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Coronavirus Nepal: Answers to your questions about the covid vaccine

Coronavirus Nepal: Answers to your questions about the covid vaccine

Can a person who is undergoing treatment for a disease or chronic disease safely receive such a vaccine?

What paperwork is required for vaccination? What should not be done before and after vaccination?

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health Dr. Jageshwar Gautam and infectious disease specialist Dr. Answer given by Anup Subedi is as follows:

Ravi Paudel: Does it sound like the vaccine that Nepal has received as a grant is not that reliable?

Dr. Gautam: This is wrong. This is a vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford.

Its effectiveness has been shown to be the highest worldwide after the Pfizer and Morderna vaccines. This is one of the best vaccines.

Pawan Khanal and Ashish Hong Limbu: Where and how are vaccines given and what documents are required?

Dr. Gautam: Those who have reached the age of 55 will be allowed to get vaccinated with their citizenship certificate.

Those who get vaccinated based on profession are getting vaccinated based on their certificate.

Sudip Ghimire: We are in Pokhara for work. The house is Lamjung. Can I get my mother vaccinated from Pokhara?

Dr. Gautam: If he reaches the age of 65, he will take citizenship on the 23rd in the place where he lives.

If he is above 55, he can get vaccinated after Chait 3.

But if he is under 55 years of age, he will get vaccinated at the next stage.

Pradeep Nisha Lacondri: Can a patient with diabetes, high blood pressure and thyroid take this vaccine or not?

Dr. Subedi: Absolutely. People with diabetes and high blood pressure are at a higher risk of developing complications and should be vaccinated.

Anonymous Questioner: Should pregnant women vaccinate or not?

Dr. Subedi: Clinical trials of the vaccine did not include pregnant women. When that happened, initially there was a ambivalence about not allowing pregnant women to be vaccinated.

But since the vaccine has been widely used, no reason has been found to suggest that the vaccine could harm a pregnant woman or an unborn child in this way.

It has been used by millions in different countries. Bodies that make 'guidelines' in Western countries, including the World Health Organization, have said that women at risk of infection should or should be vaccinated.

Tilak Dhamala: I had allergies until two years ago. I am confused and scared to hear that people with allergies should not get vaccinated.

Dr. Subedi: We mean many things by allergy. Allergy to vaccines means people who experience sudden swelling of the tongue, difficulty breathing, wheezing and low blood pressure after taking a vaccine or medicine should not be vaccinated.

But we also call it allergy. Itchy skin is also called allergy. Such a person gets vaccinated.

Kedar Odari: I have done open heart surgery. I am diabetic and also have kidney problems. I am 63 years old.

Dr. Subedi: Vaccination. It's even more important that you wear it because people with diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease have a weakened immune system, and are at greater risk of developing complications.

Ganesh Lama: When will those who have not received the first round of vaccination be able to get vaccinated?

Dr. Gautham: This matter is determined by your age and other qualifications.

Our first priority was health workers, cleaners, prison inmates, armed police working at the border.

Now we vaccinate people over 55 years old from the 23rd.

For the first 10 days, we vaccinate people over 65 years of age.

After 10 days, we apply to people above 55.

Laxman Bahadur Sunar: Who will vaccinate the Nepalis working in India? What is the government's strategy about us?

Dr. Gautam: Indian citizens who are in Nepal, we will accommodate them according to our standards.

And Nepali citizens who are in India should also be deported by India.

Questioner who does not want to be named: Is it okay to vaccinate while menstruating?

Dr. Subedi: Yes. Do not get vaccinated if you have fever.

Do not get vaccinated if you have been infected with coronavirus and treated with plasma in the last three months.

Those who have previously had the coronavirus but have not been treated with plasma can also be vaccinated. Even if you only have a cold, you can get vaccinated.

Bodhnath Paudel: I was infected with the coronavirus right after Dashain and also have diabetes and high blood pressure for a long time. It took me almost 40 days to become corona negative. How can I be sure that I will not get corona again after taking this vaccine?

Dr. Gautam: People with diabetes and high blood pressure should get this vaccine as soon as possible.

People with diabetes and high blood pressure should be vaccinated as soon as possible as the coronavirus can be fatal.

It is wrong to say that vaccination causes death. So far, we have vaccinated 430,000 people in Nepal and not a single person has died.

Keshav Bhandari Muskan: Can this vaccine be administered by a person taking medicine or not? And should I rest after this vaccination or not?

Dr. Subedi: No need to rest. If someone develops a fever, feels sick, or feels unwell, rest for 24 to 48 hours.

No drug has been shown to cause a direct reaction to the vaccine.

Vaccination happens when a person who has taken medicine has fun.

Krishna Prasad Bhusal: What kind of process is being adopted to ensure vaccination to Nepalis who are extremely poor and have low income levels?

Dr. Gautam: The government of Nepal has planned to give free vaccinations.

Therefore, income does not matter when it comes to vaccination.

Bhupendra Shah Thakuri: There are also reports that the government will also allow vaccines from different companies to be used. Is Nepal trying to become a laboratory?

Dr. Gautam: Only one vaccine has been administered in Nepal so far. That happens when you wear it.

Many vaccines have been released in the world. It is not that other vaccines should not be given.

There is no need to make a lab because there are vaccines that have already been tested.

Yogendra Singh Thakuri: Would it be better if even the under-18s were vaccinated?

Dr. Gautam: If it is made, I will give it. There is no vaccine in the world for children under 18 years of age.

Prayas Sapkota: How will the covid-19 vaccine develop the ability to fight against the virus and what kind of material will this vaccine be made of? Does this type of vaccine cause any damage to our natural immunity?

Dr. Subedi: There is no evidence yet that it does not impair natural immunity. However, vaccination is supposed to boost immunity. It will make it stronger.

The covid-19 vaccine currently being distributed in Nepal uses genetic elements of another virus. That element itself cannot make a transition. It does not have that capability.

But in a way, it has the power to recognize the body against the substance called spike protein in the structure of the coronavirus, and it has not been seen to have any other effect. This vaccine has been used in tens of millions of people.

Tech Narayan Paudel 'Dyalu': I got this vaccine three weeks ago. It still hurts where it was applied. What is the reason?

Dr. Subedi: Some may have a 'local reaction' at the site of vaccination.

If the swollen or red area increases and the fever also starts, it should be thought that the bacteria on the surface of the skin has entered and got an infection.

You should see a doctor for that. Antibiotics may be required. But if there is not much redness and swelling and no fever then it will heal itself.

Kripanand Raj CR: Are there long-term effects of this vaccine?

Dr. Subedi: So far, there is no such possibility that this vaccine has or will have long-term effects.

Prem Shahi: Can the covid vaccine be used in hot places?

Dr. Subedi: This vaccine can be administered at all places, summer and winter.

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