this enzyme combines the thorny proteins of the virus with the DNA in human cells. Men also have an increased risk of coronavirus infection due to this enzyme.

Italian molecular cancer specialist Dr. According to Andre Alimonti, some of the men who used androgen in some of the experiments there did not have to go to the hospital because of Kovid-19. Thus, the transmembrane protease serine 2 enzyme produced in men during prostate operation and regulation has increased the risk of corona infection in men.
The fact is that men are more at risk of coronavirus infection than women, not only for socio-economic reasons but also for biological reasons.

(Koju, who has a doctorate in zoology, is the head of the Faculty of Natural Resource Management under the Center for Post-Graduate Studies, Nepal Engineering College, Pokhara University.)