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Bruce Lee: Miraculous life, mysterious death

Bruce Lee: Miraculous life, mysterious death

After all, how did he pass away at such a young age?

Bruce Ltd. The world is familiar with this name. Who doesn't know these martial arts masters? While this identity he made at a young age. Because Bruce Lee died when he was only 32 years old. July 20, 1973

Bruce Lee's fame is as miraculous as his death is mysterious. How did martial arts artist and Hollywood actor Bruce Lee die at such a young age?

When Bruce Lee died, his daughter Shannon Lee was only four years old. She made a documentary to commemorate the moments she spent with her father. Shannon shared with the BBC something related to Bruce Lee at the time.

"I don't remember much about it," she told the BBC. I remember playing with him in the yard of his house. We had a separate house in Hong Kong, which was a big deal for us. It was impossible to live in our house without martial arts. He used to teach us to kick and punch. We played a lot of wrestling. My father thought judo was perfect for a child. '

Work on a new film

He wanted to make a new history through martial arts. He was busy shooting films and working at his kung fu academy. At the time of his death, he was neither very ill nor suffering from any problem. Suddenly his health deteriorated and he took leave of the material world.

"It was a tragic accident," she said, recalling her death. He was very healthy and fit and was at the peak of his career. He died suddenly from an allergic reaction. He was in the apartment with one of his colleagues that day. They were working on a new film. Suddenly he had a headache. Painkillers were given. He had a brain hemorrhage. He fell and never got up again. '

Recalling Bruce Lee's last trip, Shenan said, "I remember my last trip to Hong Kong. Thousands, millions of people took to the streets. I wore the traditional white Chinese dress worn during mourning. He was kept in an open coffin. It was very disturbing. '

Bruce Lee has not acted in many movies in his life. However, the film he played made him one of the most famous people in history. His art of martial arts fascinated the world. Shannon thinks that Bruce Lee's real fame came after his death.

More martial artist than actor

Before his death, he was a big star in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. He could not walk on the road. Wherever he went, the crowd would cover him. People were eager to see him live, take photos, and get autographs. However, he was not a big star in the West.

His film 'Enter the Dragon', made in collaboration with the Hollywood company Warner Bros., went public a month before his death. This film took him to new heights and paved the way for the rest of the film to reach an international audience. Then his craze skyrocketed.

However, Bruce Lee's world was not just as a film actor, but as a great martial arts artist. Bruce Lee himself valued martial arts the most.

Shenan says of Bruce Lee's martial arts, "He developed martial arts as a separate art form in his lifetime. He considered himself a martial artist rather than an actor or writer. He considered simplicity, simplicity, and freedom to be paramount in his art. In the old and traditional way, freedom was the basis of his art. '

Victims of prejudice

When Bruce Lee found it difficult to live in Hong Kong, he came to the United States in search of a better life. Reaching the pinnacle of success, these stars began to struggle again in the United States. But even there, how many times did he face prejudice?

"My father faced prejudice at every level in his life," says Shannon. In Hollywood, he had to face the prejudice of being Chinese. However, as a child, he had to face prejudice in Hong Kong. In fact, my father was not completely Chinese. His mother was a semi-white woman. He was expelled from school because he was not completely Chinese. He did not want the treatment to fall on others. '

Interesting fact from Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was 5 feet 8 inches tall. He weighed 64 kg. However, he had immense power. He is said to be the fastest man in history.

- Bruce Lee learned martial arts to fight the bad guys.

- Bruce Lee was so fast that it was difficult to capture him from the camera. So his video was shown in slow motion.

- Bruce Lee hit his opponent with 15 punches and one kick in the last 11 seconds in 1962.

- Bruce Lee didn't like water. He could not even swim.

- Bruce Lee lost only once in his life.

-Bruce Lee became the first person to use contact lenses because of his weak eyes.

Even in the '60s, Bruce Lee used to charge 250 dollars to teach martial arts.

- Bruce Lee could have stuck his finger in a Coca-Cola can. At the time, Coca-Cola cans were much thicker than today's aluminum cans.

- The world's most famous martial artist Bruce Lee played only 7 Hollywood movies. Three of these films became public only after his death.

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