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5 mistakes parents make, which leads to mobile addiction in children

5 mistakes parents make, which leads to mobile addiction in children

"My child is hanging on the mobile all the time."

Many parents are complaining about this. Children are so busy with their mobile phones that they even forget to eat and play on time.

Children know more about the features of mobile phones than adults. Where are YouTube and games on the phone, how to use them, they can teach all these in a moment. Moreover, the habit of not eating without looking at the mobile phone is seen in almost every child.

In a single family, both parents are busy with work, so they do not spend enough time with the child. So they hand the mobile phone to the child to make them forget. This makes them addicted to mobile phones. It takes a lot of effort to get rid of it.

1. Parents don't give time

Parents are responsible for their children's addiction to mobile phones or TV. When they see their parents busy on the phone, they will learn the same. When parents don't give time, they look for alternatives and their first priority is mobile. They are addicted to using mobile phones to pass the time.

If the parents give time to play with them, listen to them, they can stay away from using mobile phones.

2. Give a mobile so as not to be confused

Parents want their child to be calm when they come home tired from a day's work. But because children are energetic, they want to play and jump. To calm them down, the parents hand over the mobile phone, which gradually gets used to it.

3. Give mobile as a means of playing

Currently, there are not enough places for children to play in urban areas. They are not child friendly even when they go out to eat at restaurants. There they want to jump and run. But because of lack of space, parents give up mobile phones.

Now there are not enough playgrounds for children to play. The child does not have many friends. Parents also think that children are dirty when they are sent outside to play. Therefore, the child is given a mobile as a toy so that the child does not go outside to play or due to the lack of a playground. This has also made children addicted to mobile phones.

4. Hand mobile while feeding

Now it is difficult to feed the children. They argue about not eating this and not eating that. Parents are too lazy to find other ways to feed their children. First, after telling a story, they would run together and feed the child. Nowadays, if the child does not want to eat, there is an increased tendency to feed him by giving him a mobile phone and focusing on it. This has also become another reason for children to become addicted to mobile phones. When eating while looking at the mobile phone, a situation is created where the child does not know the taste.

5. Giving mobile by showing temptation

"Do your homework and I'll give you a mobile phone, do this work and I'll give you a mobile phone." Parents give the child a mobile phone even after showing various temptations. But such children later become stubborn and must obey everything they say.

When a child is given a mobile by tempting them, they become addicted to it. When they spend long time on mobile, various health problems appear in them.

Effects of mobile phone addiction on children

Children do not get enough sleep when they spend a long time on mobile phones. Being busy with their mobile phones, they sleep late and find it difficult to fall asleep. When they spend a long time on the screen, they are not able to concentrate and the problem of 'anxiety' is seen.

Nowadays, the problem of obesity in children is also seen a lot. Mobile is one of the reasons for that. When the physical activity of sitting in one place for a long time and using a mobile phone is reduced, the problem of obesity is seen in children.

The problem of 'virtual autism' can also be seen in children who use mobile phones for a long time. Talks to others, becomes monotonous and seems sluggish.

How to get rid of mobile addiction?

- It is not necessary to spend a lot of time with the child. If half an hour to an hour can be spent quality time, the child's mobile addiction can be removed. You can spend time playing and talking with them.

- Rules should be made not to use mobile phones while eating and while doing homework. At that time, the parents themselves should not use mobile phones.

-Parents themselves should be role models. It is not necessary to not look at a child who is looking at a mobile phone. If you don't spend a lot of time on mobile, they also reduce it.

-Parents should also play with children. Getting them more involved in physical activities also reduces their mobile usage time.

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