Thursday, December 23, 2021

So far 50 mutations have occurred in the Omicron variant, even on 2 doses of corona vaccine is heavy

So far 50 mutations have occurred in the Omicron variant, even on 2 doses of corona vaccine is heavy

A new study said that the Omicron variant of the corona virus can also neutralize the effect of the vaccine and people who have had both doses of the vaccine are also not safe from it. The biggest reason behind this is the unusually frequent mutation in this variant.

The latest news about the new variant of the coronavirus, Omicron, has come that this virus can also penetrate the shield of the vaccine. A new study said that this variant can also neutralize the effect of the vaccine and people who have had both doses of the vaccine are also not protected from it. The biggest reason behind this is the unusually frequent mutation in this variant, which means how this variant is changing its form. So far, a total of 50 mutations have occurred in this variant, of which 32 mutations have occurred in its spike protein alone.

What is Spike Protein?

Suppose if the virus is round in shape and the spikes on it are spike proteins. Now the concern of scientists is that most mRNA and vector-based vaccines attack only the spike protein of the virus. This is the part of the virus that it uses to enter human cells. That is, the virus enters your body through these spike proteins. Now the job of the vaccine is that they strengthen the body's immune system to identify these spike proteins. And whenever the virus enters that body containing the vaccine. So the immune system starts fighting against it.

These vaccines are being implemented in India

Now the challenge is that the corona vaccines that are being used more in the world are mRNA and vector-based vaccines. Among them are America's Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine. There is Britain's AstraZeneca, which is being implemented in India under the name of Covishield, and Russia's Sputnik vaccine is also included in it. These are all those vaccines, which defeat the virus by attacking the spike protein of the virus. Now that the structure of the virus's spike protein has changed due to mutation, these vaccines will also have to be changed.

Vaccines likely to be less effective on newer variants

There is a possibility that these vaccines may be less effective or not effective at all on this variant. However, it is a matter of relief that it does not take long to change the structure of Vaccines based on this technology. You can say that this work can be done in a few months. Given this, the Moderna company of America has said to bring a new vaccine by the year 2022 and it has also admitted that its existing vaccine may be less effective on the Omicron variant. It is the first company to do so.

ICMR's statement is very important regarding the vaccine

The latest statement of ICMR in this matter is also very important. The ICMR has said that the Covaccine can prove to be effective against the Omicron variant, as this vaccine is based on the technology of inactivated cells of the virus and it does not attack only its swyke protein, but it destroys the entire virus itself. works. Let us make one thing clear to you here that all these estimates can also be wrong because till now no country has any correct information about this virus and WHO has also said that people should avoid this virus. A vaccine must be given.

124 crore doses of vaccine have been administered in India

So far, about 124 crore doses of Corona Vaccine have been administered in India. Of these, there are 99 crores 54 lakh doses of Covishield, while 12 crores 68 lakhs of Covaxin, and 11 lakhs of Sputnik.

Omicron has entered 22 countries

So far the Omicron variant has entered 22 countries of the world and about 170 people have been infected here. Although scientists believe that the real number of infected patients may be higher than this, because in many countries still genome sequencing of all samples of the virus is not being done. Although its speed has definitely been increased in India.

Where did you get this variant for the first time?

Another question is being asked a lot in the world regarding the Omicron variant and that is where this variant was born? That is, where was this variant found for the first time? South Africa told the world for the first time on 24 November that some people there have been infected with a new variant of Corona. After this, the World Health Organization (WHO) also officially confirmed it and it was declared a Variant of Concern.

Started with the Netherlands, not South Africa?

The result of this honesty of South Africa was that the countries of Europe imposed strict travel bans on it and the rest of the African countries were also isolated, but now the European country Netherlands itself has said that the first case of Omicron variant was found in South Africa. Not found in Africa, but in his country. The Dutch Health Authority has said in its statement that it had taken samples of corona-infected patients on 19 November, in which it was found that these samples were of this variant. A similar claim has also been made by Belgium and Germany. Both these countries say that the Omicron variant was present in their countries before South Africa. That is, according to this theory, Omicron is not spread from African countries but from Europe to the world.

Will Western countries now apologize to African countries?

Now after this two things become important. First of all, if this variant is really spread from Western countries, then will Western countries apologize to African countries for this? Because South Africa alleges that it honestly told the world everything about this virus, but after that, the countries of Europe discriminated against it and arbitrarily imposed strict travel restrictions on it, which affected the economy there. Heavy losses may occur. When a virus or a new variant is found in a poor African country, these western countries impose travel bans on them, but in their case, they never do so. And secondly, if this variant was already present in Europe, then why did these countries, despite having all the resources, fail to inform the world and WHO about it in time? If this variant kills millions of people in the future, will these countries take moral responsibility for it?

Only 6 percent of vaccination has happened in Africa

The great thing is that so far only 6 percent of the vaccinations have taken place in Africa because their share of vaccination has been captured by the rich countries. You can understand this from the fact that at present, 6 times more booster doses are being administered in rich countries than the number of vaccines being administered in poor countries. With this, you can understand the real character of these rich countries.

5 things to know about the Omicron variant

First thing- The central government has said that this variant cannot be hidden from the RT-PCR test of Corona. In many cases of the Delta variant, it was seen that it could easily dodge the RT-PCR test, which made its tracking difficult.

Secondly, till November 30, 170 people have been infected with this variant in the world, but serious symptoms have not been seen in any patient. Most importantly, no patient has complained of shortness of breath so far. Most of the patients have shown symptoms of muscle pain, fatigue, high fever, cough, headache, and high pulse rate.

Thirdly - No country has been able to predict how dangerous this virus will be, but in a study conducted in Italy, it has been found that this variant is 7 times more infectious than the delta variant. Apart from this, a South African scientist has said that this variant can cause more destruction in the world than the Delta variant.

Fourth thing- So far not a single case of Omicron has been found in India. However, genome sequencing of the samples of travelers who had returned from South Africa and other countries is being done.

Last thing - until any concrete research comes, get the vaccine and also follow the mask and social distancing.

Travel guideline regarding Omicron variant

From December 1, the new travel guidelines of the central government have also come into force, but along with this, the confrontation has also started on them. Therefore, if you are also thinking of traveling, then you should know the guideline. Along with this, a new travel guideline was issued by the Government of Maharashtra on 1 December. Under this, seven days of institutional quarantine have been made mandatory for passengers coming from high-risk countries in Maharashtra. That is, if the report of a passenger at the airport comes negative, then he will be kept in quarantine at the airport or at a fixed place fixed by the government.

Whereas the Government of India had said in its guideline that if the RT-PCR test of passengers coming from these countries comes negative at the airport, then they will have to follow the home quarantine formula of 7 + 7. That is, passengers can be quarantined at their place, but the Maharashtra government has changed this and made the rules even more stringent.

The Maharashtra government has also said that there will be an RT-PCR test of passengers thrice in the seven-day institutional quarantine. The first test on the second day, the second test on the fourth day, and the third test on the seventh day. If a passenger is found positive in the test, then he will be admitted to the Kovid ward in the hospital, while the central government had said in its guideline that travelers from high-risk countries will have to undergo only one test in-home quarantine and this test will also be done on the seventh day. Will happen. The Maharashtra government has appealed to the Center to give place to these amendments in its guidelines.

Apart from this, the Government of Maharashtra has imposed strict rules on passengers coming from other states of India as well. Under this, people going to Maharashtra will have to undergo an RT-PCR test of corona within 48 hours from the journey. Even if he has not taken both doses of the vaccine. Apart from this, if a passenger has a connecting flight and has to go via Maharashtra, then he will also have to follow this rule.

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