Friday, June 11, 2021

Urges to pay attention to child psychological education in Covid Pandemic

Urges to pay attention to child psychological education in Covid Pandemic

Due to the corona epidemic with new variants, various sectors of the country including agriculture, infrastructure development, economy, and education are also stalled at this time. Schools, colleges, and universities are all closed.

The direct hit of the bandh has been on the children studying in the school and the young students studying in the university. Although online teaching activities are available in urban areas, this is not possible for students studying in rural areas. This is having a direct impact not only on the education of the children but also on their psychology.

In the midst of the crisis caused by the Corona disaster, the Central Working Committee of the Unified All Nepal Teachers' Organization has launched a three-day virtual national discourse program on 'Impact of Covid-19 and Educational Counseling' from Saturday. In the first session of the program, educational campaigner Shrimant Bhattarai gave a presentation on 'Child Psychology and Practical Learning' and said that Corona Kahar was a great opportunity to impart practical education to the children at home. He said, "We want degrees, not skills. We want numbers but we don't want culture and ethics. When our education was not practical, it was considered a curse to do agriculture in an agricultural country, forcing the young manpower to go abroad. ”

Stating that the knowledge learned through reading is more practical, he advised the parents and teachers to provide opportunities for children to connect wires, cook food, wash dishes, do cleaning, work in Karesabari and work according to the environment.

He said that the common goal of teachers, parents, and students would be achieved only if they could create a learning environment for children by understanding child psychology as per the method started by Dr. Maria Montessori without the development of information and technology. However, he emphasized that the culture provided by the home and social environment for children should be good.

Dr. Yogi Vikasananda, a seer and philosopher of Nepal Manokranti, argued that Bokre Shakti and Gudi Shakti had worked in this critical situation of the Corona epidemic. "The corona dies and the vaccine saves. "It's the Boker power," he said. "People die when the immune system is weakened. It's the core power."

He claimed that the use of ashwagandha, meditation, and yoga to protect the immune system was a great vaccine against corona. Urging people to eat less green salad and take vitamin D instead of rice, Dr. Yogi suggested the government formulate a course to strengthen the immune system.

Shankar Adhikari, central chairman of the Unified All Nepal Teachers' Association, said that the three-day national lecture program was organized to impart 'Effect and Educational Counseling of COVID-19' with the focus on connecting teachers, parents, and students. The program was attended by 811 people including teachers, parents, and students.

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