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Does the Ayurvedic method cure piles quickly?

Does the Ayurvedic method cure piles quickly?

Recently, the problem of piles has puzzled many people. If the stool becomes hard, blood appears in the stool and meat comes out, it can be a symptom of piles.

The problem of piles is increasing day by day due to the lack of recognition of the disease and delay in treatment due to shame. In the early stages, you can get rid of piles by changing your diet and lifestyle, but if it becomes complicated later, it is difficult to treat.

There are ayurvedic, allopathic and homeopathic methods for treating piles. But the question of which of these treatment methods is more effective is rising in the minds of many.

Both natural and allopathic treatment of piles is effective. But in recent times, it seems that there is a lot of propaganda that Ayurvedic treatment can cure piles. Dr. Ayurvedic doctor who finds the cause of the problem in Ayurveda and eradicates it from the root. Amrit Bhandari claims.

Ayurvedic treatment is good, but the treatment should be done by a recognized doctor and hospital. "If you go to an Ayurvedic medicine shop and ask them not to give medicine for piles, you may not get proper treatment," he says.

Treatment of piles with Ayurvedic method

Piles are treated in two ways in Ayurvedic method. There are four stages of piles Dr. Bhandari says. If there is blood in the stool, it is the initial stage of piles. In the second stage, the piles exit and enter the anus. In the third stage, the piles come out of the anus and do not enter by themselves. In the fourth stage, the piles keep coming out of the anus instead of going inside.

If there is first and second stage, it is treated by taking Ayurvedic medicine. But if there is a third and fourth stage, surgery is necessary. Bhandari says. "Many people say that Ayurveda can treat piles without surgery. But that is wrong, it is treated by the Kshar Sutra method and the Kshar Sutra method is also a surgery.

If it is the first and second stage of piles, piles can be cured by Ayurvedic medicine. But he said that he had a problem with piles for a long time and in the third and fourth stage, surgery was required. But in all cases, Dr. can be cured by Ayurvedic method. Bhandari claims. He says that during treatment with Ayurvedic method, it takes up to a month for those who take medicine to recover, while after surgery, they recover completely within 15 days.

The word 'Kshar Sutra' is a combination of 'Kshar' and 'Sutra', where Kshar is a special type of ash and Sutra is thread. Apamarga, extract etc. is made by burning ash and boiling it in water to prepare alkali in a special way. Bhandari says that a special type of thread made by applying this alkali is called Khar Sutra. It cuts soft meat. The method of treatment by using this thread is called the Kshar Sutra method.

Some side effects can be seen even when treated with any method. That cannot be denied. But until now, while being treated with the alkaline formula method, no side effects have been seen," he says. "Recently, even the World Health Organization has said that the alkaline formula method is effective for piles."

Things to watch out for as the piles heal

Prolonged constipation increases piles. Therefore, to prevent constipation, to keep the stomach clean all the time is the way to prevent piles. Therefore, special care should be taken to prevent constipation so that piles do not recur even after recovery.

Our food should be such that it keeps the stomach clean, does not cause constipation and does not force stool. For that, he suggests that you should stop constipating food and eat high-fiber digestible food in a natural form, including bran, which is rich in fibers and bran that does not cause constipation. People with piles problems should do daily exercises that move the joints of the body. Daily walking and yoga exercises should also be done.

Bhandari says, "Pyles patients should not eat foods made of flour, fat, ghee, hot spices, fish, meat, ginger, old pickles, ready-made foods, pomegranates, mangoes and other constipating foods like cigarettes and alcohol."

What to do to prevent piles?

-Eat more fiber-rich foods

-Drink plenty of water

- Eat plenty of salad such as carrots and radishes

-Eat less meat and fish

-No alcohol and no smoking

-Eat less starchy foods

- Eat less spices such as ginger, garlic, pepper

- Daily physical exercise, doing yoga.

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