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What happens When people with high blood pressure drink alcohol

What happens When people with high blood pressure drink alcohol

Let's say you have high blood pressure. He is also an alcoholic. Doctors have clearly said, 'Alcoholic substances can be more dangerous in high blood pressure.'

After all, what happens when a person with high blood pressure drinks alcohol? Shouldn't you drink alcohol because you have high blood pressure? If you have to drink it, is there any amount? Can you take medicine while drinking alcohol? This is a question that usually arises in the mind of many people.

Because at this time many people are suffering from high blood pressure. This problem is especially seen in men. Therefore, many men have the habit of drinking alcohol.

Alcohol is also harmful. Alcohol damages organs like liver and heart. In case of high blood pressure, its loss can be doubled. If they drink alcohol regularly, that too in an uncontrolled amount, there is a 100 percent chance of developing a serious disease.

If you drink a small amount or drink only once a month, then there is no high risk. However, those who are taking medication for high blood pressure should avoid alcohol as much as possible.

We all know that alcohol causes the most damage to the liver. Due to alcohol, the amount of fat in the liver increases. Doctors call this condition fatty liver. If this condition persists, liver cirrhosis may occur, which is a very dangerous condition.

Also, high blood pressure increases after drinking alcohol. Even under normal conditions, drinking alcohol increases blood pressure. The more a person adds more alcohol, the more the burden on the heart starts. Due to alcohol, the size of the heart increases, the heart rate increases. Later on, the risk of heart swelling and stroke increases as this problem increases. It can also cause accidents like stroke.

People with high blood pressure are given blood thinners. If they are taking this medicine regularly, it is not advisable to drink alcohol in this situation. Because at this time there is a risk of increasing blood pressure.

Drunk people are not calm. They are somewhat agitated or aggressive. Because the substance in alcohol stimulates the nervous system. When the amount of alcohol increases, the heart becomes harder to pump or there is a risk of heart attack.

Some people drink alcohol for a long period of time. But their bad habit is excessive drinking. Such people have a high risk of heart attack. Likewise, people who drink alcohol may also have problems such as heart rhythm disturbances. It is called Holiday Heart Syndrome.

What does the study say?

According to the Journal of Atherosclerosis, people who drink alcohol regularly have narrowed heart arteries. Due to the narrowing of the arteries, there is a risk of increasing blood pressure, it can also cause a risk of heart attack or stroke.

Caution during the festival

Dashain is coming. The festival season has already started. Many people drink alcohol because they have time to relax and have fun. It is advisable for those who drink alcohol to do so in a controlled amount. If possible, it is better not to drink. Even if you have to drink, you should drink without losing your senses.

However, drinking alcohol can be risky for people with high blood pressure or heart disease. So it is best to give up alcohol addiction.

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