Tuesday, June 15, 2021

How to start exercising?

How to start exercising?

The Coronavirus epidemic has affected people's lives due to the ban. Now that all activities have come to a standstill, there are many physical and mental health problems. Exercise can be fresh and mentally healthy. Exercise (physical exercise) positively improves a person's disease. Exercise changes mood because it releases the hormone endorphins. Now that everyone is at home, they may be confused about how to start exercising. 

In this case, the doctor's advice:

- Before starting any exercise, you should keep in mind that you do not have a chronic or another disease.

- When exercising, diabetics should adjust the medication, food, and exercise schedule they are taking. Such patients should not exercise like other normal people. It is advisable to exercise by making a schedule.

- You should understand your body before exercising. Exercise makes you feel dizzy, it is difficult to breathe, if you have chest pain, you should reduce the intensity or remember how much you can keep the amount. Exercise should be started slowly, if it is awkward, it should be done for a short time.

- Everyone should exercise slowly for the first time. The time can be increased from 10 to 20 minutes per week.

- Warm-up, exercise period, and cool-down period must be kept during each exercise. Water should also be on hand.

- The mind should be focused while exercising. I like to exercise if I listen to my favorite music and enjoy the rhythm of my breathing.

- Exercise should not be taken as a burden, it should be done considering that the body has been given time in captivity.

- It is appropriate to pay attention to diet while exercising. Low carbohydrate and high protein intake. It is suitable to eat fish, eggs, and nuts. It can be used for a long time to gain strength.

- To become a bodybuilder, you should take a short-term goal without exercising. Just like I keep a good mood, I think positive, I have to start saying that energy is good. Exercise improves mood and reduces stress. Then the fitness goal can be set.

- After exercising, my family and friends have changed so much at home, you can also be told to start. It is better to use it healthily without considering it as a burden.

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