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Rising mortality due to lack of physical activity - study

Rising mortality due to lack of physical activity - study

According to a new study published in The Lancet Global Health, at least 3.9 million people worldwide die prematurely each year. Because of illness or physical problems, they may not be able to live a full life. After all, why do so many people die prematurely?

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the UK, Dr. "It's important to take seriously the fact that poor lifestyles, lack of physical activity, poor diet, alcohol, and smoking are detrimental to one's health," said Paul Kelly.

Their study found that physically active people had a lower mortality rate.

The study team evaluated previously published data from 168 countries. The data showed that physically active people had a lower risk of dying prematurely. The number of premature deaths among physically active people was on average 15 percent lower. It was 14 percent female and 16 percent male. This means that physical activity or exercise saves about 3.9 percent or 3.9 million lives each year.

The findings show that the average was 18 percent for low-income countries and 14 percent for high-income countries. Tessa Strain, a study researcher at the University of Cambridge in the UK, said: This will help prevent premature deaths. '

The World Health Organization recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity a year. Or 75 minutes of vigorous-intense physical activity is recommended.

Aren't you believing the wrong health information?

Health news is very sensitive. The reader reads, understands, follows, but few respond. It rarely deals with political issues. But when news and messages are not clear, people are more likely to make bad decisions. Therefore, while communicating news on such issues, the opinions of experts and the facts shown by the study should also be kept in mind.

Nowadays, one can see the articles of some people in the field of health based on a small study and even based on one's own opinion, but those articles have found interesting arguments. Some articles are written in the context of other countries and are translated into Nepali. In the Nepali market, those drugs, equipment, and diagnostic and treatment methods are not possible. Therefore, such articles, messages, and news have increased the number of victims of wrong decisions and suspicion towards doctors.

Now the world has become coronary. Information about Corona has been published in every media. Readers like to get information about this. Due to the published news and informational news keeping in mind the desires and needs of the readers, the general public started taking precautionary measures. People followed masks and masks and sanitized or washed their hands and maintained social distance. However, many writers started publishing their work with the argument that the immune system of Nepalis is strong. It would be okay for a journalist or a politician to make such an argument, but an expert should present a basis.

There is no danger of corona to Nepalis with such arguments that the study has not proven or has no scientific basis to increase self-confidence and that the reader likes it. But if we compare malnutrition, TB infection, and life expectancy in children, the state of immunity of Nepalis is clear and should be clarified by experts.

Health is a technical and sensitive subject. After the news that the juice of Jamara is beneficial to health, people started drinking Jamara juice in the chowk. Now there is talk of turmeric and ginger. But who will give information about it? There is a separate study called Ayurveda Science. Experts who have studied what herbs contain and how they are useful should clarify this.

But without studying it, experts on other subjects have started to write articles explaining their point of view. Some journalists and columnists have translated and published works published in other languages. Some time ago, a woman came to the hospital where I work to have a marina for family planning. There is no marina in Nepal. It is a hormone-containing copper tea, but she said that she chose the method of family planning in Nepal after reading news and articles about it. Such a wrong message can be sent after translating and publishing works published in other countries without knowing what is available in Nepal and what services are available.

Now, in the context of Kovid, it is said that one Korana positive was seen in a hospital. What is the atmosphere like then? Imagine how much mental stress every health worker and staff working in those hospitals has. Can be estimated. Those hospital staff and health workers, family members, children, and even neighbors must be mentally stressed. If it is in a rented house, will the landlady not let her in? Such complications are added. Not only the personal matters of the staff and health workers but also the patients who come to the hospital and the general public who have to come to the hospital for services are also negatively affected.

Yes, information cannot be hidden and it is necessary to be aware, but it is necessary to evaluate whether your status and information are spreading awareness or spreading panic. Now information, news, and status reduce crowds, people maintain social distance and wash their hands and wear masks. But it is important to think that our information, status, and news will create mental distance, demoralize health workers and hospitals, and spread fear in society by increasing social neglect.

Sensitive topics like health have been blindly written about. Diseases and methods of treatment are found to be based on conjecture and conjecture. Health news from abroad has been translated and kept accurate. Transmitting this kind of news and information on a very sensitive subject like health can have a serious impact on public health.

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