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Diana was one: beauty, generosity, and tragedy

Diana was one: beauty, generosity, and tragedy

There was a time when British Princess Diana was at the center of everyone's attention. Her beauty had charmed the world, and her benevolent heart had also earned her heartiness. She had two things at once, beauty and power.

There was no such place, where he did not speak. His intoxicating smile, generous social spirit and loving heart. She had a nice, simple and gentle personality.

That's why Diana preferred to mingle with the common people rather than being an ornament of the royal family. She did not wear the long gloves used by members of the British royal family when going out. He felt that he did not feel close to common people while using such gloves.

She was the most photographed beauty of her time. Which was followed by the media all the time.

Diana, who was born in Sandringham Park House in the UK, has been talked about since she joined the British royal family until her death. His life is no different from the story of a fictional film.

A turbulent childhood

His life was very turbulent. His parents divorced when he was young. She later married Prince Charles.

Diana was born in July 1961, the fourth child of father John Spencer and mother Sandkid. Diana's parents divorced when she was seven years old. The father won the case of who the children would live with. After that he had to live in his father's house, where his younger mother was.

His family had close ties with the British royal family. His family home was also close to the royal family. Diana was initially educated at home. Later she learned dance. After moving to London, she started working as a dance teacher and clinic worker to make ends meet. 

More than a million people gathered on the streets to watch Diana's funeral procession. Although it has been 25 years since Diana left the world, the world has not left her yet. She is an immortal, beautiful female character in history. Which has settled in the minds of millions.

That's a mod

The British prince and Diana met in 1977. Prince Charles was dating his sister Sarah when they met. After getting to know each other, they became good friends. Both of them love the game of polo, which made them even closer.

In 1981, Charles proposed to Diana. Shortly after making the proposal, they fell in love. The funny thing is that they only met 12 times before marriage. Their love life was not mature and they decided to get married. Charles and Diana finally got married in 1981.

Diana, who was making a living from small jobs, suddenly became a British princess.

flamboyant life

In the 80s, television had reached every corner of the world. Their marriage was done with great fanfare. After becoming a princess, Diana had the opportunity to travel abroad with her husband Charles. Diana became known all over the world. Due to her soft heart as well as the princess, she quickly managed to stay in the hearts of the common people.

Diana's popularity exceeded that of the British royal family. Diana, who grew up in a free and open environment since childhood, began to get lost in the rules and regulations of the royal family.

Clean mind, clean life

Diana wanted to roam, see and dance openly in her old fashion and style. She wanted her sanity. Which was against the rules of the royal family. After becoming a princess, she did not get to work according to her wishes.

Diana was as serious about social service as she was about dressing. She never allowed herself and her determination to serve her to be imprisoned within the confines of the royal family.

As a princess, there was a restriction on her dress. But Diana used to choose the clothes she liked. Diana's social service and fashion sense was high.

normal life

Within a year of their marriage, Diana gave birth to her first child, Prince Williams. She wanted her son to grow up like a normal citizen. For which she enrolled Williams in a government school.

While it could be arranged to have a private tutor to teach him. In 1984, Diana gave birth to her second child, Prince Harry. Diana, who loved social work, worked with Mother Teresa.

Trouble in the relationship

As time passed, the relationship between Prince Charles and her became cold. Prince Charles was dating another woman at the time. What Diana revealed in an interview given to the BBC. This matter became very controversial.

In the 90s, the conflict between Charles and Diana came to the surface. Both of them started living separately. The news that not only Charles but also Diana had an extramarital affair was revealed. After this news came out, the media never left him.

Diana was joined by police officer Barry, Commander James Hewitt, childhood friend James Gilvey, Oliver Hoare, rugby player Will, Pakistani doctor Hasnat Khan and Dodi Al Fayed. Diana has been in the media for various reasons.

Charles was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend and current wife Camilla at the time Diana's name was linked to various people.

a tragedy

The media and paparazzi never left Diana alone. Always chasing. The paparazzi gave him a lot of trouble. After years of separation, Diana and Charles' divorce was formalized on August 28, 1996.

At a dinner in Paris on August 31, 1997, Diana went out in a car with Dodi Al Fayed, the son of wealthy businessman Mohamed Al Fayed. Their car was being followed by paparazzi. He died in a car accident while fleeing the paparazzi.

More than a million people gathered on the streets to watch Diana's funeral procession. Although it has been 25 years since Diana left the world, the world has not left her yet. She is an immortal, beautiful female character in history. Which has settled in the minds of millions.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth, Charles III is now the King of England. With Charles becoming king, Diana is once again the talk of the world. The reason for discussion is her beauty, witty laugh, charming mind and love affair.

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