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How To Play Chess - Game Rule

How To Play Chess - Game Rule

Chess, also known as Chess, is a very old game. This game is played by 2 people on a chessboard, which needs practice to understand. Chess is a mind game, playing which gives mental exercise. Sports have a lot of importance in human life, they are a means of entertainment in our life. People of all ages need entertainment, it reduces the stress of the mind along with physical exercise. There are many means of entertainment, sports, TV, computer, mobile, etc. Sports are also indoor and outdoor, which can be selected according to your choice.

How many people are needed to play chess? It only requires 2 people.

Which game is chess indoor or outdoor? This is an indoor game.

Is there any age limit to play it? It can be played by people of any age, but some tournaments have age restrictions.

How many meals are there on the chessboard? Have 40 meals.

How many beats are in a chase? There are 32 Gti of which 16 are divided in the ratio.

Names of chess balls? 8 pawns, 2 horses, 2 elephants, 2 camels, 1 queen, and 1 king.

How are classes identified? The squares present in chess are of black and white color.

When did the World Chess Championship start? took place in 1886.

India's best chess player name is Vishwanathan Anand

How long is a chess tournament? It can be from one minute to six hours.

When is World Chess Day celebrated? on 20 July

Who became the 66th Chess Grandmaster of India? yes sky

(Chess Game Essay)

Chess is an indoor game, which has no age limit, but it can be played by an intelligent person. There is no age limit to play chess, so it is liked by older people, men, and women. Chess is a very interesting game, in which the players, as well as those who watch it, enjoy a lot.

History of Chess Game

Although the history of chess is not well written anywhere, it is said that people used to play games like chess almost 2000 years ago. In 280-550 when the Gupta Empire was there, then this type of game started. After this, the game of chess started in southern Europe around the 1200s, in which major changes were made to this game around 1475, which we play today. This game was adopted with changes in Spain and Italy.


Aim of Chess Game-

The chess game is played by two people in opposition to each other. There are 64 boxes on the chessboard, which are of white, black color. This game is played with a total of 32 pieces, in which each player has 16 pieces. There are 16 white and 16 black pieces in it. Each team has 1 king, 1 queen, 2 elephants, 2 horses, 2 camels, and 8 pawns. The goal of this game is how to checkmate (checkmate) the player in front. There is a situation of check and victory when someone occupies the place of the king, and no one can remove him from that possession.

Beginning of Chess game and its rules (Chess Game Rule) –

At the beginning of the game, all the pieces are placed on the chessboard. The setting of these pieces is the same every time in the game, without any changes. One player takes a white piece, the other a black one. For the chessboard era, elephants are kept in both the corners, then the ones on his side keep horses in both the corners, then both the sides keep camels on his side. Then the left side is kept by the king and the right side is kept by the queen. They keep 8 pawns in the front row. Whoever takes the white piece, walks first.

pawn pawn pawn pawn pawn pawn

elephant horse camel king queen camel horse elephant

How to Play Chess Game

Each piece in chess has its own way of moving, they move only at a certain speed at a certain place. In this, no piece can go over any other piece, if it belongs to the front then it is killed, but if it is it's own then the piece cannot be moved over it.

King - The king is the main of this game, this game is played only to save. But despite being the main, it is the weakest. The king can move only one step, up, down, side to side, or diagonally in any direction.

The queen-queen, also known as the Wazir, is very powerful in the game. It can walk in any direction, diagonally, straight, forward, backward, any number of squares.

Elephant – The elephant can walk in any number of squares according to its wish, but it can only walk vertically or horizontally, it cannot walk diagonally. Elephants are also powerful, they have 2 with a player. These two work together and protect each other.

Camel - Camel can also walk any number of squares according to his wish, but only runs diagonally. Both the camels work together and cover their weakness.

Horse - The horse's gait is very different from the rest. It walks two and a half houses in any one direction. As the L shape is there, so does the movement. The horse is the only piece that can move over any other piece.

Pawn-Pawn acts like a soldier. It goes one step ahead but hits another piece diagonally. A pawn moves only one square at a time, it can only move 2 squares in the first move. It cannot walk behind, nor can it kill. If someone comes in front of the pawn, it cannot back down, nor can it hit the front person directly.

Pawns have a special right. If it reaches that side of the board while walking, then any other piece of the chase becomes, it is called promotion.

Chess Game Some Special Rule –

Casting – This is a special rule. In this, you can do 2 things simultaneously, save a king, as well as remove the elephant from the corner and bring it in the middle of the game. In this, the player can move his king 2 squares instead of one square, as well as keep the elephant on the side of the king. These things are necessary for casting -

Casting can be done only once by the king.

This should be the first move of the king.

This should be the elephant's first move.

There should not even be a knot between the king and the elephant.

There should be no check or victory over the king.

Check-and-Take - When the king gets bewildered from all sides, and the king is not able to escape from him, it is called check-and-mother. Ways to get out of check and beating

remove the king from that place

move the second piece in the middle of the check

kill that piece

If the king is not able to escape from check and beat, then the game ends there.

Tie - If there is no winner in the game, then in that case the game is drawn. There can be five reasons for being a Dr.

both players agree and stop the game

If there is no piece left on the board to check and beat

A player may call a draw if a similar position is formed three times in a row.

If a player moves, but his king is not checkmated, but despite this, he has no room to make any more moves.

Despite knowing the rules of chess, this game is not made for everyone. This game, the practice of playing it, comes from watching someone play it. The game of chess is now available on mobile, computer as well, where the game can also be learned.


Q: How to play a chess game?

Ans: A game of chess is played between 2 people, in which each person has 16 pieces. These pieces have 8 pawns, 2 horses, 2 elephants, 2 camels, 1 queen, and 1 king. The person playing in this has to kill the king of the person in front.

Q: What are the basic rules of chess?

Ans: The basic rule of chess is that the pieces moving in it play the prescribed moves. Like a horse walks two and a half steps, high slant, elephant walks straight. The pawn takes 2 steps from the house and 1 step forward. While dying they are oblique, apart from this, the queen can make any move straight, oblique. And the king moves only one step. No matter where he is.

Q: How can I start playing chess?

Ans: You can start playing the game of chess by moving the pawns.

Q: How to win chess in 2 moves?

Ans: If the person in front moves 2 steps forward to the pawn in front of the king and in the next move the pawn in front of the camel next to the king moves, then you can check and mate directly with your queen.

Q: How to win chess in 3 moves?

Ans: In the first chance, after you move the pawn in front of the king if the person in front moves the pawn in front of the camel next to his king, then in the third movie you can check and mate the king in front of your queen. Huh.

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